ASMR ~ WHISPERED RAMBLE & TRIGGERS {Liquid Shaking, Tapping, Paper Sounds}

Hello everyone. This is just a rumor whispered with a little liquid, tapping, wrinkles at the beginning. It was meant to be pretty light and it took a strange and deep turn for me when I got lost in my thoughts … With the Mental Health Awareness Day that was yesterday, I just want to say that things have been crazy for me, This year I deal with things like anxiety and depression. As useful as the ASMR videos might be temporarily, just remember that they do not cure the mind completely or eliminate the symptoms. It's more because of the feeling that it helps relieve / hide things like an escape (if you use them in that sense). Make sure you are seeing someone, even if you are just a supportive friend. It really makes a difference that someone helps you to give you a perspective of what is embedded in your mind. Watching the videos and creating them helps me as a way out. It keeps me productive and distracts my attention from the negative towards more positive feelings / energy. ASMR is just a space … just like your mind is a space of its own. Except that space literally controls everything, so it is important to find help, especially when one's own feelings / thoughts are against you. Be with your friends, look for a professional, connect with similar-minded people from this community so you can see how perfect it is and how good / precious your time is, both good and bad. I wish everyone a good day as always and I am getting as much positive energy as I can through this screen. Remember that you are an amazing person and I am doing everything possible to be there for you in any way 🙂 – Quality control
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Every night, ASMR videos allow me to escape from anxiety, insomnia and depression. Sometimes I just need a moment to relax and relieve stress. In fact, that's how I came across ASMR, just looking for an answer that would bring me closer to freeing my mind and helping me find my senses once again. Since then, I have been so grateful to ASMR, not only for its content, but also for its friendly and diverse community that strives to help others around the world relax, stay entertained, help with study / quiet time , or maybe even shut up. It's a great thing that has helped me and I want to give back in any way possible through my opinion about the work related to the artistic / entertaining ASMR, even if it's just a little :). Create content inspired by ASMR with the hope that it will help anyone who needs it or who is looking for a tingling to enjoy!

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There is also a large community of ASMRtist that you can consult on YouTube! Find what or who helps trigger those chills for you and enjoy ASMR 🙂 I'll post videos that I enjoy below!

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Giraffe Toy ASMR


Video credits to Quiet Canvas ASMR YouTube channel

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    ASMR ~ WHISPERED RAMBLE & TRIGGERS {Liquid Shaking, Tapping, Paper Sounds}

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    1. Hello friends! This is probably my most normal video when it comes to editing and keeping a more raw/natural feel. Just whispered chit chat. Rambling on about ASMR thangs and getting lost in my thoughts 🤕🤯 Enjoy the random triggers in the beginning and the whispering. Enjoy your day/night 🙂

    2. Hey man, keep up the great work, these videos are incredible. You deserve a ton of views. Keep it up, you'll make it big one day🙌🙌

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