[DDLC] єνєяутнιηg ιѕ вℓυє

WARNING: The video contains HEAVY spoilers for ddlc. There are also trigger scenes.

Sorry, this took so long, but here is something I worked on and I'm not too proud of it. It was mostly to help me re-edit and show my love for the game! I know it is not perfect and it has many things that I could have done better, but I hope you like it. Happy 2018

I love all the girls until death * budumtis * as if it were a bullet for them but yuri is the best girl. Right next to Sayori, she's my baby, I'm crying. and omg natsuki is so cute and sad. And monika just wanted to be loved, I love her too. protag-kun more like protag-pussy

EDIT: A couple of people have pointed out a misspelling from monika at the end and let me tell you that it was 100% intentional. It symbolizes the nature of the game.

* sweats *

Song name: Everything is Blue part 2
Means used: Doki doki
Time taken: on and off about two weeks
Software used: Premiere pro CC
Complements: Magic bullet looks
Dedications: Just Monika

Avery, Bella, Miry, Arlin, Del and Celeste

Art / video credit:
Available on request, feel free to comment below if you know one of the pieces of the video

I would like to say that this is purely entertainment, and I have NOTHING in the video.
All rights go to their respective owners! Go see them, they are extremely talented and deserve your support! Thanks for watching!

"Copyright Disclaimer According to section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, an assignment for" fair use "is granted for purposes such as criticism, comments, news reports, teaching, scholarships and research Fair use is a permitted use by the copyright statute otherwise infringed.Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. "

Video credits to Eilrachi YouTube channel

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[DDLC] єνєяутнιηg ιѕ вℓυє

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  1. this is a *MASTERPIECE*!👌🏻❤~ So cool! I love the edit and the colorings! You did an AMAZING job! Keep up the good work! ・ᴗ・

  2. Everything is fine
    Everything is fine
    Everything is fine
    Everything is fine
    Everything is fine
    Everything is fine
    Everything is fine
    Everything is fine
    My mask is cracking
    But everything is fine

  3. Yo listen up heres a story about a guy that lives in a blue world
    and all day and all night everything he sees is just blue like him, inside and outside
    blue, his house and a blue little window, and a blue corvette and
    every thing is blue for him and himself and everybody around, cuz he aint got nobody to listen (to listen(to listen (to listen)))

  4. Мне кажется или в названии есть русские буквы? О_О

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