Can Candida Cause Depression?

Greetings, Eric Bakker. Thanks for tuning. I have a question here also from Sarat. Now I just asked a question for Sarat. I can not talk about that. Therefore, Sarat's question may be that vitamin B supplement helps with depression. Because I have depression, it gets much worse when I follow the Candida diet. The biggest problem for me with candida is depression.

Please answer me.

If you have noticed that a diet can initiate depression or a diet influences the mood. It is a very powerful reason to do a complete stool test. This is what I mentioned in the previous video that you want to do stool tests because you also have pain in your joints. So now we have established that you probably have an inflammatory condition. And now we have established that you also have a mood disorder. My feeling is that you have a problem with your small intestine, my friend. Something is not there with the small intestine.

I would put the salary for a week in which you probably have a candida or have a bacterial problem like klebsiella or citrobacter. There is something that is not right there. So the stool tests will reveal everything, and then you can take it from there. I can tell how many people I've seen where the mood stabilized once we improved the health of their digestive system as much as we could.

His anxiety disappeared. His depression left. They felt much happier. They became more committed in life. They enjoyed life much more. This only shows the point that you do not need medication to feel happy.

You need a happy belly so your head feels happy. So, if you get the second brain to feel good, then the primary brain will feel much better. It is not necessary to be a space scientist with an even better brain to discover it, right? But it seems that the medical profession can not understand how this can influence this.

I can not understand that. I really can not. There are tens of thousands of studies that have been done in the last four to five years just on this topic. On anxiety, depression and the biome of the human market, I believe that most of these studies are conducted to find the silver bullet that will produce the next trillion of medicines. That's all it is.

Years ago, when doctors decided to work on skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis and things like that, they knew that vitamin A worked very well on the skin, but they did not want to use it.

They wanted to use synthetic vitamin A. They created these drugs called retinoids or synthetic forms, patented them and made money with it. I'm afraid the same thing will happen with probiotics, which will actually patent certain strains and say that this is our probiotic and nobody else can touch it. It is a pity that they do not think in general, but only think for the shareholders of the company. That's what it's about, is not it?

But it does not matter. You can still get well in this life. Just try and think about doing some more advanced tests, discover what's wrong with the belly and then take it from there. As I mentioned a happy belly means a happy head. I hope I have answered your question.

He also said: "Can vitamin B supplement help with depression?" It certainly can. You need to take a good B complex. The B, I think that the most indicated for depression would be pyridoxine, so B6. But you also want to take B1, thiamine, B2, riboflavin, B3, niacin and B12, methylcobalamin seems to be the good form of B12 for brain function. Thanks for tuning.

Video credits to Candida Crusher YouTube channel

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    Can Candida Cause Depression?

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    1. Hi Eric, we spoke last week on Skype as well, but today I was advised I may need a dose of Amoxicillin or clindamycin to treat a potential tooth infection I had crowned a few months back. This tooth really hurts & I have a history w/ these issues that ultimately lead to root canal. I've been putting some drops of GSE which does help ease the pain temporarily, but I am very worried the only way to fix this is a brief cycle of either of the above antibiotic & will basically offset the last 9 months of grueling hard work we've put in. However, these are different antibiotics from what my history was of doxycycline, tetracycline & bactrim… not sure if that even matters.
      Any advise?

    2. Dear Eric,
      I started to get my first Candida symptoms when I was 15 (I am now 21), with every year my health got worse until I thought my only way out of my poor health would be suicide… no doctor had an answer, they only gave me more antibiotics (gladly I didn't take them and also NO pain medicine I was always scared of stuff like that ). In the last year, I experienced over 30 Candida Symptoms. (A lot of depression, anxiety and panic attacks, a looot of pain in my whole body, I couldn't write with my hands or move my legs..and soo sooo much more). BUT FINALLY after assuming I had a gluten problem, cutting out gluten and becoming vegan I found the answer myself: CANDIDA! When I saw all of the symptoms described on the Internet, I immediately made a stool test, and yes, I had a lot of Candida in my gut (my gut was very acidic) and mouth. I cut out all starchy veggies, all gluten (I was already gf) all animal products ( I already was vegan) and all sugars, sadly fruit too. I counted 37 symptoms (I am keeping track of them for now 4 years…but no doctor saw the connection with my gut…), and after staying on the candida diet for now 3 months, I only have 6 symptoms left. yay
      I recently found your channel and THANK YOU SO MUCH for promoting a healthy lifestyle and explaining Candida issues so well! I wish I would have seen your channel earlier!!!
      Now finally my question: Even though most of my symptoms are gone, I actually got a new one! 😮 Directly after starting the Candida diet I got problems with my voice. On most days my voice is lost and tired (I sleep enough. Finally, my insomnia is gone, last year I couldn't sleep more than 2 hours, and now I am on a constant 7-9 hour schedule). I am very concerned with my voice, because I am a pr​ofessional singer, so my voice is significant to me. Btw I do not take any Antifungals from the Pharmacy, only natural once like Garlic, turmeric etc. (I once took them for 5 days, and I experienced Hair loss, sooo…). And I stopped taking birth control, cut out all makeup and shampoo, etc. from the drug store and only use natural oils for my skin (my skin is still bad though..). I try to avoid stress as much as possible, I go for a run 3 times a week (Finally my asthma is gone *yay*) and try not to use plastic especially when food is involved. Do you maybe know an answer? Is it common to get "Laryngitis" when fighting Candida? I read some things about it but most sources aren't reliable, so I think it is more save to ask you. Sorry, for the very long text, but I hope you will answer me. Thank you so much for your time! Thank you so much for reading ALL of this <3 Greetings from Germany – Chiara

    3. Hi,
      I bought an organic curry paste but I've noticed it has cornstarch and white vinegar in it, would this be okay to have on the candida diet?

