Common Xanax Withdrawal Symptoms (TRUTH)

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These are some of the most common Xanax withdrawal symptoms you may experience when trying to quit smoking! Remember to always consult with a doctor to design an action plan or to be assigned to a detoxification treatment center that is best for you! Let me know below if there are any that you have not seen or have experienced differently. It is highly recommended that you do not stop using the Xanax cold turkey if you are a large user, as it could be fatal! Some of the most common withdrawal symptoms of Xanax include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, tremors, possible seizures, hypertension, palpitations, sweating, insomnia, anxiety, panic, depression, agitation and irritability. Withdrawal symptoms usually start 6 to 12 hours after the last dose. The physical symptoms are usually maximum around 4 days or so. Mental symptoms peak at around 2 weeks and may last for months after you quit smoking. Each person is different and will respond to the withdrawal in a different way. It may depend on the dose, the frequency taken and the length of time. Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed my video! Please, give a comment and subscribe to my channel!


*** DISCLAIMER *** I am not a doctor, nor a therapist, nor a mental health professional. This material is based on the experiences of my life and on additional research for educational purposes.

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Common Xanax Withdrawal Symptoms (TRUTH)

Comments 49

  1. i had closed eyes visuals, open eye visuals on day 3 cold turkey.. i could barely breath.. stay away from this hell in a pill

  2. I was on 10.5 mg of Xanax for 38 years. Now the doctors here are taken me off Xanax. It is very ruff. No doctor here will talk about it.

  3. Every doctor I've been to has told me that benzos are only to be used for a month or so, until the antidepressant kicks in and its side effects (like worsened anxiety) fade.
    And this information is all over the internet.
    So I feel that everyone is blaming the meds when in reality nobody really understands how treatment should work. Some people dont even know what type of disorder they have. So it is more complex than just blame it on the medicstion itself.

  4. Xanax should only be used for a brief period of time and in lowest dose possible depending on the situation for a month or two Doctors know this so I dont understand why so many people in the comments has taken xanax for years. If you're being prescribed xanax or other benzo for a long period of time you should question your doctor. Psychiatric medications are a tool to improve mental health but we are the ones who have to take care of our treatments and know whats wrong or right. The doctor is only assisting you and showing you the better path to recovery.
    Also, quitting xanax or antidepressants cold turkey is insane. Do a lot of research on the medical field and with your therapist before getting into treatment

  5. i’m going through withdrawal, i’m not really experiencing any physical symptoms.. but all i wanna do is kill myself all the time. i feel extremely hopeless and lost, and i just want to die.

  6. Im on withdrawals from clonazepam…nd im pretty much convinced ill die within few dys…only a miracle can save me…

  7. After 2weeks without having any Xanax I’ve had seizures out of no where blackout type of seizures at work. I would abuse them

  8. Everyone is different. I've been on Xanax over 5 years. If you abuse it Yes it can affect you. I've been on and off. Xanax works miracles depending on the person!

  9. Jees, I had been taking 2mg with a lot of beer every night for 35 years, went cold turkey for 5 days and had a heart attack on the 5th day. No sleep at all, waves of terror, I hallucinated, had trouble walking, thought I was going to leap out of my skin. And one of my neighbors behind me musta had a little machine shop in his garage, the high pitched whine of one of his tools from 9am till 9pm was driving me mad. That prompted me to cut down to 1mg, then .5 mg, kinda stuck there. Any place I tried to call is some for profit inpatient detox, all they care about is your money and NOT you as a person, this one fancy place down in Florida won't take my insurance and wants 20,000 dollars out of pocket that I do not have for one month. Besides, you cannot detox from this shit in a mere month, it takes some people years of slow tapering. The first addiction psychiatrist I called, her receptionist rather rudely told me that she 'cannot take on any more of those kind of patients", like there is a quota system. It really sucks trying to get help and nobody is available and the few that are are focused on raping your wallet. Very depressing and discouraging

