ASMR [ ROLE PLAY ] DUTCH TEACHER LESSON 3 (soft spoken/whispered)

In this ASMR role-playing video, you can sit back and relax with the headphones on!
In this role-playing video for ASMR teachers, I will help you learn Dutch in a very relaxing way! I hope this video from whispering ear to ear comforts you to sleep!
The triggers are: visual triggers, execution tasks, hand movements, deep whispers of ears, soft sounds, mouth sounds, finger tapping, whispering flutter, choked whispers, binaural sounds, personal attention, tingling up close.

What is ASMR? Take a look at this short explanation video:

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Who I am :
My name is Isabel and I am Dutch. My approach to ASMR videos is to combine entertainment in a form of imagination and fantasy (almost like in a movie) with relaxation. All wrapped in a video for you. This way, you can enjoy my videos before going to bed to fall asleep more easily, or you can simply relax during the day to calm down and relieve stress.
I have been posting ASMR videos since June 20, 2016! I hope you like it!

Cameras, editing software and mics I use:
I recorded this video with a Canon EOS 80D camera and a Roland R-26 audio recorder with 2 AKG C214 microphones for stereo sound. Here are the links:
Tape recorder:
Microphone: AKG C214, two microphones to create a pleasant stereo sound
Editing program: Adobe Premiere Pro
This video is intended for relaxation and can also help relieve anxiety, depression or stress. However, I am not a psychiatrist, so if you are facing severe anxiety, depression or stress, I suggest you consult a professional.

Video credits to Isabel imagination ASMR YouTube channel

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    ASMR [ ROLE PLAY ] DUTCH TEACHER LESSON 3 (soft spoken/whispered)

    Comments 33

    1. ik wist wel dat je nederlands was ik wist het reageer a.u.b als je nederlands bent maar ja je hebt al een paar videos in het nederlands opgenomen dus

    2. im flemish (practically the same as dutch but with a different accent, is found in belgium if ya didnt know) and i realised how different our pronunciation really is, like wow

    3. As someone who has studied French & German, it’s crazy to see the similarities in these language! Dutch is s beautiful one ❤️

      Ps, I just started an ASMR-channel! Would love for you to join the family 💕

    4. Can you please change the the 'i' in 'imagination' in your name to a capital letter. Because its driving me up the f***ing wall.

    5. Magnificent language. I know I'm Irish but I fluently and very regularly speak German and I'm currently studying French but the Dutch language has something else about it. It really is so unique. A sort of language that makes other languages jealous of it.

    6. wil je ook een keer een les engels geven in asmr? want dat lijkt me echt heel fijn! like even als je dat ook wil <—– goodnight<3

    7. Goeie les Isabel, als belg vind ik de Nederlandse accenten echt leuk. Zelf vind ik jou accent beter geschikt voor Nederlandse asmr.

    8. lol I couldn't hear it properly cuz of your whisper haha ;D. Oh btw how have you been after making the video about your loneliness and with the boyfriend, becoming a mom thing? Are your dreams still up to date or not anymore?

    9. I can"t say the "g" as a french speaker it seems impossible 🙁

      J'habite en belgique et je veux parler nééerlandais c'est la moindre des choses quand son voisin sait parler français 🙁
      I live in belgium and i want to speak dutch it's the least i can do when my neighbors can speak french 🙁

    10. I'm curious as to the large amount of phonetic similarities between Dutch words and their English counterparts. Also obligatory Zylus reference.

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