BIPOLAR DISORDER- The Mentally ILL MESS I Bipolar Barbie

Depression manifests itself in many forms and, sometimes, the daily tasks of life and functioning become unmanageable to the point where a person simply can not perform the normal activities that we must perform daily. Often, a sign of depression is the disorder or the constant presence of a disordered room. It may be difficult to determine at first if the messy room came first and the person is depressed by that, or if a messy space is a symptom of depression. However, it is an indisputable fact that these two elements may be related.
Most people at some point in their lives show some symptoms of disorder, disordered rooms or hoarding, which is normal; however, when a disordered room gets in the way of life causing depression or anxiety, some type of treatment is suggested.
It is believed that the causes of this disorder go back to the poverty of childhood and it is a repetition of the emotions experienced during this period. This definition of poverty does not only mean physical poverty but also emotional poverty; Especially during early adolescence.
There tend to be common distortions that occur in people with depression living in miserable or messy homes. These people are inclined to have an all or nothing vision, so when they see that their home is a disaster, they see themselves as a disaster or a failure: they show a tendency to generalize excessively, instead of seeing each event as a one-time occurrence. According to a study conducted by a team at Boston University, Smith College and Hartford College, 57 percent of patients classified as hoarders (those living in miserable or disorderly homes) suffer from depression. It is estimated that the prevalence of this is as much as 1.2 percent of all US adults. UU., With the appearance of symptoms around 13 years.
A depressed person sees their life situation as a direct reflection of their own value, so if their house is a disaster, they think that it is a disaster themselves, instead of seeing the house as disordered as a separate entity. People with this disorder are also more likely to use guilt in their motivation, saying that they can not be happy if their house is not clean, and when they are not clean they believe that, in turn, they do not deserve to be happy.
Most people who suffer from depression have a strong lack of motivation, so the idea of ​​cleaning a whole house can be overwhelming. Dr. David Burns, who has written about cognitive disorders and the effects of those suffering from disorder, suggests starting with small steps to change behavior. Break all movements to baby steps that can be as little as 30 seconds. If a person can clean a space for 30 seconds, they will have succeeded in a task. INSTAGRAM:





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    BIPOLAR DISORDER- The Mentally ILL MESS I Bipolar Barbie

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    1. I just cried so many tears of understanding and had the wonderful feeling of somebody gets me! Thank you so much for sharing your story. You really helped me to express things that I can't express myself. Thank you!

    2. I totally get it. When I'm struggling (like this last week) I can't do shit. My house is a freaking wreck. But it will get clean. It always does. I don't sweat it anymore. I beat myself up enough as it is.

    3. Thank you so much!! Mental illnesses aren't clothes you can take off.From the isn't the same.Yes,I can't accept certain things but I have to learn it.I'm very good in hating myself and judging..but it will destroy me even more.Loving yourself…no matter what you do or don't Send you love…

    4. Its so good to see you again. I have been so concerned not seeing you on here. I so understand how it is to just not be able to function. Its so wonderful that you never give up. I so respect u for that. Love you so much. Take care.

    5. Seems like a creative chaos. But i'm sure that those who have their house always a tip top shape are also having some sort of a mental condition.

    6. What's going on my bipolar sister from the land down under. So good to see you back on YouTube again much love and hugs to you sweetie stay strong and positive keep your head up things will get better . The sunrise is beyond the horizon.

    7. Its astral parasites. All of it. Its from druid blood sacrifices from ancestors. Go back nine months from birthday. Then subtract 160 years. That's the beginning of current DNA or genetic spiritual record. You are a barrowed composite of 160 years.

    8. My time old saying and I say it aLOT – "Bless this mess"… Mess means I'm alive. I just cleaned up today after 2 months lol. Love you B!

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