CHRONIC ILLNESS & MENTAL HEALTH | The Prevalence of Anxiety & Depression

Most of us with chronic diseases have experienced anxiety and depression. This is something that I have struggled with myself since my diagnosis in 2008. In the comments below, share your story with me and others. We are not alone.

I also want to say … thank you very much for supporting me during these years! I am very grateful to have reached 10,000 subscribers.










Video credits to Live Hope Lupus YouTube channel

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    CHRONIC ILLNESS & MENTAL HEALTH | The Prevalence of Anxiety & Depression

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    1. This is a great topic to address. I facilitated a support group for Menieres Disease at Vanderbilt years ago and the main thread that came up time and time again was we were grief we were all grieving our former lives. I suffered severe depression, the vertigo and oslopsia were taking over my life, sometimes lasting 17 days straight. I hadn’t even been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia or Sjogrens yet. My mother had passed away when I was 25 and at that time, well it was bad. My counselor basically told me to have a plan A(not sick) and plan B(sick) . I can’t even tell you how many times the vertigo would happen in public and my husband picking me up and carrying me out, restaurants, movie theaters, even the line to get my drivers license. That picture looked like I was stoned. Quitting my job as a ER nurse about killed me and I held on as long as I could. Now my lymph glands swelling and fibromyalgia is relentless. I feel like it’s another death, the good part is I know what’s coming. I still have my friends from my sorority, 30 years ago and they have seen me through the years and haven’t forgotten me. I try and live my life like this, because I’m always going to be a nurse at heart this is it.
      “As long as everyone I know and love has a pulse and isn’t waiting on a biopsy, life is good”
      Samantha, people know you’re real and because you’re willing to go to these dark places. It touches many more people than you’ll know. A massive congratulations on 10,000 subscribers…and growing. Blessings sweetheart.

    2. Sometimes I think we're not individual creatures. Your loved ones are part of you, their suffering is your suffering.

    3. My anxiety and depression was diagnosed years before my lupus was but it has increased much more since. My rheumatologist had some understanding but I ended up going to psychiatrist to help me further. I have good days and bad days but I work through them.

    4. I don’t have Lupus (that I know of :/) but do have Sjögren’s and fibromyalgia. I’m probably twice your age at least but do enjoy following you and appreciate all you information and comfort too! Thanks for being here and sharing your story and information with us all.

    5. I was diagnosed when I was 12 years old, I had a stroke when I was 16 and I spent a whole year with depression. Now I'm 18 and I just realized that I live with anxiety. Thank God, I learned how to manage depression.

    6. Admittedly, 2 months ago I had no idea what Lupus was. I have been very familiar with the symptoms however. For 7 years or more I've been dealing with symptoms.. I could ignore/manage most flare ups in that time. A few months ago I got pneumonia.. It triggered the worst flare up yet.. With only a good day coming here and there. The positive ANA last month has me in the right direction for my diagnosis, I think. Awaiting another referral since the first denied me. I was just talking earlier with my Mom about the depression associated with this condition. It sucks, I feels like my mind is telling me to avoid "life". I avoid friends and family so I don't have to explain that it sucks to be me. Depression is a given with Lupus. Seems inevitable.. But with that being said, I do my best to find bits of happiness. Thank you for your videos… they are truely amazing shares, informative, inspiring, and relatable.

    7. Congratulations on 10k that’s amazing I’d love to get to 1000 so your milestone is so special! I don’t have lupus but I do have a few chronic illnesses and it’s so true that anxiety and depression are a big part of it just because it makes our lives so unstable and it’s hard to look ahead. Thank you for sharing your story it made me feel less alone xx

    8. Great video! I've suffered from anxiety my whole life to the point that I have a tick from it. It was my first symptom of my autoimmune diseases. My main disease is Sjogrens. I've tried many medications, but the only one that doesn't have side effects is xanax. It helps, but only a little bit. Meditation have helped me greatly especially using breathing techniques. It even lowers my blood pressure when it's high. Usually what causes anxiety for me is the unknown of the constant flares, but mediating and praying really does help.

    9. Yoga, surprisingly, helps me a lot. I’m an equestrian by nature and ADHD. Never imagined yoga would be a trick. Seriously, find a gentle yoga class at your community Centre or somewhere and give it a try. Even via yt. But classes are better to get you “out” there in a similar group. Contact your lical arthritis society, keep looking. Go.

