Bully | Short Gacha Studio Video by Enchanted Jade | Animation Reaction

Bully | Gacha Studio short video by Enchanted Jade | Animation reaction | AyChristene
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    Bully | Short Gacha Studio Video by Enchanted Jade | Animation Reaction

    Comments 43

    1. of a girl cut my hair i will cut har hair an to i make her like a boy and say … F***K YOU HAHAHAH YOU CUT MY HAIR GIRL I WILL CUT YOUR HAIR ALL OF IT SO DELL WITH IT OF SHE TELL ANY ONE I WILL KILL HER

    2. Can you make more?

      Also you should download Gacha Studios its a really fun gane and also can you your own video about Gacha Studios

    3. Ik gacha studio is like a dress up a anime and roleplay like chating or stuff like that

    4. Its an anime drees-up app you can battle and you have a chat you level up when you win enough Times There is chat you have to be at level 3 to use the chat you can have pets and make your own oc and story oh yeah! Play gachaverse aswell plz plz plz!!!! I use gachaverse to make my profile picture
      Oh yeah you can pose the caracter as well you can make boys or girls and you can change your backround and you can have hats backpack and other more accesorry taild and hats and weponds!!!!

    5. Well gacha Studio is in currently a game where you can create a characters really it's not really fun ._.

    6. Gacha is a dress up dock doick game you dress up mini people dress them, and change them an adamant them

    7. Gacha studio and gacha verse are apps that allow you to create charicters and make little skits.

    8. You should go check out gachaverse its finaly. Here its iven better then gachastudio you can create outfits hair one eye closed its amazing i have gachastudio and gachaverse.

    9. I do gacha studios :3
      Gacha Studios is app to battle roleplay and dress up characters in your own design

    10. Gacha studio has many apps like gacha verse and other stuff but gacha studio is where you dress up make funny vids and many more plus is sooo cute

    11. l have a question….do you know enchanted live?cause she live in the philippines just like me as known as a gacha tuber and km just like him a gafha tuber…..

    12. Gacha Studio is an anime dress up game where you can do roleplays and everything and talk to others and a chat I might be saying this like really early or late I don't know but there's also something called gotcha verse exactly like gacha Studio it's a really fun

    13. Gacha studio is a dress up game And battling game u can chat,u can roleplay and have fun

    14. gotcha Studio the free game and you can do everything you want with your characters you can change their hair you can give them clothes you can give them accessories and you can change up their skin color and their eye color change almost everything about it except the clothes the people who make the game put clothes together but still is really fine you can make boys and you can make girls and can make baby characters and little kid characters and all sizes well there's tall and little at than in the middle is between that and that's got your Studio Plus you want to go from another thing you can go to God verses a free game that has all the same things as got the studio is that you can make them move on their own and you can change up the sleeve the shirt and the and skirts that you can make your own OC original character is really fun you can change up everything it's still having a few difficulties but it's really fun and getting diamonds will be fun and free I'm getting you suggesting that you should get got your versus and gushes Studio but make sure that you get off you get on the right technology cuz when I got it on my white computer is probably just cuz of the computer but it was glitching it out and now I can only play my Minecraft and my YouTube it's still trying to improve cuz the computer still trying to get off the glitching part but it's really fun and don't worry about the glitching just have the right computer or phone or you can get on a small laptop that works for me I play all the time on the laptop forget it it's a really really fun game😀

    15. Gacha studio beaa can you reacton to a name alexis playz and copycat i made it i hope you can!!

    16. If they bullied meh I would have been like “aw hell nah you are so ugly on the inside go dig a hole and die! Or better yet burn in hell cause that’s what you deserve for being such a horrible person! Loved the vid! ❤️❤️❤️

    17. Gacha Studio is basically a game where you can dress up small characters and battle them against others . In the studio you can make small skits like what you reacted to.

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