Christina Perri – The Lonely [Official Lyric Video]

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Many of you asked for the lyrics of "jar of hearts" when it first came out that we thought it would be great to make videos of some of the lovestrong songs. + here is the second for "the lonely".

video by: sellers of elliott –

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Video credits to Christina Perri YouTube channel

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    Christina Perri – The Lonely [Official Lyric Video]

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    1. Anyone is happy to BE sad?no problems,just US and sad music,our life our problems, there's no fake friends when we're Alone…

    2. When you wake up and put on the mask and tell yourself you'll be fine things will work out. You'll get your friends back. they'll act like they used to but you know it's bullshit and your only kidding yourself and so everytime you see them with others you long for their company for the old times to come back and when they insult you at school, at your lunch table you want to scream your silent pain that no one seems to notice. you want to talk with them like you used to. When they had your back. When they were family. When they promised they'd always be there for you…..lies they were all lies but I knew that and yet I didn't listen. look what happened

    3. I am transferred to a new school and I … understand depression now…my friends left behind- I am a person that doles not like social from face to face. My classmate was the only strangers I could relate to…;( now my school life will start all over again like it used to be-lonely i liked this song….dark

    4. whenever i listen i felt like my whole world is full of darkness but i sing a long and i felt much better

    5. Everyone, a huge reminder. To all of the people who are currently suffering from loneliness, depression, anxiety or some illness or heartache, I know it' hard but please do remain strong, the world still needs you, we need you. There are still people who really loved you. God bless and never ever give up in life. You are doing great, so continue living your life. <3 🙂 😉 Love you all.

    6. Am I the only one here who has no problem with depression, I'm just acting lonely lol ahhahahahah yep only me welp

    7. Sadly this is I feel like this 3/4 of the time!!
      I don't think I'm the only one
      Lots of people feel like this
      People need to be aware of others

    8. I keep being alone for the 5th time at recess, watching my best friend when i'm being alone.

    9. I use a cover to not show my real side because I feel like I would be judged but I met a person who changed me but I only be my real self around that person

    10. boyfriend broke up with me..i've been crying for's 4:25 am..i haven't slept i can't sleep..this song makes me cry more. i need help..we're all happy people aren't we 🙃

    11. I kept on listening to this song and I can relate it to my life since I lost myself at the age of 7. A person I trusted the most broke me, removed my emotions and made me into a heartless person and now I found someone that is a complete opposite of me and I can’t afford to lose him, but I need to let him go now or it’ll be too dangerous for the both of us.

    12. I am even lonely when my family is surrounded they always think others are better than me every day I regret even being born and I am the only child so I talk to myself all day in a mirror

    13. This is like… years ago… BUT u guys have friends, you just haven't met them yet ;"D…

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