Canucks Forward Tyler Motte Shares Story of Living with Depression

Sharing a story as personal as this is not an easy thing to do. Tyler Motte knows it. He also knows that by opening up about his struggles, he will help others realize that they are not alone. For more information about #HockeyTalks, visit

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Canucks Forward Tyler Motte Shares Story of Living with Depression

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  1. When I saw this the first thing that I thought of was Rick Rypien :(. Ur brave for speaking up and it’s great to know that I’m not alone

  2. As someone who deals with similar issues this was reassuring. The biggest hurdle of my day is getting out of bed.

  3. As someone who suffers with severe anxiety and depression as well, I applaud Tyler Motte for coming forward to shed light on mental health issues, people with mental illness are some of the strongest people in the world, to battle your own mind and keep persevering shows how truly brave and courageous people with mental battles are… As a singer this story inspired me to someday be like Mr. Motte and live up to my dreams… GOD Bless him…. To anyone suffering with mental illness, it is tough but you're tougher!

  4. I dealt with depression specifically in hockey, not that I expect anyone to care and I definitely don’t wanna make this young guy’s story seem like it’s in the background, but we all have gone through something rough I think that can explain why we act how we do sometimes. Guys growing up used to tell me how awful at hockey I was. Still probably do. Don’t want me playing the game cause I didn’t do it all my life like them. That ruined me. It crushed me. How could someone hate me for doing something I love? I still am bothered by it, and i know it’s my depression telling me how useless I am at the forefront.

    Whoever you are, whatever you’re dealing with or dealt with, you will beat this, Tyler Motte, you will best this, and I will beat this too. Thanks for reading. I’m sorry

  5. Been dealing with this stuff myself for years. Great to know pro hockey players are just like me. None of us are alone.

  6. I also have had depression for 6 years. Parents still don’t get it but I’m studying to be a counsellor to help others

  7. Love this. Helps alot when people that have accomplished what you always wanted and are living your dream. Yet they are dealing with depression. Makes you realise that its a big issue affecting a ton of different people.

  8. This happens with lots of nhl players they are starting to speak out it’s ok to be mentally ill I am Canucks do a great job with this stuff

  9. Vanc has a pretty good record but seldom score in clutch/bigger games. Tonight is a bigger game. Hope can score vs AZ tonight!!

  10. Depression. The cross fit of mental illness. How do you know if someone has depression? Dont worry! They will tell you.

  11. Thanks for sharing your story Tyler. I've been battling with Anxiety/Depression my whole life & recently started to get help for it. It really helps to find someone you can talk to, please look for help if you are having this issues.

  12. Good on you Tyler Motte for sharing your storey. It helps other suffering from the same illness, to see that they are able to reach there goals. Keep up the great work on the ice.

  13. Who else realized that if you double Quinn Hughes hockey number then you get the number 86 which is his brother Jack Hughes number 🤔

  14. Thanks for sharing this with us Motte. As I've matured a bit, I realize how important mental health is for many people and to hear it from an athlete is even more inspiring. Thank you for your heart & soul each game and thank you also for your courage to share with the community 💙

  15. The first thing is to admit that you have a problem. Huge props to Tyler Motte in realizing and facing his worst fears. Most people hide away and don't seek help until it consumes them to a point of no return. Depression is nothing to take lightly.
    Tyler brings energy every time he steps on the ice and is a warrior. Now it's time to be a warrior mentally. You set an example for others in your position to follow and I hope your courage in telling your story will persuade others to seek help. Go #Motte Go!

  16. I take meds have a case worker see my therapist twice a week and have a doctor.. mental health is so hard for alot of people everyone should be more understanding and not getting mad at someone's feelings but trying to understand why they feel the way they do and to help them move forward

  17. thanks for sharing your story motter <3 ive been diagnosed with bipolar disorder last year and its been extremely hard to accept it and stuff. youre a true warrior 🙂

  18. it takes so much courage to talk about mental health on such a public stage but by doing this he is breaking the terrible stigma that goes along with men and mental health!! as someone who lost a boyfriend to suicide, thank you so much

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