Bipolar Disorder vs Depression – 5 Signs You’re Likely Bipolar

Bipolar disorder versus depression? It is not always easy to say. The symptoms of bipolar disorder include symptoms of depression. Then you ask yourself, am I depressed or bipolar? Many people will be diagnosed with depression for years before having a manic or hypomanic episode, which is the main sign that you have a bipolar disorder against depression. In this video, I give you 5 signs that your depression is more likely to be part of bipolar disorder and not of unipolar depression.

Aiken, Chris B. et al. The bipolarity index: a measure of confidence diagnosed by the doctor. Journal of Affective Disorders, volume 177, 59 – 64

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    Bipolar Disorder vs Depression – 5 Signs You’re Likely Bipolar

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    1. I think I am bipolar. I match all the symptoms. I was diagnosed with depression in 2015. But I switch from being super overly excited and on top of the world to I wanna kill myself and everyone around me. I cry when I am the bad side and then I go to sleep. I am a very suicidal person. But I keep everything inside except my boyfriend witnesses everything more than anyone else. He is always there for me and I don’t deserve him.
      Idk if I really am bipolar. Idk…
      I feel like I am always depressed and suicidal. But I have days in a row where I am soo happy and just nothing gets in my way. Then I go back downhill….way down hill. Then back up hill. These are all like weeks apart. Everyday is a different mood for me. I sleep terribly.

    2. Hi
      The term is not "you're bipolar", it's you HAVE bipolar disorder. It's people FIRST language. Nobody is Cancer or Asthma as nobody is depression or bipolar. I'm glad you're informing the community, please change the title

    3. I became depressed at age 8 or 9 and stayed that way, now and then i have moments of frenzy not depression but energy to do things. Then the depression comes back.

    4. Depressive episodes a year or more apart? No, I've been depressed every day for the last 27 years straight. So…not BPD, then. Phew! I'm a lucky guy! 🙂
      You're one hot doctor, by the way. Mine looks like an angry Russian "bread lady" of the cold war era, and has a moustache.
      I'd much rather be treated by you. 🙁

    5. If I always tend to accidentally become too overexcited sometimes talking to people or doing something and made mistakes? Does it signify bipolar? I don't think I have it but I am starting to doubt myself.

    6. I have bipolar and I'm 24. I was diagnosed late last year and it was a long time coming. I'm currently on lamictal, risperdal, and lexapro. It's turned my life around almost 10 fold. Hollllaaa🤙🏼

    7. I have bipolar disorder and this is the story about how my diagnosis changed from depression to bipolar. I started out with repetitive depressive episodes, well that’s what I thought was going on. I didn’t see the hypomania, I just felt great for a month or so, usually after an increase in antidepressant dose. I was full of “great” ideas and started multiple businesses while feeling like that. Nobody directly asked about hypomania and I didn’t see it as a problem. My depression was extreme and I needed a 16 treatment course of extended ECT and spent a total of 8 months on a secure psych ward in a year.

      Then i had a full blown manic episode, “invented” a process to make bioethanol from pineapples, ditched my job and bought a 120k 50ft boat with the intention of sailing around the world singlehanded (running on pineapples!) despite the fact I have never even been on a boat in my life. All I needed was the fact I was convinced I was a Viking descendant, no training needed. Finally I decided I needed to arrive in style to the boat dealer so I attempted to buy a 50k Mercedes A45 AMG. Unfortunately the dealer let me test drive it and I took it out with him in the passenger seat and drove it so hard he was literally crying.

      Obviously I was sectioned and treatment was massively altered and I turned back into myself. I still get episodes despite lamictal, seroquel and lithium but I stay in work and continue to function.

      I just wanted to share my little story. Missed bipolar disorder can be devastating.

    8. Society causes bipolar disorder and depression in everyone. Gonna happen when you detach from nature and work a soul sucking job to buy shit you don't need to keep you happy for being a slave to a roof and bills.

    9. Not sure how i'd fully look into my first "episode" of depression as it all started around the death of a parent and I went into a depressive state for almost a year. I get the odd episode of depression out of no where for a bit and then it goes and comes back every so often.

    10. Thank you for the video. I was suicidal twice, once for six months, then okay for six months, and then suicidal for another year. Tried many antidepressants during my first bout of severe depression and eventually something worked. However, same one didn't work during second bout. Also had terrible anxiety at the start of the bouts, racing thoughts etc. Marriage broke up, couldn't work etc. Luckily, I was given lithium. It worked within a week. I know many people hate medication but they are usually people who aren't at their wit's end. I'd tried running, yoga, meditation etc but it's hard to do all that when you can barely get out of bed and your mind is whirling, and anyway, it didn't help. I've been well for seven years. Working, happy 98 per cent of the time. I sometimes have periods when I don't sleep that well and have a lot of energy, but I've never been manic e.g. credit card spending, promiscuity etc. I have lots of friends but stay away from relationships. I feel more stable alone and don't want to put someone else through living with me if I get sick again.