  10. So where do I start? I was addicted to Xanax for 11years, everyday I consumed minimum 6mg to a max of 8-12mg. I opened my eyes in the morning and took 2mg, at lunch another 2mg, at dinner another 2mg and so on depending on how many I had. I was also drinking a 6 pack of beer and snorting 60-100 dollars of heroin every damn day. I continued to take the Xanax because I was afraid to stop and have seizures, I was a slave to a substance, a few of them to be exact. After losing everything I owned, house, cars and hope I decided to get help and checked in to rehab. That was only the beginning. I was given 2 weeks of anti-seizure medication which made me feel confident that I would be ok. After the medication was gone I started to get really bad anxiety and panic attacks. I couldn’t sleep or eat for weeks I slowly started losing my mind, I was having these insane hallucinations where I thought I could predict what was going to happen and that I was in control of my life and nothing I did had a consequence, I had not a care in the world, I thought I was perfectly fine and everyone else was crazy when I was the crazy one. After a few weeks of living in half way I was backer acted into a psych ward. I was medically cleared and went back into rehab, I stayed off the drugs for the months I was detoxing never relapsed. I slowly got better started sleeping more and learning about my Xanax addiction, my palms stopped sweating and my mind was getting clearer each day. I detoxed for a total of 90 days off Xanax, cold sweats and high blood pressure, crazy hallucinations and suicidal thoughts. Today I’m almost 2 years clean and sober. Not a drop of alcohol or a hit off a joint, completely sober. In 2 years I’ve managed to get my own place and buy a car, I have money in my pocket and I sleep great with no help from sleep aids, I say all this to say that if your struggling with Xanax or any drug, get help! We can recover, we do get sober, you can do it. If I can do it anyone can!!

  11. Hallucinating badly, thinking people were out to kill me, having terrifying dreams then waking up thinking it was real. Talking to walls and this is no joke in my case. Threatening to kill people at icu. Being minutes from dying from withdrawaling. Theirs more to my story being i was a extremely abusive user (10-15 2mg bars or more daily) lucky to be alive due to xanax withdrawals. Dont even touch xanax ever its the worst thing created maybe tha. Herrion

  12. I was blacking out for hours on end , walked around seen people had convos but no clue it happened used to wake up with unusual amount of empty beer bottles in my room , even 4 pints of milk half a dozen eggs and butter (I walked shop and bought them totally clueless it happened) , not the best drug to get smashed on …

  13. Man can we all talk…? The drug community is afraid to be open and talk about their problems. But honestly I come to these videos while I’m drug sick but I still seek drugs. And I only do maybe a quarter of subutex (.5mg buprenorphine) and maybe 1mg Xanax (1mg alorazolam) DAILY, but I go probably two days EVERY WEEK without and I feel like death man. I wanna quit so bad dude I’d rather quit one time than to just be sick and go thru pain over and over. But I’ll probably have my xans when someone sees this. Any substance programs that are not typical 12 steps “natural” (hardcore fucking withdrawals and Jesus) then someone send a link please (AKA ONLY programs who are staffed with experienced addicts that know and have been thru it and will give you medicine to properly ween you off of the chemical substance of your choice.)
    Have a great day.

    -Some White guy with a mentality probably all addicts and now sober people have.

    But at the same time who is to tell us that drugs are bad besides the communities that are honestly dissatisfied with themselves. Not trying to be an enabler, but as a current functioning addict this can’t go on. The war on drugs is a failure but we can’t have these addicts like this.

    Help those to those who legitimately want and need help. Quit helping the people who just want a place to nod out. They won’t put any taxes back anyways but hey who am I to judge I’m no better than anyone else.

    But I wanna let the kids know NOW, that when you get addicted living with mommy and daddy and get to mow the yard once you hit 18-20 you’ll be needing the same if not more money except it’s not acceptable to mow mommies yard anymore.

  14. It is the worst chemical on Earth. I got to psych from my anxiety and phobia which happened when I went down from 2x2mg to 2×1 but also dropped methadon. It was the worst nightmare comes true.
    I experienced muscle twitches and tension, mouth lock, memory loss, panic attacks and deep fear, emotional highs and lows, you feel like you go insane.
    Now I’m doing well but I learned my lesson.
    Going cold turkey is not an option with alprazolam.
    Take care guys!

  15. Withdrawals for 2 weeks or a couple months? Lol. Benzo withdrawals go on for months to years

  16. Even if you take small doses, like .25mg clonazepam, can put someone in a long term withdrawal situation. Even if people are on benzos short term, it can put you in a horrible situation… I've seen people that still have waves of overwhelming anxiety and stress 8 months or even 2 years out!

