Can Inflammation Cause Depression?

Doctors are accompanied by psychiatrist Dr. Jeffrey Meyer to analyze the possible relationship between inflammation and depression.

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    Can Inflammation Cause Depression?

    Comments 12

    1. Inflammatory response ruined my life .it is also linked to short stature ,schizophrenia, skin conditions, heart disease and so on.

    2. Animal products cause the most inflammation while fruits and vegetables have ANTI inflammatory properties. You do the math friends. 🙂

    3. Anyone know natural methods to reduce inflamation? I actually had postpartum psychosis which has developed into treatment resistant depression and my treatment for this serious illness I don't feel has been taken seriously at all. The care or what I really should say is serious lack of carr for such a serious condition is seriously appauling. I have been trying so hard to get some type of professional somewhere somehow to take me seriously, but everywhere I turn help is completely just out of reach. I don't know who to turn to anymore.

    4. interesting about inflammation. Most autoimmune diseases are driven by inflammation. People need to have a food panel to see what foods on their diet responds with inflammation. instead of running to prednisone, methotrexate, Humira etc.

    5. I have so many inflammatory diseases, Ms Ra diabetes, (medication caused) AFib, even sugar free products are loaded with poison. I have chosen to stay positive, with the understanding they are talking here about chronic depression, which is different. My question is how do you excersise when you have zero energy? really, but very informative and it is a fact that inflammatory illnesses mess with you big time…

    6. This was very informative, but it's also amazing how so many common medical problems are still being better understood today.

    7. I have chronic inflammation. No reasonable diagnosis. 24/7 mucus. Allergies that lead to respiratory/sinus infections. I am allergic to some dairy products. No idea which and they do not always have and effect on me. Exercise can sometimes CAUSE me to be in a bad mood because exercise creates more mucus and breathing issues for a few hours. I have been given an inhaler because they have no idea what the problem is. Expensive for not knowing if it actually helps anything. The doctors who I no longer see wanted me on so many anti-depressants that didn't work. They made me CRAZY. Because I don't have an imbalance. I have down days because doctors do not listen.

      So I take an allergy pill that dries me out horribly and take Tylenol along with vitamins. Have a dehumidifier. I have to keep the house dust free (super easy right?). Wish someone would ever listen.

    8. is that the correct way to pronounce "dubious"? i always pronounce "dub" like dubstep's "dub".

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