    11. About two weeks ago, my diagnosis of depression changed to bipolar II. I wish I had stumbled upon this video earlier; I think it would've helped me realize my misdiagnosis. Thank you for putting this information out there!

    12. Get Jesus! Drugs are not the answer. Who has never been depressed? It’s a part of life. Once you’re on drugs it’s s never ending Disney trip!!

    13. I have all 5 of these signs. Fluoxetine worked really well when I was depressed but later on they weren't working as well. I think I have got bipolar disorder but each doctor says something different to me, some say it's major depression and other doctors say it's bipolar, which leaves me confused to which one I have got, I just have got a gut feeling it's probably bipolar disorder and after watching this video, I'm thinking its got to be bipolar rather than depression. I do go around in a cycle but the cycles are sometimes long and other times they are sometimes short. I think things trigger me to go from being manic to being depressed. And sometimes I have even felt balanced and stable but it doesn't last.

    14. Dear Dr,
      May I ask you a question, please? You call "Ability", and "Seroquel" mood stabilisers. I understood that they were anti-psychotics. I thought lithium and epilim we're mood stabilizers. I would be grateful if you could clarify this.
      Thank you in advance

    15. In some cultures "depression" and "bipolar" are seen as gifts. So sad to see the Western world treating it as a curse. But I understand that they are misinformed

    16. Psych drugs/street drugs and other big pHARMa cause mania/depression. Psychiatry is NOT psychology. The DSM is not empirical. Psychiatry is no different the phrenology with regard to scientific proof. RUN away from psychiatry, and seek supports on line. SEE KELLY BROGAN, MD, OR DR PETER BREGGIN, MD

    17. What about Borderline Personality Disorder? If you have that, you don't have just Depression or bi-polar disorder. Hard to believe that wasn't discussed here.

    18. My girl friend of 6years is going through bipolar disorder, I’m not too sure which one she’s suffering from, as she keeps missing her therapy appointments ……she’s 32 now but her condition seems to be getting worse, she’s been diagnosed but isn’t taking her meds 😞…. I truely love her with all my heart, but at the same time I feel helpless in trying to help her. It breaks my heart that she sees me as an enemy, she might have one day out a week when she seems sane, and friendly towards me, which is usually when I take her to places to have fun and enjoy each other’s company, because I know there’s no guarantee she may be sane tomorrow 😕😕😕😕

    19. I read previously that Bipolar and PMDD, ADHD can all be closely related is there any truth behind that-thank you

    20. In today’s world the last thing you want is to be labeled as bipolar your screwed from that moment forward eventually if your bipolar you won’t be aloud to own a gun or have control over your finances!!

    21. This video has helped me better understand the history my doctors looked at. My first major episode happened around 13 and again at 15. At the time, my family didnt believe in mental health and ignored the signs. At 27, I became overwhelmed with depression. I was placed on Paxil and developed what the doctors' called ultra-rapid bipolar disorder with mixed episodes and pseudo-psychosis. Doctors followed my history and decided that my first episode most likely occurred earlier than 13 but because there is trauma mixed in, its hard to determine when the first episode actually occurred. Mental illness runs heavily in my family.
      I am thankful for the doctor who stuck with me. Hes helped me come to terms with my mental health and supported me when a therapist told me I was hopeless and a waste of his time. Now Im stronger than ever and taking on the "world".

    22. Thank you Dr. marks!!! You have clarified things so much for me. It took about 15 years to get the correct diagnosis of bipolar 2. I have a stuffed polar bear; I call her bipolar bear. Seriously though, thank you so much for this video. <3

    23. What if the depression doesn’t show up for no reason. What if an episode occurs because an emotional event triggered it

    24. Very informative! Thanks for this video. I was diagnosed with bipolar mania in 2014. For most of my teenage years I took antidepressants but they never seemed to work (I now know why). I'm so intrigued at the turnaround in my life that I've decided to start making mental health "vlogs" of sorts to document my experience, spread awareness, and to lend advice based on my experience (anyone seeing this is welcome to check that out). I will subscribe and stay tuned for more of your content! Although I decided not to pursue a psychology profession, I do enjoy learning about it and have taken multiple psych courses in college. Take care, and I look forward to seeing more of your content!!

    25. That was good and it’s so important to know the difference because a lot people can confuse the two. Making sure your aware and get the proper medical treatment is so important. It’s all about people helping people!

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