ASMR Soap & Sudsy Wash & Cut | Tingly Triggers To Ease Depression & Insomnia

Welcome back to OUR channel! If you are new here, welcome to our family! I invite you to introduce yourself in the comments, there is ALWAYS someone to talk to, whether it is me or another member of our family. I'm proud of our community here, this is a safe place to talk about anything you share comfortably. Please remember that YOU is the reason why OUR channel is alive, and for that I am more than grateful. Welcome to the family.

Tonight's video will be testing my third Yeti microphone … the first two that had had too much time and the wires had worn out, lack of sound, etc., so this is completely new. I'm going to give you a haircut and wash you tonight. You came in and explained that you have been depressed lately and have not gotten out of bed much. Your hair has accumulated enough damage / dandruff / knots, so I will help you clean everything. He has no reason to feel ashamed or depressed, this happens more often than many think, and must be accepted and helped rather than rejected. I was happy to do this video a long time ago, where I saw a small documentary about people who get so depressed that they forget simple hygiene and, basically, they are completely emotionless. It is heartbreaking and there should be more awareness of this problem. One of the women went to a salon and the stylist was amazing to her and helped her clean up instead of judging her. This is how things should be in my opinion. I hope you enjoy this! So, please, sit back, relax and let me cut and clean your hair with super soapy sounds and a safe environment. I love you with all my person. See you tomorrow.

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    ASMR Soap & Sudsy Wash & Cut | Tingly Triggers To Ease Depression & Insomnia

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    1. Every time I have a mental breakdown I come back to this video because it makes me feel valid again, and that someone’s actually listening! ❤️thankyou

    2. I am struggling with my depression and anxiety this week. Thank you for thinking of all the depressed people in the world.

    3. ive been going through a lot but it makes me so happy to see how much my favorite asmrtist has uploaded in a month

    4. I wanted to drink water but too far from the bottle but when you said i'm dehydrated lately! LOL ME TOOO Let's drink water!

    5. “How are you doing”
      “I’m doing good, how about you”
      “Yeah you don’t look too happy right now”
      goes back ten seconds
      “I’m stressed about life”
      “Yeah you don’t look too happy right now”
      “Are you calling me fat?”

    6. This helped so much! Me and my friend was arguing and i felt stressed about school, cause people bully me, this made me feel like a new person.

      Edit: thanks for one like

    7. this video is kind of old but yes. im ranting now.
      i have an illness, i still dont know what it is, that makes me feel dizzy. It comes and goes, usually at 8ish to 9ish but today it stayed almost until 12 which was awful. I've been on and off asking for help because i can't do anything to stop it, and my friends cant do anything either, so we're all frustrated and suffering. I stopped asking for help for that reason, even though i know i shouldn't think like that its complicated.
      (this makes 0 sense)
      this illness is making me suffer a lot, every morning i have to ask the teacher to go to the bathroom and just sit down and cry and wait until it stops. every time i actually talk about it i think about it and its so frustrating i always end up crying like a weak little bitch (jk). thanks to all of this i end up quite depressed and ive snapped yesterday for the first (and last) time, and it worried me, ive never had to control myself with my friends so it felt like i was losing a little bit of myself, in a way. I apologized to my friend and since then ive been as soft as always (also jk). this made no sense but i needed to take it out of my chest.

    8. I love how soothing and accepting you are. You have a very comforting and… not motherly, but still maternal air about yourself. I love how you openly discuss depression and anxiety and things like that.

    9. I need some advice. I have some well Idk if they are but I'll say mental problems.
      So I have internet frirends and I feel like they ignore on purpose even if they dont. And when I feel that I feel nothing but emptiness. All I wanna do is grab something sharp and just scratch hard all over my waist and cry. And maybe make the scartches bleed…
      I cant be happy that much. The emptiness stays. In the back of my head I keep thinking that people hate me in secret and when someone wants to invite me into a Roleplay chat I have to denie it because I make myself feel like a Mary-Sue when I Roleplay with people who I dont know. Even if I'm not I still make myself feel like one.
      I really hope someone can give some advice because I dont know what to do anymore.

    10. I don’t know how many times I’ve rewatched this! Your amazing Sarah (sorry if I got the spelling wrong I know people spell Sarah differently😋)

    11. haircuts are one of my favorite types of asmr videos but they always make me laugh because i have a shaved head 🙂

    12. I loved everything except how hard she cut the hair it was just to rough but everything else was amazing

    13. Karuna: how are you

      Everyone watching: tired

      then there is me

      Me: well have you ever thought…what if Dino's could speak Irish? That's crazy right, lol.

    14. my most prominent trigger is pampering and hair cutting role plays like these and this honestly was incredible thank you for easing my stress !!!

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