AVERY'S BIRTH STORY | A Complicated First Year

HISTORY OF BIRTHS OF AVERY | A complicated first year. What marked the first year of Miss Avery's life was what marked the first year of Miss Avery's life, prolonged hospitalization, feeding difficulties, a large amount of PT / OT, ​​cramps, breastfeeding problems , exclusive pumping, postpartum depression, lack of growth and professional nursing school. It was a little doozy In today's video, I review his birth story and discuss the first year of his life and some of the complications that entailed. She is very well now and is a happy little lady. Having a baby at NP school was not a joke. But we did it, and you can too!

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    AVERY'S BIRTH STORY | A Complicated First Year

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    1. OMG!!! I can so relate to you . you are very inspiring to me and motivational I had my 2nd child with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome so much to go through putting in NG tubes suchioning at HOME I cried nights while studying for tests. and I was told the minute me my husband decided I"d go for nursing. I so understand somewhat what you went through. I am ready to apply to WCU and I am not sure since my baby still needs his 3rd open heart surgery, so well see im scared I LOVE your Videos definitely watching more……YOu go AVERY!!!!!!

    2. Hi Liz

      Thanks for sharing your story. As a nurse with many years of experience in the world of women’s health, I’m sure this video will help a lot of expecting or new moms.

      One really important message that you stressed is the importance of self care. As women we are natural care givers but if you don’t take care of yourself you will not be your best to take care of others.

      Sending lots of prayers and blessings as you continue your journey of pregnancy with 👶 #2. Alberta

    3. Thank you for sharing your story! A breastfeeding video would be helpful. First timer due in 7 weeks. 😬

    4. Thanks for sharing! Sorry it was such a rough time and fingers crossed baby number two makes it easier on you!

    5. Do you think you might vlog during labor of baby#2? At least maybe beginning stages and afterwards?

    6. It is so hard when babies have a hard time from the get-go. My son came in difficult too. So glad she’s doing better!

    7. Part of video where baby’s elbow presents “This video is hurting meeee!” 😂 I don’t know how you did it all. School, baby, pumping, breastfeeding, baby complications. You’re my hero! So glad everyone ended up safe and sound. ❤️

    8. Sending all the calm vibes for baby #2!!! Haha your kiddos are so lucky to have such an awesome mom!!

    9. Your second baby will be a walk in the park! Good vibes all the way! I’m a postpartum nurse and it’s amazing the difference I see in moms their first
      Time versus their second, third etc… you got this! Best of luck

    10. I'd love a breastfeeding video! Thank you for sharing your (and Avery's) experiences with us!

    11. My first baby had a rough start too (Csection after longgg labor, jaundice, low blood sugar requiring care in the NICU, colic etc) but her brother who came 22 mons later was a breeze so there is hope for maybe an easier delivery.

    12. A breastfeeding video would be awesome! Thank you so much for sharing your story honestly and happy birthday Avery!

    13. This is great. I love birth stories. Currently a PNP student with a 5 and 6 year old. – Kristin

    14. My son also had swallowing therapy, but his journey was much different from your daughter. His journey: emergency c section due to meconium aspiration. At 3 days old he had ECMO. At 5 days old he had an left MCA stroke. Oh the things parents go through to get what is supposed to be a beautiful moment; yet, turns bad.

    15. Thank you for telling Miss Avery's entrance into the world. It was very unshielding.💖

    16. It's good to see that even if all these bad things happen you can still find lessons and good things in it. And it's awesome that Avery has worked out and gotten better. I bet this video will mean a lot to you in a few years when Avery is older 🙂

    17. I am SO glad you shared this video! It is always so good to hear other mama's stories of birth and raising tiny humans. I think a breastfeeding video would be so helpful for a lot of new mamas! Yay for baby Avery turning 2! I feel like 2 year olds can be so so difficult to buy for when you are also trying not to fill your house with random junk ha!

    18. Why isn’t this titled, “All of the Shit I Survived as a Mom: Chronicles of a Badass?” 🤔

    19. Happy Birthday Avery!! I love the openness you have regarding the difficult birth and newborn months. Sending out peaceful vibes as well for baby #2.

    20. Thank you for telling Avery’s birth story! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that baby #2 has a much smoother entrance into the world! Happy 2nd birthday Avery!!

    21. Oh you got me good with the thumbnail! I thought this was about new baby! Either way, this is a video I was looking forward to 😉

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