Depression is NOT Caused By A Chemical Imbalance

I think we can all agree that depression is not simply a chemical imbalance. In a state of depression there is a physiological component and an imbalance, however, just saying that this is the cause has created a lot of controversy.
Johann Hari deconstructs this notion and invites us to think about the sociological impact and how this forms our mind. Depression is a very complicated feeling and deserves more research so we can create better treatments and strategies to face it!

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Stay strong. It's still you

Video credits to Depression to Expression YouTube channel

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    Depression is NOT Caused By A Chemical Imbalance

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    1. This is bad because people who has a chemical imbalance shouldn't be told that it's not! Even if a lot of people have other reasons…

    2. I am little late to the conversation and this is just my opinion on this.
      I have not recollection of being depressed or feeling less than any person or situation (not talking about when you feel sad or things didn't got in my way, which I don't catalog as depression) in the past, always positive and normally happy, even to pain as a broken heart I give it 2 days to recover and didn't let myself cry or think about it anymore.
      But 2 or 3 years ago I got Diabetes, doctor said I had type 2; some how a year after I was taken to the ER by my husband with ketoacidosis and then a different doctor diagnosed me with Type 1 diabetes, I had so many things going wrong in my body that I didn't know including the hormonal imbalance, severe anemia, low potassium and magnesium, gallstones, etc. You name it, I had it lol. Well for a period of time I was feeling so depressed, never to the point of feeling like killing myself but not motivated to do anything, not even being around my kids. I didn't had any real reason to feel like that, wanted to sleep all the time.
      Researching I figure out how to keep all those nutrients in my body and include natural sources of Potassium, Magnesium, Vitamins B with nutritional yeast, Turmeric and increased healthy fats that help caring all essential things to the brain, within a month or so I was the same as always.
      Honestly I never give to chemical imbalance a thought, but I think most doctors go first prescribing antidepressants instead of really figure out if the imbalance is because other thing is going on in our bodies.
      Hope this little comment help someone to first go to their physicians and figure out if the problem has an easier fix than they think. Or try improving diet adding important minerals and vitamins that are absent in our food because soil is depleted of those nutrients.

    3. I think sometimes could be a chemical imbalance, but in my personal case, there is personal problems that I ignore until it almost Kill me. I have to stand and deal with it. Now I can heal myself. I'm working on it. I'm learning to be me, to love me, to accept me. I feel good 😚❤️

    4. I believe that, prior to the meds, ppl should be experimenting with their lifestyles (exercising, diet, sleeping routine, meditation, ppl they hang out with, etc.) and question everything (e.g. their career, relationships, belief systems). It's hard and painful proccess which lasts for months/years, but if we can bypass the meds, I think it's worth it. Even on meds we have to take time to change our lifstyle, so why not to try to change our lifstyle prior to taking meds (if possible, ofc)? Just to be sure if medicines are neccessary in our lives.

    5. I personally feel it’s situational and biological/chemical. For me I spent 40 years of my life not depressed. In 2015 my 5 year old daughter passed away suddenly and a year later I had a miscarriage. I developed PTSD, was grieving and depressed after losing my daughter. I was on an AD but I was functioning. After the miscarriage I developed severe PPD and it led to MDD. I was hospitalized the whole nine yards. I have a business make good money. I help people! I have a non profit and give to children’s hospitals. Honestly the only time I’m borderline happy is when I’m surfing.
      Had I not experienced tragedy and trauma I know I’d still be my happy self but unfortunately I did. I really just want my daughter back it’s the only thing that would “cure” my depression. ADs just make me numb but it’s better than suicidal!

    6. I am from Russia and this guy tells the exact truth about our culture. The idea is that you have kind of 'invest" you life in someone and only after that you will start feeling yours.
      And also, there are no such a strict rules about social behavior in our country. As I would describe it : We allow ourselves to be ourselves and others to be others. we don't have a some sort of social "role model" like in here ( in America).

