Depression in Children & Teens | Child Psychology

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Then we understand that adults definitely have moments in life when they feel depressed. In fact, it is quite shocking that 2 out of 100 children are diagnosed with clinical depression, as well as 8 out of 100 adolescents are diagnosed. What we have to understand is what we commonly consider anguish, bad temper, bad temper or irritability typical of teenagers, which may actually be signs of depression. While clinical depression in adults looks different than childhood clinical depression, we often think that it is something else that the child might be experiencing. What we have to know if it is not treated, clinical depression in children can be manifested in significant high-risk behaviors that are harmful, difficulties in school, difficulties that continue into adulthood.

If your child has been sad, cranky, irritable, has difficulty sleeping for several months, it is time to get help from a clinician. Childhood and adolescent depression is very treatable, and you want to intervene before other high-risk behaviors occur. While there are many different characteristics of clinical depression in childhood and adolescence, this is part of the basic information that all parents should know.

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    Depression in Children & Teens | Child Psychology

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    1. Damn…. 7 months? I've been depressed ever since i was 6 and now i'm 10 so… 4 years of depression and i've never been treated. 🙃

    2. I moved from south of U.S to the North huge move want to go home can't sleep if I do I cry or scream while I sleep I'm so homesick I want to go back home the home i have been there from the second I was born!

    3. I'm 12, nearly 13 and I'm just never happy anymore I have a few friends but I get bullied. I told my mum how I've been feeling and that I think I have depression but she just said if you keep talking like that shed lock me in a mental hospital please someone read this and help me Im not sure i can cope on my own :'(

    4. Excellent presentation and important information that is critical for parents to be aware of in order to recognize and address problems of depression.As in any medical situation I think early detection can make a huge difference.. There is help available and being proactive seems key and as communicated in this video sometimes it is difficult to know what is just moodiness and what may be real indications of depression. Great job and good getting this out there!

    5. Depression in kids is also picked from the parents, some parents don't realize how much their behavior effects their kids.They pretty much have an audience 24/7 in their house.

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