Dealing with Depression (My Hospitalization Story + Advice)

It gives me great peace to know that I have thousands of people who care about me and support me. It is a gift that is very rare and I am lucky to have them behind me! But do not let anyone fool you by making you think that their life is perfect, even your idols are fighting behind the scenes, and we as humans have to be sensitive to that. Be careful how you judge people, be careful with the assumptions you make or the comments you write. You never really know what someone might be going through. I hope to use my platform as a way to inspire, educate and even save someone. You're not alone.
If you or a loved one is struggling with depression, take it seriously, and check out these useful links:


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    Dealing with Depression (My Hospitalization Story + Advice)

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    1. I am a fairly new subscriber but your story is amazing and inspirational. To see your videos now and how far you’ve come is amazing !

    2. Raven, I’ve never been to any hospital but I’ve struggled with severe depression and moderate anxiety for a long time. Today is one of those bad days so I called my psychiatrist to see if she had any cancellations and she doesn’t have an appt for about 2 weeks but as you know these issues are very up and down so I didn’t book an appt. Bc I need someone to talk to TODAY. But the point is, when I have these days and feel alone and misunderstood, I come back to this video just to feel like I have someone to relate to. Thanks for posting this.

    3. Thank you for sharing your story. You are beautiful. I also love the hair. Hahaha work it! <3

    4. I definitely want to say this video made me cry my eyes out! People don’t understand that depression and anxiety literally aren’t choices that we make. I have depression and anxiety and I’ve had it for years now! Diagnosed at that! Some days are so hard to get out of bed , especially dealing with postpartum on top of these things! I have had suicidal thoughts in my past! It has gotten better. I’ve realized there is so much in life to live for. Now I actually give advice and mentor people with depression and anxiety! This is one of the most discussed topics with me. People who don’t deal with it will never know how it feels. There are days where you literally can’t even look st yourself in the mirror. Days where you can’t even get out of bed to do anything. There are moments where you feel like nothing is worth it. You feel ugly. All of the above and more! I’m still learning how to cope with my depression, but I’m hoping it gets better with time! 🙌🏽♥️ thanks for this video !!

    5. I went to a psychiatric ward for this exact thing once its very crazy its so scary definitely didnt feel like i belong there this video is exactly how i feel im going thru feeling like i need to get my life together needing that mental reset but i have no where to go feeling like i wanna die sometimes feeling numb npt wanting to get out of bed this is so hard especially because you dont feel like you have and can turn to anyone

    6. I'm only 13, and been in more than half as many hostpitals and I take two medications and I still want to die, but ily raven your my favorite youtuber

    7. … watching this video again 2 years later. Don’t know if i am depressed. Or better yet, don’t know if i want to ACCEPT that i am. Funny how my dream is to be a mental health therapist, yet I can’t even fix my own life 😩😂 this video was helpful. Just to know that what I’ve been feeling lately is “normal”. Thank you 💕💕

    8. Prayers for you Raven, you are a beautiful person. I myself suffer from bi polar depression so I know how you feel. No need to apologize for anything we are all human and we go through things. Keep smiling and try to stay positive, your journey is an inspiration😊😊

    9. I had to come back and watch this bc I'm struggling with my depression and anxiety….. Thanks again for being so brave. I rly appreciate you ✨

    10. Thanks for being brave enough to share. I suffer from anxiety and depression too and I can completely relate to literally everything you've said. I've been subscribed for a long time and I've seen you grow and I just want you to win, I hope you do. Lots of love.

    11. This video made me want to subscribe . I can truly relate, you are very brave for posting this. I really needed to see this. I'm really trying to cope on my own without filling overwhelmed. Listening to your story, we are so similar it's scary. Thank you, I don't feel alone

    12. Thank you so much for being able to share this. I'm still watching it but this is exactly what I went through in January 2015 after breaking up with my best friend/boyfriend and my grandmother dying two months before. I was driving into work and dialed 911 after having a panick attack in my car and telling them I wanted to dye but was too scared to kill myself but I didn't want to live. I was picked up by police (not under arrest but in handcuffs for security) and taken to a hospital and was admitted for two days and I felt even nuttier in there than I've ever felt before. That was honestly my wake up call. I didn't belong there…. A female patient followed me around who was like 20 years my senior talking about were married and were twins, this random boy followed me around and kept poking me. It's the craziest and scariest thing in my life, they wanted to keep me for a week but I kept asking them to give me the AMA forms. The doctor I was given didn't want to release me.

    13. Thank you, thank you big times for showing the world how it really is. It feels like people forget, they think everything is perfect just cause you have certain things in your life. If people can't take videos like this cause its "negative" they dont deserve to follow you. This is how you feel, if they really are interested in your life and getting to know you. They cant just like your "happy, positive" videos.

      Ofcourse Im more than sad that you're feeling this way. I think it was really brave of you to open up like this, i also think it helped a lot of people out there. including me. Your video was really hearttouching and actually made me cry.

      Its sad that you have to feel this way when you've managed to achieve all these great things in life. I hope you will find a way out of this depression, I believe in you.

      / one who truly looks up to you xx

    14. depression is very hard. I can't even have a normal conversation with someone it's hard to keep a str8 face.I feel so alone

    15. you're so strong and this video made me cry on levels. You really push me to work harder and try more. lots of love to you

    16. this is beautiful to early raven thank you for this video. I think I have anxiety and I thought I was worthless and crazy but this video has given me a better understanding ! thank you

    17. I really needed to see this today. I've been watching your videos for a while now, but I saw the if you new to this channel watch theses videos and even though I'm not new I wanting to watch them and I understand you more than you know I suffer with the same and more issues. I've been in the mental hospital. Thank you for sharing

    18. I watched this video when it first came out but now revisiting because someone close to me has been diagnosed with bi polar depression. When I heard this was the first place I wanted to come. I watch your weekly vlogs & see your progress. I know you are taking a more holistic approach to treatment instead of taking medication which I admire. I was wondering what is that called? Or who is the person that you see their title? The person who has been diagnosed is taking some medication but does not feel it's working & I want to present this other option to explore.

    19. I know exactly what you're saying. Been there….been on medication, chemical imbalance…been suicidal,OCD, and paralyzed with fear…Terrified to leave the house, terrified of the public, terrified at home…etc. etc. Have had good psychiatrists, and terrible ones. Some thing that helped me was changing my diet extremely. I was determined to feel better. I kept going back and forth to Whole Foods Mkt. Whole grains like brown rice, organic oatmeal, whole wheat pasta, organic millet. organic quinoa , with a strong mineral supplement (like Alive) helped with about 50-60 percent of the battle of chemical imbalance. This made such a difference in my life. Drinking brewers yeast mixed in juice a few times a week helps too. I am a firm believer that you can feel better. B vitamins guard against depression. Of course addressing your stressors head on can help as well. Wow–your story sounds so familiar. Try to stay away from processed food. I wish you the best.

    20. As a parent with a child who is suffers from clinical depression , it's baby step. Talking with someone who loves you and are concerned about your mental health. But it's more important for you to know when you need to talk with someone. And it is nothing to be embarrassed about , it's an illness.
      You will have a child to care for and it's uber important for you to know what it is you need and ask for it. Will keep you in my prayers.

    21. Stay strong <3 Thanks for this video, I know exactly what you are talking about and how you feel.

    22. Raven Elyse: You are so strong! This was so very raw, heartfelt, motivating….I know this was very difficult for you to do but it is so very valuable for others struggling with depression. Yes, you are worthy! Thank you for your honesty.

    23. it's great that you have your families support. thanks for sharing it takes courage and strength to get through it.

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