Dark Enough (Original Song)


Hello everyone. While listening to this song, I would like to give you an idea of ​​why I wrote it:

Depression is a growing epidemic. It seems that there are more sad people in the world than happy and I understand that it is a great struggle for those who have it (and also for their friends and family) to do something simple like getting out of bed in the morning. I wrote this song to explain, no matter who you are, what you are going through or how you feel day after day, that there is someone there who believes in you, loves you and wants you to succeed in life. I understand that many people who find sadness in themselves find comfort in self-harm and self-depreciation. For all the people who watch this video now, I would like to say:

You are perfect. And you should not feel insecure … because there is more than one person who loves you for you.

Much love for all and please keep strong in times of darkness.
Amanda xx

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    Dark Enough (Original Song)

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    1. I just cut my shoulders badly and I listened to this an now….I’m sorta feeling like this of me….

    2. I'm the first girl…. I always fix others problems…. but can't save myself… :""(

    3. I just went through I really bad breakup..he cheated on me 😭 I’m never gonna see him again tho because he got suspended.. I don’t know really what to do now.. is it bad that I’m listening to depressing songs 😫😭

    4. There are so much people in this world but nobody notice the people how die everyday, I mean it doesn't care if I would die cause maybe just a few people would be sad for a few weeks but then they would forget me… So why am I still alive? I could die, now, and nobody would take care or notice. I just want to say that YOU should do your best, and try to make every day to a good day. Don't be sad! You're beautiful! You're amazing! Don't die! Please…
      Don't wish your death… Don't do it like me…

    5. I write poetry to help with my depression. For me its a way to describe how I'm feeling without someone knowing its me I'm writing about. Try it.

    6. i remember listening to this the first time, which so happens to be the first time i ever went to the hospital (which wasnt planned btw) and ive sort of grown into the habit of subconsciously playing it (without giving it much thought) before ive went to the hospital… 4 trips (to the hospital) and a few tears later im happy to say its been about 7 months since the last time ive went to the hospital (january 2018 was the last time) and im doing a lot better… to however is reading this and is thinking about taking your life, no matter how hard you try to fake happiness, your pain is not invisible, and everything comes to the light eventually, one way or the other. so talk to someone and get the help you need because there are a lot of people who need you, now and in the future.

    7. This is sad because i cant say anything to anyone because nobody understands me since 2016 I'm submerged in agony and although I try to ask for help I never achieve my goal now I also suffer from anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder

    8. Idk if it’s a phase but I’ve recently been feeling rlly down. I started to cut a bit. Feel rlly lonely sometimes with my family. In school I hurt wanna curl up into a ball and die. When I’m alone I just contemplate all my mistakes and think everyone would be better off without me. With my friends I feel that glimmer of hope but eventually it fades. Am I being petty?

    9. Anyone who's considering suicide: Please seek the appropriate help. I'm not saying your feelings are wrong, I just don't want to be helpless while someone takes their own life. Please, if any of y'all die it's on my conscience.

    10. Suicide is stupid

      No it's not jackass you wanna know what's stupid

      Makeing someone feel so bad that they feel that suicide is the only way out

    11. Hey. I see a lot of people posting their stories so I guess I’ll share a bit of mine.

      My real name is Azzy. I’m 12 years old.

      When I was 3 years old my parents started getting into a lot of fights. Sometimes they would get a bit physical. The worst part was that I had a baby sister on the way. A few months later my sister was born and my mom moved out. My parents decided on 50/50 custody. So every 2-3 days I would go to my dads house for 2-3 days. And so on.

      The first few years of my life were normal and great. Until I reached 4th grade. I reached a tomboy stage. I loved Minecraft and other video games. I hung out with boys and played sports. But little did I know so many of the girls called me gay and my own mother called me gay. That’s when things got bad. I cut for about a month but I realized people could notice and that’s the opposite of what I wanted. I had straight A’s. I still do to this day. So I told someone who was also suffering from depression. It tuned out she told other people who told the teachers and had to talk to the school therapist. Of course I lied and she believed me. Since then I stopped cutting and fourth grade ended. I liked school though so I was pretty excited for 5th grade.

      I had a “best friend” from forth grade that was not in my class for 5th. We split up though because In forth grade she would steal my food, eat it in front of me and lie about it. She also looked off my papers a lot. I found a new bff that I thought I would have forever. I was very wrong. During February we got in countless fights. We for some reason stayed friends. Until April 3. They day we stopped being friends. She decided to spread multiple rumors about me. Everyone thought homeschooling was the answer.

      So I’m currently waiting until 6th grade. It is summer vacation right now and I’m not looking for sympathy. I want everyone to know that looking for help is the right thing to do. I found someone that will be my friend forever. She is so amazing and I will never hate her. She is the reason I wake up everyday and get through to the day. I hope everybody that bothers to read this will find someone to help them. I bid you fairwell.

    12. All of my friends hear this song and say that this reminds them of me because I've tried suicide but fail I cry every night and cut my legs so no one sees it's so hard I reach for help but I can't at school I smile and laugh all the time but when I'm alone I cry my eyes out no one knows how messed up my life and mind is

    13. 2 quick questions:
      how did you make this video? Like with the picture with the voice audio in the backround plus the lyrics?

      And what are the chords you used for this song?

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