Chelsea O'Donnell: Rosie's Divorce Caused My Depression

Chelsea O & # 39; Donnell says he can not forgive his adoptive mother, Rosie O & # 39; Donnell. The 18-year-old opened to the INTERNAL EDITION in her first television interview since leaving the comedian's home this summer. "Only a few things that have happened in the last few months …

Video credits to Inside Edition YouTube channel

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    Chelsea O'Donnell: Rosie's Divorce Caused My Depression

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    1. Good luck Kid, it's a bad world out there, but it sounds like U want to tackle it on your own terms! Bravo! Best Wishes!!

    2. Chelsea is so sweet and beautiful ..plz stay away from that evil woman..rosie so that you dont morph into a ugly person as she is

    3. Wow this girl was raised by Rosie from infancy and she just said that she does not love Rosie at all….. Well Rosie, let that failure sink in for a moment. What did you do or not do to this poor girl?

    4. Thats really sad that teenages feels out of place. Hope she can find piece in heart somewhere.

    5. Rosie stopped paying for your drugs as she didnt have to much that hairball anymore…..when she woke up from ehr stupor…she couldn't handle reality.

    6. This girl is ungrateful and in need of a ass whooping her mom adopted her and took her in when she needed a home and she goes talk bad about her to the media to get money sooner or later she going to ask for money and gonna end up with no family

    7. Im sure rosie isn't easy to get along with at times. Plus i think Rosie spoiled her kids growing up and there lies little respect. Chelsea seems like a smart girl but a brat also!!

    8. Rosie is a good mom with faults like us all I will never believe a woman so thoughtful and kind who openly loves and respects her children is a bad person.
      I pray this child continues to get help it’s clear she needs therapy she’s a troubled child who needs to talk out her problems.
      Rosie deserves respect for all that she does as a mom and it hurts me to see this child openly disrespect her mother.

    9. wow what an ungrateful old lady I had to love the hand that fed her and I raised her since her mother of blood did not do it I hope you have many children who do not appreciate what you do for them you realize how unpleasant that you just heard from the woman who raised you as if she were your real mother one day you will be sorry and it will be too late

    10. How could she in all good conscience adopt someone, and then turn them out . The woman is demented.

    11. Ha, I looked at that lovely face and thought, "That's too nice to come out of a dog".

    12. So if Rosie kicked her out, why is she hiding in the attic like a runaway? I smell a liar.

    13. If Fatso Rosie McDonald adopted me I would be running and not look back. Rosie is a fat,disgusting mentally ill slob.

    14. She shouldnt tell her family's business. She should care more about her child. A woman who gives her kid to gays is wrong!

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