Mixing Bipolar with relationships can be chaotic and end up hurting many people. Here is a lot of information on how mood episodes will affect your emotions.


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    1. Hypersexuality in mania and emotional detachment in depression can make relationship situations SO chaotic and confusing. I've hurt myself and hurt a lot of people because of not understanding that bipolar will MESS UP my emotions and randomly change how I feel toward someone. I've learned to not be impulsive, to put way less weight into how I feel, and to value feeling peace and stability in a relationship over intense emotion. Bipolar makes it so that you CANNOT TRUST your emotions. Chart your mood every day, sleep 8-9 hours a night, take your medicine, exercise at least 5x a week, go to therapy, eat healthy, pray, etc. just take care of yourself and treat your bipolar or it will be really difficult to have a calm and healthy relationship. Love yourself first by becoming friends with your bipolar and stabilizing your brain or it will come out and ruin things and tear apart what makes you happy.

    2. I’ve tried Lizzy so hard to be with a woman with bipolar. I started a new journey after watching many of your videos and others. And I felt even more recklessly in love. But she cheated. Then she never took meds. She never tried hard. But I couldn’t do it anymore. I was loosing in life. It was all about her and her feelings. I think she is a slave of her feelings. Well now we broke up and boy it hurts. Lost her and her kids. Two painful fruitless years lost. All because she couldn’t be mature with her diagnosis.

    3. Iam in a long distance relationship with a BP girl. Things are not working well in the last period. She insists that we have to break up as she believes that she is not able to become and to be a good mother and have Kids. Although i know that she loves me very much she is some how "self punishing" her self and she insists that she has read so many things about BP and that there is no way for her to have a normal family. I think that she broke up with me because she was seeing in me the father of her child , and now after all this crisis she had in her mind, she got disappointed and thinks of protecting me somehow by choosing to go away and leave me… I love her too gad damn much to let her go….. Is there any advice for me to win her back? there are 4 months we broke up and i still feel my heart broken.. I really love her so much and i can't let her go just like that.. i am so worried for her and iam afraid she is going through a self destructive plan which will lead to end her life… Any help will be really appreciated… thank you so much 🙂

    4. Thank you sm for this! I've been diagnosed bipolar at age 15 my birth mom was sever bipolar they can't put me on medication right now because I had a horrible reaction to it that put me in the hospital. I'm struggling rn because everyone in my grade dates an I wanna bounce on that train but my manic an depression episodes are so common I feel like I destroy everyone I love honestly I hate me. I just need some help how to feel better without any medication.

    5. I have bipolar and my boyfriend and FAMILY dont understands me and dont accept me 😞
      I dont have anywhere to go, i feel very lost and lonely. I want to die 😞

    6. if my partner says that his bipolar 2 is none of mine concerns and I have nothing to worried about is that OK to do?

    7. Thank you so much. I recently discovered I’m bipolar and it helps to know how to work through this. ❤️

    8. When is being pretty going to stop counting as being smart? this bitch is dumb as fuck, please don't take her advice people

    9. While watching the video i felt like crying then i started laughing then got angry with my brother
      even though he was doing nothing what should i do

    10. I have a really slight, well-managed bipolar. None of my relationships have been affected by bipolar, until this year when I finally had another manic episode after many years. My thoughts and feelings toward my partner and others are not changed by my mental health. I've never been that manic to have unsafe sex or involvements or anything else, thank goodness. The impulsive, reckless behaviour common in this disorder is really scary.

    11. I'm so glad I found this video. I just found out that I actually do have bipolar. I've known i had it just didn't have the diagnosis and took a while to actually get it. but this video is something i wish i knew in my early 20's. Also how did you get that megan and liz song "look what you started" in the video. how did you download it?

    12. How can I start asking my girl if it’s her bipolar that’s messing with her right now and how can I help her be sure she’s staying on her medicine and everything. Because her mom was saying that she was gonna take her out of therapy because I was making her happy but I don’t think that that’s a good idea. She needs to go to therapy and stay on meds. But her parents arent very responsible sometimes. And I just want her to be taken care of. We’re in high school lol

    13. I question if Lizzie should date or give advice on dating?
      Seems like you are setting yourself up for failure if you date when you have emotional problems!

    14. Wow, Thank you. I have a close family member who suffers from being bipolar because it has affected so many relationships. Your words give me a new perspective of what this person has been going through.

