Can Technology Cause Depression ? Mental Health Awareness #13

Can technology cause depression? Mental health awareness # 13

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    Can Technology Cause Depression ? Mental Health Awareness #13

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    1. Last October I came off instagram and twitter. I had found that every time I had a moment of 'down time' I would instantly be checking those feeds. I realised it was robbing me of 'thinking time'. Not heavy thinking, just letting your brain do its thing. I now have a better memory ( seriously ) and really believe that the constant stream of images and information was cluttering up my thinking process. I dip into instagram from time to time now, but I don't post. This was my second realisation : I used to like photography simply for the joy of mastering the camera and trying to capture a great shot. Instagram had changed me. Every photo that I really liked needed to have many 'likes' from instagram. I became a feedback junky. It's taking me time to adjust, but I don't regret it.

    2. It will get worse ,I no longer have a smartphone , I never carried it around with me ether .
      When I am out , I am not available . I never use credit cards ether .
      You do NOT use you mind & body with this so it will dumb you down and you will fall il.
      Get a good second hand Mountain Bike & go out for as long as possible , that way you will wake your bio system up .
      leve you 5G phone at home . your smartphone is spying on every move you make , an your voice !
      So , what do I use technology for …..? MUSIC HiFi club mixing ,
      So , who can free themselves from there smart phones ? not many .

    3. You are 100% bang on! At least Apple with iOS 12 addresses some of the issues. So people can actually see where their time is going on their smartphones. People are turning into zombies.. we are humans.. about time we started acting like them.

    4. I agree, people have become so engrossed in social media they have started to lose their ability to socialize face to face. When you use social media more you miss out on the emotional stimuli you get when talking with someone face to face, you miss the facial expressions, body language, tone of voice etc., for the younger people who grew up using social media they really never developed the ability to interact with people face to face, their body and brain has not fully developed the response to body language, facial expression etc., the human connection is missing when someone uses social media all the time and when that interaction is not developed people cannot cope and get depressed.

    5. Being able to eliminate at least one social media app does absolute wonders to mental health. In my case I kept Instagram but I eliminated Facebook(now that they let you delete your profile and not just deactivate) and Twitter. after just a couple of days I realize that I have so much to be thankful for and that the world isn't nearly as bad as it's made out to be.

      Keep up the good work Dave! I know these videos will help more people than you would think!

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