  17. i’m 15 and was taking xans for about a week straight taking 1-2 a day as soon as i stopped my friends thought i was going crazy they noticed i was being weird but after about a week i’m normal again i’m glad i stopped taking them when i did

  18. It was weekend so i though of taking dis alzolam ( alprazolam) after that three days . In one day i got withdrawal from alprazolam. I dont know my Withdrawal i have whether happen to other people i dont know.. Some people have withdrawal on der body, legs. But mine was head. I dont know how to explain. Food i eat or drink feel deffrent inside my mouth. My head doesn't give me pain but worse felling.. Like squeezing my brain.. Suddenly stop taking drugs is bad for you. That one i know.. What about tapping down?? I question myself. Again i was afraid tapping down. I though it will go worse again taking half of alprazolam. I thought as long as i take or tapping down will increase my withdrawal. So i don't take.. I suffer a lot.. It tooks two weeks to recover the withdrawal. Please tell me do i have tap it down??? Please let me know… And dis is another withdrawal and it works.. I take dis pain killer every night like 10 pills at night. Then i though of tapping it down to 7 pills. It was difficult to sleep Specially early in the morning i got withdrawal on my legs thighs.. Then i continue doing dis. Tapping down like two days. And i felt ok no withdrawal.. But what about alprazolam for anxiety medicine? Dis withdrawal is very deffrent from pain killer.. I was very addicted to alprazolam then i quite with withdrawal. But now sometime.. Dis medicine is very strong.. Should i tap down is der something else to treat alprazolam effect?

  19. During my xanax withdrawal I had these unbelievably uncontrollable zaps, or twitches, they actually felt like electrical jolts thru and my entire body. I would also loose control of my body and motor function very briefly during these 'jolts,' my arms wld spaz out and flail around, but only real quick, quick like a 'jolt' of electricity. My brother told me they looked like micro seizures, he was also there, thank god, when my body eventually capitulated to the 'jolts' (they seem to have been like tremors) and seizure'd out very bad right in front of him 😔. He took me straight to hospital where I detoxed for 5 days. Twitching remained for several days (during detox) but got progressively less violent and less frequent and no more seizures. Above all else – the mental anxiety, insomnia, crazy irritability, lack of appetite, all that – the 'JOLT' is what affected me the most – I was terrified it wld be permanent and that I fucked myself up permanently. Well, I got lucky. Benzo withdrawal is absolutely unequivocally the motherfucking WORST. I'm lucky though because as it were, the circumstances under which I had a seizure in front of my brother – had he not been there, I for certain would not be posting this right now, I'd be dead and that's 100 right there, thank you my brother 💪!
    They cld cost you your life, think about that

  20. I started to take speed. After some 5 yr Rohypnol, Xanax and Valium came along. Now 47 and 4 seizures and 29 yr later with drugs I'm clean from it. Its very much possible

  21. I took upto 20mg xanex a day for a monthni went of the rails..i stopped and for 2 weeks never felt so work i started hallucinating. Dilated pupils and was fucking terrified. Never again will i put any chemical in my body because i could never go back to that spot i was the worst thing that ever happened me could also be the best thing to ever happen me.

  22. Horrible medication was put on clonazapam 4 years ago after a fall that started essential tremors and panic.started at .5 in 4 years it went to 2mg always took as prescribed but kept reaching tolerance now tapering and going through hell . Horrible muscle spasms. Tremors skin burning like a sun burn

  23. First time I ever took a tranquilizer was about ten years ago. Someone gave me a Xanax bar, & I took the whole bar. Fell asleep about 8pm. Woke up the next day about 1pm with hardly any memory of what happened the day before. They make you feel good but certainly not a habit I want to get into

  24. 11 years on 2 milligrams a day. hurracaine maria came, no electricity for 5 months, run out of Xanax. said to myself deal with it. sweats, spasms, colors blue and orange flying and actually everything was mild symptoms. because no electricity everything turned primitive so I became more physically active, washing clothes by hand, going to the park with the dog during the day, the withdraw symptoms grew days apart, less and less but again in my case they were mild. mine was prescribed,. came out of it. now if you take high doses,, just go to a state dexox center, you need a doctor to supervise. good luck.

  25. Can you have withdraw symptoms if you only take .25mg once a day then go a few days without taking it then decide to stop cold Turkey?

  26. Muscle twitches. My muscle twitches were rather violent. Also I had vision problems my vision was very distorted kind of fuzzy.

  27. Does being completely healed feel as good as when you first get on klonopin? When I was on klonopin I felt untouchable (at first) if I had debilitating anxiety before klonopin wouldn't I still have it once I'm healed?

