Case study clinical example: First session with a client with symptoms of depression (CBT model)

Example of case study for use in teaching, with the objective of demonstrating some of the triggers, thoughts, feelings and responses related to the low problematic mood. This section here represents the first 13 minutes of an initial therapy session, but to try to delineate the vicious circle, it moves faster than an average session would. The video shows an actor playing the character of Gabriella, but the dialogue is not written and, as such, represents a natural therapeutic exchange. I myself am a qualified clinical psychologist, but I definitely do not suggest that this is a perfect example of therapy!

This video was produced as a collaboration between the University of Leeds and Leeds Trinity University (Ricardo Barker).

Video credits to Judith Johnson YouTube channel

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    Case study clinical example: First session with a client with symptoms of depression (CBT model)

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    1. Dosent this hurt the treatment of cbt when people watch this. Now you can go to the session knowing every thing that will happen. You can kinda do this yourself.

    2. so then this woman psychiatist like selects this girl for "normal" hobbies, since she's a cute girl? most "mental healrh professionals" tend to hate anything beyond some conservative norm. they don't really get how people live in the early 21st centiry.

    3. psychiatry is bullshit.

      like this girl says "like" a lot…apparently, they hate the use of slang. so shit BILLIONS literally say is an "llness" lol.

    4. I feel personally this client who is an actor is experiencing classic symptoms after a break up…. may not neccesarily be real depression but I felt more like anxiety and greif symptoms which she should be told is perfectly normal until she recovers ….

    5. I appreciate that the biggest benefit for someone who is seeking help is to be able to talk, I find the session to be somewhat reflective? is that the norm? you ask a question and confirm what you've heard? does this type of technique heavily rely on the willingness to talk?

    6. There are a few things to try
      Find the reasons why you are shy – the first step in solving a problem is to understand why you have it.
      Be at ease about yourself – this makes it easier
      Challenge youself – you will feel better by doing things – especially by doing things that push your boundaries.
      (I learned these and more tips on Martos Magic Method website )

    7. I have spent months researching treating depression at home and discovered an awesome website at Sebs shy remedy (look it up on google)

    8. i came here cuz i wanted to see if she was acting how i did when i went to see my therapist and she said hi gabriela (my name as well) and i cried lol

    9. The video mayde have a problem and it does not play normally in any of the sessions that you have uploaded. Can you please fix it?

    10. i liked the response of the therapist which was very human and not over medicalised which is a common complaint of clients using the CAMHS service for example – One key thing that is misunderstood; There is no evidence to suggest that CBT is any better than any other modality of therapy – The body of evidence is not comparetive – It is rather like Jeremy Clarkson announcing the Vauxhall Corsa as the best small car by testing it against other Vauxhall Corsas – However that is not to say that CBT is not effective because it is, but so are other ways of working such as Person Centred Approach, Psychodynamic, Gestalt, Existential, Transactional Analysis etc…and when comparetive studies are done all modalities tend to be as effective as one another – The key finding of the research meta analysis identifies the therapeutic relationship between client and therapist as the magic ingredient.

    11. I am wondering how would the 2nd session look like? Can you give a brief explanation???

    12. I really like how you used mostly listening responses. Love your counseling style.

    13. I love the video, t'was very timely too! I learned a lot. Thank you so much!! I will certainly look out for more of your videos!

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