Crime Patrol Satark Case 15/2018: Real story of Bharatpur, Rajasthan (Ep 910, 911 on 14, 15 Apr, 18)

Crime Patrol Satark Case 15/2018: History of Bharatpur, Rajasthan (Ep 910, 911 on 14, Apr 15, 18)

Based on the case of abduction of infants from Bharatpur, Rajasthan.

Three sisters plan a kidnapping to cure their mother of depression …

Let's see the full story to know the mystery …

Adventures – A Himitsu – SoundCloud (Without Copyright Music) under the Creative Commons Attribution License

Video credits to Satya Anveshi YouTube channel

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    Crime Patrol Satark Case 15/2018: Real story of Bharatpur, Rajasthan (Ep 910, 911 on 14, 15 Apr, 18)

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    1. like your efforts veru much great going
      only one request please cn yoiu do story on crime patrol satark episode 884-885 2018

    2. Really impressed with your detailing especially when you said ward and bed number 😊

    3. If it wud ve been a girl child trust me no one wud ve cared not even the mother. Indians r all abt boy n boy child n very shamelessly they will proudly say they want boy child only. The country saying thy superpower has such mentality. I love india but Indians r horrible racists people. Gang rape a Muslim culture is their trend, no place is safe for a women in India. Men treat women like trash. Can't say anythg good cause there's nothg good when it comes to female. Hate Indians but still love india good luck Indian women love from 🇺🇸

    4. Liked the idea of introducing actors from the episode…. All the actors are so good looking but in the episode they look so different … All the Bollywood people and Hindi tv serial people should learn

    5. Bhai aj episode k link n dale me dekha nhi apke w8 mey tha ki ap daloge link sony liv mey dekhne de 1.5gb data khtm ho jta h wo app bekr h plzz ap full episode dala kro bhai thanku bhai ..m

    6. Real story of kidnapping suits crime patrol dial 100 episode 🙂 Dramatised version suited crime patrol satark. Full credit to Director Gaurav rana.

      Thanks a lot for your upload. For first time I could get real names of Few of credible casts. Crime patrol satark is full of incredible fully talented artists.

      Sir one more suggestion . Serial gives a teaching lesson at the end of the episode. You can start your upload by narrating Morale of the story or lessons learnt from the episode emphasizing on the positivity one can nourish or nurture in themselves. This is to have a postive attitude towards things learnt from unfortunate extereme instances due to some ones negative or exteremest thought implemented in life which caused trouble or grief to near and dear ones. Just a suggestion. I am really obliged by you implementing my earlier suggestions. I really give you full credit to give real names of talented artists performing in this series being made available to public. They deserve much recognition which serial doesnt give. Thanks.

    7. Crime patrol is realy faking a lot of details ,its now only bc of yr upload we know d reality

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