But Here’s What REALLY Happened: The True Story of Clue

Today I will discuss the 1985 film Clue. Is this a good movie? Is it a bad movie? Is it even a MYSTERY OF MURDER? All this and more in this exhaustive CLUE review!

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    But Here’s What REALLY Happened: The True Story of Clue

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    1. Well I wanted to find the "what could be more American than that" part and I find out that this film got panned on release, well I'm shocked!! I've loved this film since I was a kid. It was a copy on VHS recorded from TV that had spaceballs before it and we would always watch both. Maybe that memory is what gave me the love for both those films, flaws an all.

    2. My main problem with mystery games using multiple endings is how the mystery has to be purposefully vague to accommodate for them, making ALL endings unsatisfying. Clue has the same problem. If 3 different endings can work for a mystery ending, then it's a bad mysery; you can't reasonably determine the killer, just multiple candidates.

    3. I loved Clue back in the day. It use to come on TV once in awhile. I don't watch TV anymore… Lol. But Clue was kewls with me. Funny. I like the characters, the acting.

    4. Loving the sunglasses on the skull on your desk by the way. Very tastefully​ done 🙂 I enjoyed this as I LOVE CLUE as well! All my friends thought I was odd, this and Blues Brother's (1) were my favs growing up

    5. Like most box office flops HBO started airing it ad nauseum almost immediately, it was on almost daily from about '86/'87 through the early 90s, it didn't take as long as the mid to late 90s. Though I imagine that is when some younger viewers started to see it but it already had a cult following long before then.

    6. That "Spaaaace!" Clip will never not be legendary. it's in the top 5 clips ever, of which like 3 are Curry.

    7. Have you seen Radio land Murders? It is similar to Clue in a lot of ways. According to IMDB, the movie was released in 1994.

    8. I can't speak for everyone, but being a person who grew up in a relatively rural community during the 1990s, I think the humor spoke for itself. First off, the movie was made in 1985. Growing up in rural California, I (and my siblings and cousins) were well acquainted with this type of humor largely based on the Three Stooges and other slapstick/screwball comedy from the '30s and '40s. Second, I would argue that this humor became almost more timeless during the '90s especially because of shows like the Animaniacs, which largely replicated that type of humor. Anyway, I love your synopsis and I appreciate what you say on the subject. Keep up the good work 🙂

    9. I always thought clue was a fun movie.  I remember when it can out the movie theater had a full life size cardboard cutout of Tim Curry promoting it.  Lesley Ann Warren looked good in the movie but I must admit I couldn't keep my eyes off of Colleen Camp's chest.

    10. This film will always be a classic, but I agree a remake, it can help younger crowds get into the original. This doesn’t bother me in the classic but I’d like to see the characters with their appropriate colors

    11. I remember first seeing several showings of it on KLJB a Davenport Iowa Fox affiliate during Christmas break 1989 through new years 1990.

    12. This is my favorite movie of all time. I used to beg my parents to re-rent it at the video store when I was a kid!

    13. I remember this movie doing so so in the theatre but the video cassette was always rented out at our local rent a flick so it was hugely popular in the 80s on video.

    14. I'm in the very small crowd where my parents were fans (in fact my mother while serving in the military saw it twice in hopes of getting a different ending "Get on with it!" I'm getting there.) so I saw it numerous times on dvd and quite honestly still love it.

    15. You are absolutely correct about Leslie Ann Warren. She is easily the best part of the movie.

    16. Martin Mull is best known as Barth Gimble from 'Fernwood 2 Night'. Dear God, that show was the most brilliant comedy of all time. It was a parody of nightly local talk shows that were popular in the '70's and early '80's. If you haven't seen it, I recommend digging up what you can.

    17. Clue is my comfort food. May not be perfect but it sure makes me happy when I'm feeling down.

    18. Honestly, I think a remake would work better as a tv or netflicks series. The first half of the season could set up the Mr Body mystery, with genuine clues and motives; and the second half could be one or two "it might have happened like this" per episode and include things like the suspects taking eachother out etc, with the season finale being "But This is What Really Happened"

    19. I didn't know about this movie till Netflix was streaming. I was always told it was a comedy and no one calls it a mystery story. Also the "Flames" part was my least fav part of the whole movie. I didn't laugh I just stared confused.

    20. I don't think Clue should be remade; not for 'purist' reasons, but because it just wouldn't be Clue without Tim Curry.

    21. I'm sad how underrated Eileen Brennan is and was. Sometimes it feels as if I am the only person that remembers her subtleties in this movie, but I also have a special interest to spot how likable, real and unique actors are while playing their characters. She had such a down to earth quality about her. And from what I read she also doesn't take bullshit. I recommend watching her spot on Will and Grace, very funny. She was also very funny in real life. I'm also a big fan of Tim Curry, so when I was watching the YT clip of him at a fan Expo in Canada (pretty recently may I add) he brought up Eileen on his own and said she was one of the funniest people on earth, I was happy she finally gotten some kudos when she is usually overshadowed by Kahn (which Adler brought her up right after..). Kahn and Eileen were friends but eventually Kahn started snubbing Eileen after Eileen's stint from rehab after her addiction with painkillers after a drunk driver had hit her. Clue was her first job after three years of dealing with her near death experience, it ruined her career even if she did spots here and there, she could of been more well known by now.

    22. watching this again last year I learned that Mr Green was Michael McKean (well known today in some parts for Chuck McGill in Better Call Saul)!

    23. You know what the real travesty is? Tim Curry isn't wearing stockings and high heels and singing.

      Weird how you say Rowan Atkinson is known for Mr Bean and Love Actually, rather than Mr Bean and Black Adder.

      EDIT: What if the Clue remake is actually Deadpool 3?

    24. Leslie ann Waren was also my dad's first crush on a woman (not in this movie, but he still swoons every time we're watching a movie with her in it.

    25. Gremlins II had a theatre gimmick as well, very similar, where there's 3 alternate meta-narrative in the middle of the film

    26. I missed this when it was on Netflix, so I ended up snagging a DVD copy from the local library. That version has the 3 endings played in sequence, and I agree the movie works best with that bit of structure. Anyway, I can't believe it took me so long to finally give Clue a watch, as I ended up thinking it was slightly dated but still hilarious.

    27. Wow, what an analysis! And so much info. Being a non-American, I'd never heard about the game before after I watched the movie. And I don't care. If not my most favorite move, it's definitely in top 5 or maybe even 3. The cast is absolutely perfect. Each and every one of the motley bunch is beautiful and in the right place. I sincerely love them all and wouldn't want any of them to be any different (and I so totally sympathise with your feelings for Tim Curry). If someone asked which scene was my favourite, i'd have started naming them one by one in the order of appearance and finally end with retelling the story. Once I start watching it, I can't stop till the very end, which is absolutely understandable. All the gags are witty and hilarious, and, with all the cliches, are wierdly harmonious. And I wouldn't tolerate no remakes whatsoever. Never.
      Thank you for such a sweet review!

    28. i think this was all character based..each character had there own quirks…I think of it like a movie that was trying to be like a board game when playing it…the only thing that threw me off what there explanations about the man using the phone whose car broke down and the police officer…he went there because of the car he saw broke down the road not because he was invited…that is what threw me off about this movie…some things didn't make sense…

    29. Fantastic Video. You covered every angle in this retrospective and tbh, I learned quite a few new things about a movie I loved as a kid. I think I found a new favorite channel…

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