Dealing with Depression & Anxiety | My Story [Pt.2]

I decided to sit down and talk about how my depression started and explain what I think is contributing to it. Most of us go through this and I'm not looking for sympathy. I just wanted to do this to help myself and others.

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Here are the damn answers to all the same questions that you, mofos, are still asking a ninja! a.k.a the frequently asked questions šŸ™‚

Where are you from?
Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada a.k.a We The North a.k.a Canada

What is your background?
My mom is Jamaican. My dad is Trinidadian.

How old are you?
He was born on May 22, 1995.
Current age: 21

How tall are you?
5 "or 8" or 173 cm

How much do you weigh?
I'm bulging so the weight will go up. I'm around 160 pounds at the moment or 72.7kg

When did you start YouTube?
You can only check the "About" tab on my channel, but I started this channel on June 7, 2014.

You have a son? OMFG !!!! How old is he?!
YES MY NINJA! I HAVE A SON! Lol He was born on September 5, 2015! Here is the birth vlog:

You are single?
No, actually I'm in a new relationship now šŸ™‚ Meet my girlfriend here:

What is your job besides YouTube?
I work at GOLDEN ARCHES a.k.a Mickey Ds a.k.a Mickey Deez Nutz a.k.a McDonalds, but I only do so until I can find a way to make coaching and YouTube my main source of income.

In what game console do you play?
Playstation 4 ONLY! I am starting a gaming channel that is the same name as my PSN! PSN: DeezNutzNBoltzz
Game channel:

Do you go vegan?
Never. Plant-based? I'll do my best SOON ENOUGH WHEN I'M READY, but I know I'll eat meat once in a while.

What is your introductory song?
It is not a real song. It's a blow that my brother gave me and the rhythm will never be released to the public … never … unless someone pays me $ 1000 … I know no one will, so yes, he will never be released.

If you think more questions than I should put here, let a brother know! Peace!

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Dealing with Depression & Anxiety | My Story [Pt.2]

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  1. Hey man, I completely understand how you feel, I am at that place now within myself and it's scary. Depression is real and it can consume you and at times there's nothing you can do to stop it. I have been feeling this same way for the last 6 months. I went through a bad break up and ever since I haven't been the same. Sometimes when I am talking to other people it feels like no one gets it. I know the feeling of alone all too well and being misunderstood as well as not having any motivation to do anything. You are not the only one that is dealing with this ME TOO I am in that boat with you man trust me. I do believe in GOD with all my heart but even that at times that can be tough to do. I saw all of your vids on your depression it felt we were one in the same. I try to distract myself and not let it get to me but somehow it always win, it's a hard fight man. Just please keep your head up and know that they say GOD GIVES HIS TOUGHEST BATTLES TO THE STORGEST SOLDERS. GOD BLESS

  2. Here in london, UK you can get a govt. funded course(level 2 and 3 btec courses with heatlh and safety) taken(retake as many times as you wish), guaranteed workplace and decent experience free until you make over Ā£21k a should be able to do it at your age and exp.

  3. your first mistake was not pulling out m8. second, you started that bogus Power/bodybuilding crap whatever you wanna call it. I was a subscriber when you were strictly calecstetics.
    oh well.

  4. hey great video! Google "Stronger Than Anxiety" if you want really useful info about anxiety.

  5. Keep your head up bro, just create videos you enjoy making, I know I'll keep watching! I'm pretty sure the majority of your 10k subs will too because at the end of the day most of us tune in because our your personality not the kind of video you make.

  6. when is your comeback bro? been waiting for ages…and you already hit 10k subs fam!! congrats, can't wait to see you back here grindin

  7. U got 10k mate well done. Cheer up life will always knock us down put its all about getting up and improving

  8. When i discovered this channel it was cool just calisthenics and good vids…year later now its just bitching crything and quiting not fan anymore go back to calisthenics or give up

  9. You have to stay happy mane. im going to college this fall but i might have finance problems. i can't let it stop me. I'm going to get me a channel.

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