Depression and Diabetes

Today we will talk about depression and the relationship it has with the anguish of diabetes and the depletion of diabetes. When you are diagnosed as diabetic, it seems that the universe has just delivered another new 24-hour job. But without pay and you do not have vacations of it. If you are going to handle this, it will take a lot of education, constant effort and vigilance. And depending on the diagnosis, pain, suffering and sacrifices will be part of this trip. Yes, you see a diabetic dependent on the resistant insulin in front of you that on the outside seems strong and seems to be always in control, but let me tell you my true struggles, my mental battles and the anguish that I go through daily. And I will give you a story of what happened personally a week ago, which caused anxiety and stress beyond belief and how I handled it.

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My story:
For those new diabetics here, I was diagnosed a little over five years ago, and I am known as an insulin dependent diabetic, LADA, which means latent autoimmune diabetes in adults. I am a proud owner of a broken pancreas. I checked my warranty twice and he told me it was only good for a million grams of glucose.

So not only am I diabetic like all of you, but I also have a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition / Dietetics from University B.Sc. So I was able to use my vast knowledge in nutrition to guide me through these new turbulent waters.

No one said that being a diabetic was going to be easy, because it is not. Despite my practical knowledge, experience and education, I hope to help motivate and guide him on the same path to become a well-controlled and healthy diabetic.

Diabetes type 1.5 of LADA:

Video credits to Jay Sampat YouTube channel

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Depression and Diabetes

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  1. Very important subject. I had depression and anxiety before I was diagnosed LADA a few months ago. I also have celiac disease so I felt terrible depression and anxiety when going to the grocery store— look at all the things I can’t eat!!!
    Fortunately I adore my doctor and diabetic educator. They are very supportive and uplifting. Yes, we are our worst critic.

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