Decoding Depression

Depression affects approximately 300 million people worldwide and research now shows that mood disorder can affect men and women in dramatically different ways. During this seminar, the mental health experts at Harvard Medical School will analyze how to identify the signs and symptoms of depression, who is at greatest risk of depression, and how effective treatment may differ for men and women.

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    Decoding Depression

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    1. Nothing is worse than giving up on yourself, and then wanting a life before it’s too late, but you’re already so far gone and fucked up, it just looks so outta reach, how much time you wasted alone and did absolutely nothing for yourself, ur now 33 and at home with mom, with nobody, nobody for years, 16-17 years without a relationship, and 10-11 years with not one friend! Think about all that, that’s my life, don’t even talk to my sister and half brother, half bro a little but sister, no… no uncles or aunts, cuzins, never met my black side of my family, even tho they wanna met me I just can’t, everyone knows I’m suffering but can’t do anything about it, never met my dad and he died in 2013, moved a lot through my childhood, lost friends over and over and over again, first love was so so so horrible for an experience, sister did very bad things to me when we was kids, she is 5yrs older than me, think about it… crazy crazy life some us live, I’m in my own prison and see no way out!!!

    2. Oh jeez, how did I end up here, I was just looking for some comforting shit to help me, but ay, guess learning about it is cool to ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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