Depression Isn’t Always Obvious

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    Depression Isn’t Always Obvious

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    1. This is actually my life, the only difference is instead of waking up to go to work, i'm waking up to go to school.

    2. True. I hide my real feelings, and im good at it. The only time when im comfortable being myself, my depressed self, is when im alone, either in my room or in the shower. I sometimes burst into tears without anyone knowing. Its stressful, but im thankful that God is always the reason that keep me going. Im working on living a healthier mind, im not there yet but i believe God will guide me and mold my heart.

    3. The amount of teens sitting in their rooms depressed, parents completely oblivious, we are having panic attacks, pretending to be happy with family in the room next door knowing nothing about it is ridiculous

    4. I'm that person that is always trying to cheer people up, smiling, doing the best I can if someone looks sad.
      I smile literally like every minute of the day at school. My friends always ask "You smile a lot, it makes me smile" and "Why do you smile so much"
      If only they knew…
      Im just glad that I also make people happy though
      I have been depressed for so long that I don't even know the feeling of not being depressed

    5. I think I’m depressed. It’s like I’m so sad I can’t cry. It’s like I’ve accepted feeling down/nothing. A big weight pulling me down. I can’t explain it but idk it’s probably not depression

    6. I really hate depression. It's hard to be tough you know. Some people don't understand depression and say that being sad is the same thing. But it's really not. I get tired of people saying "depression is a choice" "depression is just saddness" "just be happy" you can't just stop it. It doesn't easily go away. I'm also tired of people thinking that all people with depression are just attention seekers. People have called me that behind my back and in front of me. And it sucks. I wish things changed.

    7. I was kinda shocked with the end of the video but it was true babe. How hard is that when you have to act like nothing happens. I thought the dp guy was the main character. Great vid!

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