Depression and vitamins B 6, B 12, and folic acid

B vitamins are essential for a healthy brain. The lack of B vitamins is related to depression. Your doctor may order a simple test that is an indirect measure of your vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and folic acid status. Get tested today and learn about other nutrient deficiencies associated with depression on the Rebuild website.

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    Depression and vitamins B 6, B 12, and folic acid

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    1. I accidentally found that taking a b vitamin and folic acid supplement helped my depression greatly. I actually started using an energy product, and upon noticing the improvement in my symptoms I went to Google to see if there was a link. Sure enough I found multiple articles on the subject. It was a small miracle for me, as my mood had become very dark and was affecting my relationship with my young children. So happy I found out about this.

    2. 1. Find a man named Mr. Hugandkiss.
      2. Marry him and become Amanda Hugandkiss
      3. Depression solved

    3. Ya buddy medication is the worst possible route to take. It's worse than crystal meth in a lot of cases . But weed is illegal how about that e . Combine vitamin b6 wit vitamin c for good results

    4. I have found that depression is in our minds, bodies and emotions. While it is true that B vitamins help, a holistic approach is needed to beat depression. My name is Omar and I overcame depression naturally without antidepressants thru lots of therapy, reading books, good diet, and plain hard work and determination. I am now helping others by sharing the depression tips that worked for me. If you want help with depression, see my YT depression self help videos on my DepressionHero channel.

    5. I agree, B Vitamins are very important. You should look into MoodBoost Drink, it's the best mood supplement I've found. I agree with you that many of the pharmaceutical antidepressants are not necessary and there are better and healthier alternatives.

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