CBD OIL FOR ANXIETY | 2 MONTH Review & Side Effects

The capsules I use are 10 mg, and the spray is 3 mg. I will use the spray if I am looking to take less than 10 mg, and the capsules if I am looking to take more.




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    CBD OIL FOR ANXIETY | 2 MONTH Review & Side Effects

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    1. magnesium is very forgotten ….when we talk about anxiety…people dont forget take magnesium every day……it really change my life personaly…bye

    2. I wish there were more studies around cbd and thc. I have a lot of pain, and it helps. But I have psychosis due to marijuana. Its been a few weeks that I've been off of it, but some effects can be permanent. I don't want to hate on it because it helps with pain, but even pure cbd makes it worse.

    3. I started using CBD oil gummies for a week now. I get very relaxed when I use them and always eat them before and after work to calm my nerves as my job is very stressful and whenever I get anxiety. I also sometimes eat them before bed as my ADHD and anxiety makes me unable to sleep most nights.

      Next time I go to the shop I'll have to try the pure liquid stuff as I want to make my own bath bombs with it and try other uses. The gummies don't really help too much with my back pain but it is better to deal with. I am also transgender and use a chest binder which adds to back pain even though its a size bigger to be a better fit for my needs. I find CBD oil helps quiet my dysphoria as well.

    4. Im really considering this.. I hope this helps me out and gets me to continue with my life

    5. Thank you so much for this, for me it's really hard to put my anxiety into words and explain it to my family and friends. It is so comforting to hear someone else say the same things that are going on in my head and know I'm not alone. God bless

    6. Has anyone experienced a lot of bloating from taking cbd,
      I'm vaping and also taking it under to god not sure which method is causing my bloating
      Please help

    7. Good for anxiety. Pain in back, but I need sometimes 200 mg. at night because of severe pain. It is better to start slow to see what you need and it does lower blood pressure. I already have low blood pressure but doing ok on cbd oil. Been using for3 months.

    8. You r beautiful girl god will give you good health soon I had same anxiety couple of year a go I was deep stress I didn't remember but alot of thing was rounded my brain make me very tied to go club or go out with friend so that time i went gp doctor I explained doctor what is going on inside my brain he said you r Stress so he prescribed antideprisation I ate couple of tablet and went back doctor he said OK the sound like the tablet should be rise any way I ate tablet around one year nothing seen to improved so ohh I was very depressed what is going on ohh what happen see I want spiritual place just sat there and then I meet genuine spiritual person I told him man I was normal and fun person but the thing happened and know I am very down so he read some thing and blow with me ohh belive me my body start burning inside I told him stop he said wait so then he read some thing and blow on 5 liter of water and told me drink and when take shower mix a bit of same water he give with other water do it 14 day and than come back see me again I told him OK I did same but I saw improment around 80 percent with during that's period so I went again and when meet with him he ask me how is the thing going on I told him very good even my emotion etc every thing is under control so he read some thing again but second time I was relax normal no medication like I was in the past so I ask him what was wrong he told me your probleam bad spirit so is out you became again normal I am 100 normal working in tesco in uk so try with this way but need genuine spiritual person thank you

    9. I've been taking CBD oil for the last year. I started with CW Hemp because it was the one that stood out to me, I could tell a difference within a couple days. I sleep great and it helps with my anxiety and overall mood. I switched to ESP Hemp, because as I was doing research on it, I realized that not all CBD oil is created equal. ESP Hemp uses hemp seed oil as their carrier vs. mct oil, which doesn't do as good of a job. They also use Black pepper and clove oil. The black pepper increases oxygen, which increases bioavailability to absorb more of the CBD. The stuff is amazing, so that's why I take it now.

      If anyones has any questions about different types of CBD oil or the benefits, let me know!

    10. I wish I could just legally smoke weed instead. Gunna try cbd as weed cures my anxiety, but I don't want to deal with the shit that comes with buying illigal drugs anymore. It's too stressful. People who keep cannabis illegal are the biggest scum on this planet and deserve to die the slowest painful death imaginable for the suffering they cause to others.

    11. I've had anxiety and depression for years. The worst for me is going to long meetings, all-day classes or any situation that I have to stay in a room for a long period of time or can't control my comings or goings. The last time I was on a plane was like 10 years ago and I had horrible panic attacks on there, so I haven't flown since.

      I've tried many medications, but none really worked for me to the point I became afraid to take any more. But I am hearing a lot about this CBD oil and can't help but think it's just another gimmick or that it will just make you tired or sleepy in the end.

      Do you have any with this type of anxiety and if so has this oil helped at all?


    12. Staples through the nose & upper lip, w/ arm tattoos, talking about being lazy & being ADD… this is what American have become -sad.

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