Bipolar Disorder VS Depression (What’s The Difference?)

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About 6 million American adults have bipolar disorder.

While 16 million American adults suffer from depression.

Bipolar disorder and depression have many similarities.

They also have some key differences between the two.

Depression is also known as major depressive disorder or MDD.

Depression is more than feeling depressed, they are feelings of emptiness and sadness that you can not get rid of.

Depression makes you feel hopeless, worthless and restless.

You lose interest in the things you used to love or enjoy doing.

Depression can lead to suicidal thoughts and can affect your concentration.

People suffering from depression have some days better than others.

However, without proper treatment, your mood remains low.

Bipolar disorder, sometimes called manic depression, is different.

People suffering from bipolar disorder have extreme mood swings.

He experiences periods of depression, but he also has periods of great highs.

Someone with bipolar can be severely depressed for hours, days, weeks or even months before entering a manic period.

Manic periods can vary from several days to months or even more, in some cases.

It is also possible to have a type of bipolar disorder in which you experience both manic and depressive symptoms at the same time.

You may feel sad and desperate, but also restless and very agitated at the same time.

The highs of bipolar disorder can feel good or pleasant.

However, they can also be very dangerous.

The risky behavior could put you in danger.

Mania is often followed by extreme depression.

If you have bipolar disorder and have a manic episode, you may feel the following:

Feeling very energetic
Sleep very little because you are very connected.
You are talking much faster.
You have accelerated thoughts.
Taking risks that I normally would not.
Feel productive

Did this video help you distinguish the difference between bipolar disorder and depression?

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Bipolar Disorder VS Depression (What’s The Difference?)

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  1. I'm bipolar, I had remission for a while but previous thursday I felt that depression came and I was right. Again and again all the same. The worst thing is I started new job after long time and now I have no power to work.

  2. My only friend left me because of my manic behavior, saying that I possibly have bipolar disorder and she don’t want to go in circles with me. Now I feel certain.

  3. It is all about your (genetic/childhood experiences) protective factors and your provoking factors (drug use/stress). An imbalance may lead to psycological problems

  4. Manic periods can be as harmful as depressive periods, mostly because you lose any sence of restraint. You will lose yourself in an escalating emotional rollercoaster, possibly endangering yourself financially and physically.

  5. I personally feel like people with bipolar disorder have a tougher time making friends then people with depression.

  6. I loved this I already knew but not everyone does have not had a good night sleep in many days thanks to suicidal thoughts and hating myself. Thanks for always making awsome and informative videos

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