I just want to say that this video was meant to spread awareness. Many people out there, people you know; Your friends could be dealing with a lot right now. Do not just say "She just wants attention," "it must be that time of the month," "She never wants to be with us, she never tries." Help your friend, do not leave her alone to suffer alone.
I also know that this video can be a bit confusing to put together. But I wanted you to try to discover a deeper meaning for this video and how the story goes.
For those who are still confused:

A girl is fighting depression because she is alone, away from her friends and family. She tries to hide her sadness deep inside her, covering it with a smile. He tries to go out and overcome everything, but he can not, since there are people out there, whom he believes they are going to judge or see through.
She loses contact with one of her old friends, but her friend does not give up and turns to help and support the girl.
Depression, stress, anxiety, there is help. Do not forget that I love you all:

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    1. I love this. I suffer from depression and anxiety, and people don’t realize that these things can be masked by a smile.

    2. Actually I have a depression and anxiety and I can't escape from it cause it's cause too much problems over my head which is why I don't think I wanna commit suicide so I'm scared I'm gonna lose my best friend and be alone for rest of my life how embarrassing will be for me if I don't have anyone

    3. Just like her I have a depression too because I'm scared and I am lonely and nobody wants to talk with me that's all I know ☹️☹️☹️☹️

    4. I’ve suffered with severe depression and anxiety for a while now and this shows how easily it can be covered up and unnoticed, all my friends think that I’m a really happy and hyper person but then The moment I get home I’m no longer that person, I lose a lot of friendships because people think I’m being fake and I don’t like them and truth be told it makes it worse.

    5. This like my life Ive no friends really the only one I have always let me down.😞 I really love the sims and I like ur video 🙂

    6. when I saw the video the depression part of it it reminded me of… me because I'm going through a lot and I'm gonna make a video on my channel soon so I will edit when I upload it

    7. What if u have depression but u have no friends, do they just die alone bc they have nobody who cares about them

    8. I like this different story style, and it has such an important message. Also, can you put this sim on the gallery? She is gorgeous and looks different from your normal sims!

    9. I really like this. It shows how depression and anxiety and all that can be masked by just a smile. I’ve had anxiety for a long time, and it hurts a lot. But I always keep smiling, keeping others happy.
      Also, while I’m commenting this, I want to apologise. I watched one of your videos a while ago, and got upset because you’d taken a sim off the gallery without crediting the person that made it. So I kinda blew up in the comments saying you should’ve put credit. So, I’m really sorry for that I didn’t mean to ✨

    10. Its very hard to cope with depression, I personally have dealt with it and know from my experiences that people think its for attention or that I'm just being rude when I just want to stay home. No one but yourself can understand what you're feeling and at times it feels like theres a never ending staircase and if your fall it takes time to get back to where you started. I love the video, it might be short but its nice to see this kind of awareness being spread.

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    12. Forgive me of how quick and confusing this video is, I got sick one Tuesday night and puked most of the night, and rn idk if I want to puke or if I've just got stomach pains. 😅

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