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What is ASMR?
ASMR is a relaxing and often tingling sensation that can be triggered in some individuals by visual or auditory stimulation. ASMR videos can help people relax or fall asleep. Some people with anxiety, depression, insomnia and high levels of stress find ASMR videos useful. My videos are not intended to treat or diagnose anything. If you need professional help, please seek professional help.

Video credits to Autumn Mystic ASMR YouTube channel

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    ASMR Stream

    Comments 14

    1. Yeyyyyy! I'm glad to see your videos and your healing stones demonstration. Thank you!!!!! Your much needed…. be good if you do a reiki personal attention with your stones … thank you. . Hope your at your highest power.

    2. I love animals too. Pigs for breakfast, turkey for lunch, cow for dinner. Hehe Sorry couldn't resist. As for the trilling thing it really freaked me out when both my cats (indoor cats) saw a cat outside through the window and both started doing that. It was soo weird!
      So glad to see your sweet soul and beautiful face once again. I wish you all the best and that your life is full of love and light! You are a special and important person who has touched the hearts of so many people.

    3. Hey girl I am so glad to see you’re back! I was just thinking about you the other day and wondering how you were doing.

    4. Hi! Autumn, so nice to see you back online. I was just thinking about you in the last few days and wondering how you are doing.

    5. So happy to see you back! We have storms moving in for the weekend, so I plan to spend some extra time practicing guitar and studying for a Quantum Physics course. Anoles are really cool. We have lots of them here. They occasionally find a way into the house and I have to rescue them, before our Papillion sees them.

    6. I'm gutted to have missed your live stream; simultaneously thrilled to see you back (this is HRBassman from Instagram, btw). You look radiant! Looking forward to seeing what you create going forward. much love to you always, Autumn. Lifetime subscriber and friend in DC!

    7. Wasn't able to comment but was watching live stream …. Hope you don't remove your older videos, Autumn, though it sounds like you might not connect with them right now. I know people, me included who benefit greatly from them. They're my go to when everything is overwelhming me. It's good to see you and Sapphire back on You Tube

    8. βœ³οΈπŸ’ βœ¨πŸ•ŠοΈβ£οΈπŸ•ŠοΈβœ¨πŸ’ βœ³οΈ

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