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His love was like lavender, delicate and melancholy ~ Ⅴ ♥

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    Deep Quotes

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    1. To everybody who doesnt love them self. You are loved. Just let everybody shut up. You are wonderful. ❤

    2. When i look at myself i hate myself and wanted to change i wanted to change everything about me and be new me but when it said "its hard to love yourself" its true its hard to love myself and im tired of seeing different bodies than me.


      By me

    3. Here is a quote/saying I remember all the time

      I see Humans
      but no Humanity
      Everybody is someone
      But nobody wants to be themselves

    4. Just because I smile, it doesn't mean It didn't hurt

      I learned not to care because caring hurts too much

      you are a rose, you are beautiful but painful like your thorns

    5. I hate that I meet that "Special" someone just to find out they lied, betrayed me and back stabbed me. Then everyone wonders why I hate myself or I have trust issues ;/

    6. My second biggest fear is that my best friend only tells me that I am her best friend so that she doesn't hurt me, but eventually she hurts me more then she would have it she never said I was her best friend. My biggest fear is that I lie to myself when I say she is my best friend and I end up hurting her. My friends and family are the biggest thing in my life, but without my best friend, I would not be able to control myself and I would be constantly angry, I would hurt myself old as much as I would hurt my friend of I lied to myself.

    7. in my class me and my freinds are liks the "nerds" and they always see our mistakes and not the great things we've done to them we let them copy our assingments and any other stuffs we treat them like our freinds but they treat us liks we are nothing i hate that and that is why they stoped cause they got in my nerves and i did not hold my anger anymore so boom!!!! they shut up

    8. "Want to know what someone fears looking? Whatcha what they photograph" that one spoke to me the most cause I love to capture my memories I don't wanna loose 💕💘💕

    9. Sometimes, we regret our lives, our mistakes, our failures.
      Sometimes, we hate our lives for being so miserable, for being so wrong.
      But, we don't see that, for us to see how our lives are wrong, that we have to experience it by ourselves.
      Sure, we may have so many bad things in our lives happen, but we can only say this because we experienced it.
      Sometimes, we need to feel pain. We don't need a life full of sunshine and rainbows. That just makes it boring, useless.
      For us to truly value something, we must lose it first.
      – Kepros

    10. Oh my God this is amazing!! I am so speechless about it..I never heard it before…mean…background song is amazing…it touched my heart..fabulas, amazing,

    11. Oh my God this is amazing!! I am so speechless about it..I never heard it before…mean…background song is amazing…it touched my heart..fabulas, amazing,

    12. I will never forgive any of you for what you have done to me and things will never be the same again with any of you I'm sorry that's the way it is as every time I sort myself out you horrible lot come along and destroy it not no more as I'm not going to let you and I know the horrible people who have destroyed my life and those people are cut out of my life completely as I will never trust them ever ever again let alone talk to them

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