    10. I just got discharged from a mental hospital today. I got diagnosed with bipolar 2, generalized anxiety, and agoraphobia. It's so tough, but my faith gets me through. I'm wishing you all well!

    11. Having lupus definitely can take a toll on your mental health. I know that stands true for me. When I flare up, I feel like a totally new person. I know we’re not alone, but it can feel like no one gets it sometimes. Especially, if there are not enough Lupus support systems in your area.

    12. Congrats on 10k! That’s a huge accomplishment. I resonated with SO much of this video. I’ve had anxiety since I was 12, but when I was diagnosed with Sjogren’s at 20, it got much worse. I felt so out of control of my body and had the worst panic attacks of my life. Since then, medication, therapy, self-care, and CBD oil have helped me a ton! It’s a process, and anxiety comes and goes in waves (kind of like autoimmune flares, ha!). My physical symptoms make me anxious, as well as thinking about my future (how will I ever be able to support myself financially when I can’t work full time to do fatigue?), and grieving the loss of my old life. But I j is I’m not alone and I’m lucky I’ve found so many resources that help me!

    13. Hey all Lupas Amigos , I have SLE sins last 3 years I had lots of flair up ever week, , talk to u r doctor.. have an look with Rituximab infusion . It really helps. . I had 2 infusions in a gap of 15days.. it's like an month after I m massaging, not much triggers not much flair up . Pills have reduced . Have a healthy life.. take care ..

    14. Congratulations on 10K!! I’m going to therapy because the idea that I will have pain everyday for the rest of my life hit me way too hard. I have major depression and a Panic disorder also. Since high school.. and I’m 32 now. I was only diagnosed with my chronic illness a few years ago, but I was 16 when I was diagnosed with mental health issues. My Rgeumatologist thinks I’ve had my chronic illness for a long time, and when I think back, I see symptoms in high school but I didn’t know what they were about. Anyways, my depression and panic got so bad I actually self harmed. But I haven’t done that for a while, and I’m determined to not go back to that dark of a place again. Like you said, better times will always be coming!

    15. Such an important topic. Great video and congrats on your fully deserved success. I actually do go to a therapist just to talk about my anxieties about chronic illness. She told me you have to mourn the loss of your old life and focus on making a new different one with your new boundaries. And like the disease, take it day by day.I feel that talking to someone about this has given me the power to want to open up to others about the non-disease stuff. It has saved my relationships and I get cranky if I stop airing out my grips with her. I also leave the negative thoughts and not so unreasonable fears in that room. It's truly self care and something that I am grateful I know I can do even if things get really bad physically. We can't always stay as active as we want but we can always have a therapy session in person or even via phone/texts nowadays. Sending love to y'all fighters! Stay strong

    16. I also suffer from costrocondriest for the last 3 Year's it's undercontroll, not gone though.
      I enjoy watching your vidios, om sorry u have Lupos, I've had 3 ANA TEST both came back postive , my GP. says it's a false positives i had the lupos on and off AND experienced body aches and fatigue
      Your a strong BEAUTIFUL person
      I wish you all the best .
      My brother had LUPUS for many years went through life changing issiues .
      He past Away of a brain aneurysm just this past June 27th it was totally unexpected and a horrible situation.
      Each of my siblings have many autoimmune issues amd my mom
      So the doc. Tells me im at high risk for RA and Lupos 🙁 im 57 .
      YOUR vidios help me to understand what my brother went through .
      And what Lupos is all about.
      Congratulations for your many followers. I wish you all the best.

    17. Suffered with anxiety for years myself, really bad anxiety!!! CBD oil really helped me, it’s no joke. I take beta blockers and CBD, life changing

    18. Well I'm 19 years old. I've had ra since I was 13 years old. I've had some form of anxiety since then. I have really bad social anxiety because I stand out with the joint braces and the occasional limp. Or that sometimes I think people can read my face and tell that I feel bad but they never do it's all in my brain. Also the depression during a flare gets really bad especially when I'm alone. I'm in college and I'm single so I flare alone and my thoughts get really dark. I'm uninsured right now. But even when I was insured it was still a huge financial burden on my family since I'm not working. I would often have thoughts about if I were dead my mom wouldn't have to work so hard. I am not suicidal. But lately I have not felt myself. Like I'm just here not really living but existing. I'm trying to get back to myself now. I've never seen a doctor for the mental health.

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