Danny Sexbang OCD/Depression Story (From Game Grumps Wind Waker PART 19)

Game Grumps Channel:
This is a short five-minute clip from Danny's story about how he dealt with depression and OCD. I hope you enjoyed this.

Video credits to CaptainZCaboose YouTube channel

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    Danny Sexbang OCD/Depression Story (From Game Grumps Wind Waker PART 19)

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    1. I went to the doctor today, I’ve been sick for a few days and we just found out it was mono. I could be sick for a few more days, or for months. No one knows how long I’ll be sick and I feel so upset and rotten.

    2. I have a few issues of my own that I am still struggling with still. I was put on pills for awhile I think for anxiety and my ADHD? I don't remember the pills but those things made me feel more miserable which I was just told that's normal and I need to get over it. They made me think more often of suicide and more methods to end it to where I began to look it up even sitting in the middle of the road at night hoping someone would come speeding past and end it all.

      I stopped taking them pretending to take them only so nobody would notice I wasn't taking the medication that would make me 'happy' it was better feeling honestly I didn't feel numbed I felt somewhat normal if that makes sense.

      Still am struggling a lot though I am getting a bit of help to afraid to talk about it with the counceler but I wish to give Danny a hug and everyone else hugs.


    3. The only thing about this that's depressing is that klans man con artist didn't actually kill himself. World would be just that much better with out Dan avadon.

    4. Well I mean… when you actually get help with your depression from a therapist you say stuff like "They want to and are qualified to help you"… but when you are going through it or at least for me you think "They don't care and are just payed to help you…"

    5. This is why I love them, why I idolize them, because they aren't just some gaming channel. They talk about their life, they give us our own personal window to look into, they make us feel like we're apart of their life. The conversations between the grumps seem like just everyday conversations, and it makes it real. They aren't afraid to be themselves, rather than feel like they need to appeal to the audience. I am, and always will be a fan.

    6. "I started reading about it and i just started crying because all of a sudden it was like, I'm not fucking crazy" – perfect description, god this story wells me up with tears. To find yourself is such a wave of relief and sadness all at once. I'm so glad I was able to find myself too. Thank you Dan, for giving me hope, for making me smile and laugh, and for cheerleading everyone on. I've never met or known a sweeter guy and I'm so glad I do.

    7. this is so amazing to see that this cool person had the same thing that i have. i have anxiety and OCD along with some pretty nasty intrusive thoughts, and when i hear about a person having the same sort of experience and getting through it? it's pretty cool. even if it's not in the greatest of ways. (kids, don't throw your pill bottles into the lake. dan was lucky enough to have it work out, but if you feel like you don't need something, that just means it's working. the more you know)

    8. And I'm just so happy now, like, all the f*cking time because I know what it's like to be sad.

    9. I've been going through a rough patch for a while now, and just hearing about the "Mellow happy", and how a might get to that someday…
      It really does help.

    10. Omg Danny has OCD? Just like me? I struggle with it so much and I was on Prozac for a while too and I did the same thing. I threw the pills away after a couple months. Which really fucked my head up, of course, but I know the anxiety attacks and the mind racing and not being able to think straight. I felt the same relief when my craziness finally wasn't just craziness, it had a name. Thank god for Danny. Arin too. They help my anxiety so much. I'm glad he told this story <3

    11. I love the "item found" sound as Danny finally gets diagnosed and knows how to proceed further. 🙂

    12. My experience is weirdly similar to Danny's. I started having awful intrusive thoughts during my senior year of high school. I was only 17, and my mind was racing all the time. I was tired to let my mind relax for even a second. I would cry through panic attacks everyday, and didn't want to leave the house.

      I didn't know it was OCD. I didn't know it what intrusive thoughts were. I thought I was going crazy, or becoming a terrible person. I didn't know it was depression. I ha don experience with that sort of mental illness. I was put on Lexapro, and started understanding how Pure O OCD works. I went to college, which forced me to confront all my mental health issues head on. I got better. I'm still working on getting better.

    13. So uh, you know how Dan threw his meds in a lake? Don't fucking do that. Probably talk to a doctor first.

    14. i feel for danny I'm struggling through depression and i feel like i don't matter and no one loves me and losing my girlfriend didn't help ether I'm 13 but it hurts to be alone cause I've been alone for a long time

    15. This is so beautiful. I didn't know Danny did an exchange in France. I'm currently waiting for somebody to buy our flat so we can get the money to move to the South of France so I can go to in international school there, but I've been out of education for months now and all I do is sit at home and watch YouTube or draw or play video games. I can't get a job or go to some random school for a few months because of my anxiety and I'm just so depressed waiting for the day I can move to a beautiful country and meet new people and do new things.

      Anyway, I don't know what that point of writing this comment was but it's done now.

    16. My favorite part is when he talks about how he threw the pills away in the lake. It wasn't overdramatic at all, Dan! I really like that part of your story. I started to cry when you said that. You are one of the coolest and funniest people I know (well, not personally), and I hope you live an awesome life (which you probably already are).


    17. I only think I'm depressed. my friends do. my cousin does. Im suicidal. my mother refuses me therapy because she calls it bullshit and says she doesn't have the money. the only reason i haven't offed myself is that my friend is depressed too, and we haven't met in person yet. I'm going to live until I meet him.

    18. The disturbing story of how Dan committed the crime of littering in a lake. No, but seriously, this is an amazing clip and it's when I first really started to connect with Dan and realize that Game Grumps was going to be okay, even without Jon.

    19. I'm scared to be professionally diagnosed with OCD but I'm sure that I have it from reading up on it, just some part of me doesn't want to lose it because I'm afraid that I won't be me anymore…

    20. he's lucky that prozac withdrawal went smoothly, it can actually kill you if you quit cold turkey. I did the same thing but didn't know until afterwards. weird brain zaps and my mind would go blank for a couple seconds, went on for months.

    21. somewhy seeing stories of personal accomplishments and shit like that makes me really,really sad
      like,i give up on literally everything,so i gave up on trying to have a better life
      maybe a miracle will happen and i will be happy for pure chance,i dunno
      but seeing someone that has the will to fight against it gets me seriously down

    22. Danny you're a beautiful person. I struggle with depression, OCD and anxiety. Knowing one of my role models had to go through similar things… Makes me feel like maybe I can get past my own problems. Thank you for being you. ❤ (lol yeah he probably wont see it but that's okay!)

    23. I showed this to my girlfriend and I haven't seen her this happy. Thank you Dan Avidan you amazing man

    24. I've never felt that second type of happiness. I have a great job opportunity that just came up and I have no motivation to pursue it. I logically understand what a great opportunity it is, but I have such a hard time getting myself up every morning.

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