    4. Hello, when I was a teenager I was taking doxycycline and another antibiotic for acne, I developed painful stomach pains where tbe only way to feel better was burping and throwing when taking so I stopped, I've taken other antibiotics throughout the years for bronchitis aswell, however my stomach has been sensitive still I wake up in the middle of night with an upset stomach and have to throw up to feel better this has happened for years. Also, last year I started going to the gym more and taking casein protein, I developed tinea versicolor and jock itch and athletes foot, I was prescribed antifungal. I used head and shoulders and prescribed body wash to get rid of it somewhat, but now this year I've started developing oral thrush with bumps on both sides of back of tongue and on back of tongue by urethra. I've smoked marijuana for years on and off. Also, I have gotten oral and genital hsv2 from a partner who didn't say they had the std, I take famvir three times a day with vitamin supplements, vitamin C/A/D/E/B12/Tumeric/L-lysine and sometimes a anti herpes pill called herpes rescue and I drink braggs apple cider and a gut shot probitotics , I recenlty purcahsed CandidaFX and probitoics from same manufactuer but havent started . I use Castor/Tea tree oil for herpes aswell and Amoxicilin lotion and herpes b gone lysine lotion. I try to avoid eating arginine rich foods based on Google reccomendation. Also, local doctors are pretty much no help with treating anything. I try live a healthy lifestyle but exercise little due to tinea, I'm going to start excersing more. I also would like to know if its okay to take antiviral with candida supplements and probiotics and antifungal. Please help me I've been watching your videos and I'm most likely going to purchase your supplements as well since I'm struggling with herpes and candida.

    5. Eric, I’ve been fighting candida for 8 months (likely after having it 15+ years), finally received a clean stool test, but still experiencing some lingering symptoms. Skin is not entirely cleared, dandruff & toenail fungus.
      Do I just need to give it more time? Should I still be dosing antifungals?

    6. Hello Dr. Bakker,

      I hope you can take a little time to review this comment. I am in desperate need of help with my health problems now at almost 7 years duration however it got much worse almost 3 years ago now. What started out is very bad digestive issues that no one I saw could find with some standard white coat testing including a endoscopy and colonoscopy took a sever crash in approximately 3 years ago. Suddenly my emotions and nervous system seem to fall apart on me and it felt like I was loosing my mind. No one understood what was going on and generally assumed I had psychological problems or that i had ptsd and needed to just relax. Keeping this message short as possible I have tried many diets generally only to end up feeling worse, the most recent being a candida diet and even the mevy diet after watching your videos. I felt awful and was loosing weight, with those diets I find myself always hungry regardless of how much protein I eat as well as feeling sick. I once ate chicken and vegetables and felt hungry and sicker with each bite yet my guts felt like they were getting solids inside. I tried paleo with the exception of a few corn tortillas and quinoa (advised by the practitioner I was seeing) for 6 months to get nowhere, I am willing to work hard and have no problem sticking to a diet but for some twisted reason I can not find anything that works, Its so frustrating to meet people who feel better when they simply drink a glass of water rather than a cola and im trying everything.I don't want to make this message any longer with allot of symptoms but a few, bloating, mood disorders, sleep issues, intense fatigue, burning feelings that generally come with bad emotional episodes, sensitivities to cold and hot and a compromised immune system, episodes of being very tired and wired. At this point I have no idea what to do and to my embarrassment have begun to consider ways I could escape this hell or shorten my life by ending it myself, if it where just me in honesty I don't think ide care, I'm too tired and can't stand always feeling miserable in my body and feeling strange emotions and out of it dream like states. But I have many people who love me very much forcing me to continue fighting this battle that truly feels hopeless. My actual questions to you come because we don't have allot of money, its a struggle really and I have to try and make the best choice on who to see.

      So my questions are if you will look over all of my medical documents before our consultation?, i have some sibo tests, one genova stool test, urine heavy metal tests, a DUTCH test, and a few other general tests done through white coat Drs. Does this sound like something you can help me with? I am in a very desperate place and now must do whatever I can to hang on and am even considering anti-depressants even though I do not think that's where the horrible feelings are coming from. My fear is that those will be the last push for me to kill myself or make things even worse. The idea of using some hormone therapy was put out even in the form of Oxytocin to help me cope and survive while getting my body right. Do you have experience with hormone therapy and cases as extreme as mine? , I am a subscriber though I recently had to create a new gmail account and re-subscribe to your channel. I know this is a long email but please respond, i couldn't explain how grateful we would be if you can help me get my life back or even hold on a little longer.

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