    15. PLEASE HELP! I have been dated an amazing guy for about 4 months and totally love him. We have had a wonderful, almost fantasy like perfect relationship. A few days ago he broke up with me stating small little things he had felt were not gonna work out in our relationship. I of course freaked out, cried, begged, txted non-stop for the first day, but no matter what I said to him in those first 24 hours he didn't budge and had an almost cold, heart wrenching attitude about him. Like suddenly he didn't even care how much I was hurting and how much his break up was shattering me. I asked for us to meet and sit and talk about the issues he was feeling in the relationship and lets try to work it out and find a solution but he eventually refused to meet saying he can't deal with that conversation right now and he wants to clear his head and be sure what he says is true and right. He told me a month into the relationship that he was diagnosed with bipolar 2. I saw some signs and knew he was different and all but it didn't bother me. I had no knowledge of what bipolar even was till now. He was addicted to pain killers really badly about 4 years ago but has been clean since. He still drinks too much and knows he needs to stop that, as he was an alcoholic for about a year before he ventured into pain pills. But all this was 4 years ago or more. Now he just smokes weed to keep him calm as for the past 5 weeks he has been off his meds cuz his doctor/insurance changed. He finally went in to see his doc and the same day he has been completely MIA on me. Its been 3-4 days and he hasn't reached out to me at all. I saw his snap and he was out jet skiing so not like hes sitting in bed depressed. What should I do? Should I reach out to him and txt him? What should I even txt him and say? How long should I wait to reach out to him? Should I reach out to him at all? Does he not love me at all? Does he even miss me? Will he reach out to me eventually or will it all end in silence? I'm so miserable and I miss him so terribly…….I don't know what to do!!! please advise me 🙁

    16. You know it sounds like what you call manic is just something many people go through and you have been lied to about it. It's not mania its just being flesh. You are warring against your flesh, drugs are not how to do that , prayer and fasting is how to deal with it. Shun evil, discipline, fear of God, and really when you are not married to a guy and another attracts you its natural , the apostle Paul wrote its only God in him that he wills to do good, none of us are righteous , God quickens our heart. When you are dating you are not married in the spirit, marriage is totally different, if you were to sleep with the person you are dating its fornication, but is it adultery if you lust for another person, no its just not, you are not married. You are being lied to. Psychologists are liars, Freud was an atheist Jew who wanted to explain the carnal mind , he knew only carnal things about us, in a quick moment God can quicken our hearts, God wants your mind on him not the guys you date anyways and God may be really training your heart and mind and the doctors are deceiving you. God may be testing you , are trusting him , or are you trusting the worlds doctors. The devil is the accuser. Some people don't have God in their lives and doctors just give them drugs but Christian really have the Lord to help them and our hearts and minds are different then the worlds, we are new creations and actually have the Holy Spirit in us.

    17. Bipolar disorder affects approximately 5.7 million adult Americans, or about 2.6% of the U.S. population age 18 and older every year. ( National Institute of Mental Health)

      Don't use an illness to break up, with someone whose great for you. Don't let your illness, to define you.

    18. Do you feel like meds take away your ability to go above and beyond your capabilities? Do they turn you into a zombie?

    19. Re: why manic romance endeth so suddenly? (If romeo hadnt died, it would have been "over" in anotha month anyway!) Why? The whole situation is so IDEALIZED, no one could or ever has met those standards, virtues, abilities – so its like waking up to REALITY. Also, way too much pressure for Romeo, or Juliet to live with! No perfect people out there. The sooner the better…. R Baxter: "how long will she look pretty in the grave, after death…etc" – a sermon on FORNICATION, UNCLEANNESS.

    20. This bitch is fu!&ed up . Now I understand why so many people are crazy. They have this sh%t she is cute but she may decide to stab you in your sleep. MGTOW for life.

    21. Re: walk talk? Like a mtg where preachin " denyin worldly lusts" but in the "afterglow mtg, they all talkin bout how wanted to remove their clothes last nite! You have to ask, "is this saving faith, or sanctified by faith?" Or some other kind of BELIEF SYSTEM? Amen?

    22. i'm a bipolar and this is the second video i have seen from your channel , it's amazing how u said everything i feel so openly , really gived me a breath out , appreciated 🙂

    23. More insight: most say, "ok, I got angry" or romantic, or sarcastic and feel sorry – but no link to physiology. If bipolar, the mood lasts as long as the mania, depression does. Why? Becuz linked to physiological malady goin on in the body. So, more time, and much more ANGST, REGRET FOLLOWS! Ok?

    24. Sometime ANGER is a better sign of love: a sign of caring; opposed to someone smiling, alluding to ur stupidity, etc., like it doesnt matter to her what u look like, and saying still, "I love u all." It just says, dont let sun set on, not, dont get ANGRY. Seems so to me.

    25. "A shame to speak of..done in secret" – why? Paul speaks to Saved, Sanctified people, not strugglerrs, stuck in sins. I note: neither for, or against, but NOT SPEAKING ABOUT AT ALL. Why not? Like its a shame to shame too. If sanctified, its Irrelevant to your life. Like Noah: accursed TO SHAME TOO!

    26. If male bipolar, and easily infatuated, how does one start a relationship, without falling too fast, saying the wrong things about her, and then GETTING THE STUFF BEAT OUT OF YOU BY SOME JEALOUS PERSON, hispanic or otherwise?!! Will God intervene? What do advise?

    27. "Unfits you for every holy duty" – re: fornication, from Baxter's sermon on samw….. even if just some silly BP infatuation? And are there fewer Bipolars in ministry for this reason – too HSP ABOUT EVERYTHING – too OVER SCRUPULATING about own faults, and then cannot PRAY, say? Maybe?

    28. An idea: s. Plaths, the bell jar, written after attending a BP conference, or group meeting? OCD in romance?

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