  28. was prescribed Klonopin at age 17 for a panic attack then switched to xanax 3mg a day for panic disorder. i am 27 years old now and before moving into a nursing home I would take up to 20mg a day and buy off the street to supplement my prescription so I didn't run out. that went on for a year. I started out taking 5mg then up to 10mg then up to 20mg because of addiction and tolerance. I'm now on 3mg a day again and the withdrawal from 10 to 20mg a day to 3 is earth shattering. the doctor won't increase my dose either. I feel like I'm dying on this "maintenance dose" I don't feel anything good and I'm constantly pissed off. I shake uncontrollably and clench my teeth and feel nauseated. will my body ever feel good on 3mg again like it used to in the beginning or will I always suffer? its been since august 15th I had to take 3mg again. its October 24th now. please help. 😖 good thing is my doctor won't take me off it because he said I'm too addicted at this point. I at least want 3mg at a time though…. 😩

  29. That's accurate asl. I was addicted to non prescription xanax for a year and a half , the way I stopped was slowly lowering the dose and eventually just stopped. After I stopped it was the worst. I had all these bitches for a week and a half. My appetite was gone for about a month and a half.

  30. I'm really scared. I'm prescribed 3 mg of xanax, I'm scared I get so sick, I rage and puke, and shake and sweat and I'm going to detox, any advice? I'm so weak and scared!?!?!? Also sometimes I take more than prescribed but rarely… 😥😭thank you so much for this video, helped lots!!

  31. Also not correct that withdrawl isnt as bad if you take it as prescribed.

    Benzos are absolute poison and doctors are not telling people that stuff.

    Air hunger
    Muscle pain
    Severe twitching
    Looping worries
    Heart palps for months
    Vision issues burning skin
    Muscle wasting
    All of these plus 100 more.

    Might want to consult the Ashton Manual

  32. Have you ever been on benzos long term.
    Withdrawl lasts MUCH longer than a couple weeks.
    It is a unique medication in that the central nervous system has to reprogram and regrow after as little as 2 weeks of taking this medication.
    Slow tapers reducing 10% a month is recommended and even then the symptoms can be awful

  33. edit: I use downers from my youth around when i been 16-17. I start to take clonazepam, meprobamate, alprazolam. Lately i start to take xans again most of time after coke but i start to enjoy again with weed/hash or with some beer. I have an anxious personality so its help me for simple things but most of time i just enjoy and abuse them.
    I do not touched them for decades im 34 right now. Normally I have 10-20bar of xan and is enough for one or two week approx for me. After obviously lots of thing I regret lol but a wierd things I never had a withdrawal from downers, ever and also I never felt addicted to it. And what i start to experience with xanax its insane vivid dreams from 1mg+ and i love them lol

  34. I been on Xanax for about a week my doc prescribe me .50mg tabs of Xanax and I took all of them with in 2 days then I went to pick up of my plug and took atleast 14 threw out the whole week do you think I’ll have a seizure if I cold turkey I had a seizure last time because I was doing them for about 1 month and half straight then cold turkeyd I really don’t wana have to do threw another seizure again

  35. I got hooked bad on Xanax my withdrawal was the worse but I had about 3 days of hullicinations the 3rd day I quit very thankful I'm alive went threw 3 seziures you need to really help yourself and this man I trying to help I would take up to 12 to 18 mgs a day the worst habit a human could have please don't get on it and if you need any positive things to help I got off them so can you it's not impossible you will feel much better when your off them

  36. I played with that shit for 1 month and when it was gone started to get all these side effects. Literally went cold turkey and I've tried a lot of drugs… nothing like this. This has got to be the most addictive and hard to get off drugs out there.

    Don't play with this! This is no joke not even coke does this. First 3 days didn't even slept and got panic attacks and this is from abusing the drug 1 month 1mg a day.

    I imagine what other people have to deal with…

    This should be illegal or only given to patients by doctors when having a panic attack. Not for anxiety.

    Glad I'm outta here and it's been 2 weeks and still feel some withdrawal symptoms.

  37. I been off librium for about 4months.I went to a detox center to get off because my doctor told me I just could stop wrong. I still feel bad any tips on healing?

  38. I made the mistake of going on a benzo binge and have decided to go cold turkey. The past 5 days have been terrible.

  39. When i missed a day or 2 Ive tripped out and started hallucinating throwing up very bad withdrawl symptoms i hope maybe one day ill be able to quit i just cant right now i hate anxiety

  40. I made it thru the day. Starting to feel better. I WILL NEVER be able to get off any of my meds wout help. Don't think u can quit on your own guys. Seriously. I was out for just those 2 days… man. Just a fn nightmare. Wish I didn't have to take ANYTHING. But, for now, I do. Thanks. I thought I was just being a pussy withdrawlin. Liked seeing everyone else's comments. I pray for ALL OF YOU that are feeling sick right now. GO to the dr and be around ppl who love you! ✌

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