    7. Uhhh this is false i had a series of concussions that definitely caused a chemical imbalance causing depression i cant really control cause im pretty positive

    8. As someone from Russia living in America I am calling BS. On everything. There is far less altruism in Russia.
      Many people suffering from depression have the money, the savings, the friends, the family and so on. They exercise, they eat healthily, they have their goals, yet getting out of bed is a pain. You feel lonely yet you decline your friends' calls, you feel tired yet you can't sleep, you have the money to take the vacation yet even a sunny paradise is stuffy and too bright rather than exciting and refreshing. You strive to become good at your hobby, yet you don't have the energy to even practice what you enjoy.
      We need a clearer term for depression, otherwise people will keep finding new solutions for problems that have little to do with depression. Everyone has their everyday worries. It is not the same.
      Also, we ALREADY live in this culture. What solutions do you have for us now? Change the culture? How is this helpful?

    9. Idk… I was a decent happy child until shit started happening.
      Then you get so traumatized by feeling trapped, confused, helpless and when things keeps happening to you continuously over long periods of time…. to the point that you weren't even able to deal/cope with one thing, before the next fucking thing comes along running at you around the corner. After a while yeah, you are in a stable depression.
      Then once you hit there and more shit comes at you… then you get into C-PTSD more, develope anxieties….and your moods are fucked whenever a mild strressor occurs… or you face another emotional trauma. Then one day, some after years and years of being strong and hurting alone without support… you finally crack.

    10. For me is very foreign to think that depression root cause is a chemical imbalance. The chemical imbalance is a result of other things not working correctly. It may be social problems, childhood trauma, bad patterns of thinking, etc… Seriously, western psychology is still in dark ages of these matters.

    11. The pressure for people to succeed is immense. If there were more satisfying job's that weren't robotic, with hope and comparative salaries, people would not suffer so much depression.

    12. I think my depression started with social situations, and then fell out of my control when other health problems popped up. I need help pulling out of it.

    13. Hallo Scott ,I have dysthymia but the most thing I suffer from it is the inability to social interaction, did you have this too ,and why ?

    14. NO doubt!!!! If there isn’t a test for it how the frick do they know how to fix it? It’s all such a farse!

    15. I'm living in Turkey and it is more materialistic (or capitalistic) than USA. For your information!

    16. I hate our American money driven culture. Anti depressants never worked for me BUT I paid ALOT of damn money for them!

    17. there a high blood pressure drug if given to people who have never had depression or no family history fall into deep depression stop the the drug it goes away

    18. there's the blues , reactive depression . from death loss of job , etc, clinical depression , no reason it seems , bi polar , moods go from mania to depression, psychotic depression hear things loose touch with reality .to catatonia complete shutdown

    19. depression can be bio chemical people with under active thyroid can can fall into severe depression fix the thyroid depression goes away

    20. tough life = stress ==anxiety ==poor sleep burn out upset brain chemistery == depression

    21. Your friend is kind of right, while I don't bolive in over spending, why save all the money why not waste it on experiences like traveling or going to that restaurant and enjoy the food, why not go and buy a trailer and travel all over America

      Having a trailer and traveling America seems like a better retirement then seating in your house doing nothing

    22. Found D&A subside on vacation, adventure, roller coaster ride, got away from a go no where job, etc. but the fulfillment of feeling special, receiving special treatment, and achieving massive success was the turning point in life moment. These events took many years but since, D&A has never returned

    23. Funnily enough, just watched your video on what depression feels like, and as you said it's the blackness of future. This is what it feels like to me so saving for a black future seems pointless and futile to me. I'm still doing my best. Budgeting advice would be so brilliant, thanks 🙂

    24. Wow this is so true! Omg I am not done with the video and this is amazing. Now I can look at depression in a whole new light.

    25. Dint tom cruise have a whole rant about being against anti depressants and got so much criticism for it. I'm not a fan of his scientology views. But he did speak against chemical imbalances over 10 years ago

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