[ASMR] Finger Flutter & Tapping Compilation

Hello everyone 🙂 This video is a mashup of two requests, so many thanks to Paul and an anonymous patron. I've been wanting to do a finger trigger for a while! If you like the sound, I suggest you check the ASMRer / Tony Bomboni channel, your finger fluttering at the beginning of most of your videos leaves me breathless!

This video contains finger flutter, soft tapping and ramblings.
00:01 finger flapping
07:16 tapping of candles
10:53 ceramic bowl / coin tapping (soft)
14:23 PokemonX 3DS case

(Thanks to fabiogatoah, Sophie Holmes and Cheyanne Corbett for the time stamps!)

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Here you have!:

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The last video of ASMR to put me to sleep:

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Video credits to Gibi ASMR YouTube channel

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[ASMR] Finger Flutter & Tapping Compilation

Comments 40

  1. I really love your videos Gibi but I wish you would make these sort of videos a bit longer

  2. is any one else getting super triggered because her voice is cracking and loud and like squeaky and she’s not just whispering…

    just me.. ok

  3. Your voice is wonderful, extremely pleasant, but the whispering is better because the high tones of voiced sounds cause one to wake up.

  4. Thought my ability to get tingles was gone… but gibi, gibi brought em back . thanks gibi.

  5. I was holding my phone up, I lost motor functions of my hands and the phone fell on the floor and woke me up. 😆

  6. How does anyone find this relaxing? Hearing someone’s spit while they whisper. Gross.

  7. I really liked it but you scared me when you would randomly start talking versus whisper 😂

  8. the white noise in the back is very relaxing too haha love you thank you for helping me sleep

  9. Does anyone else realize how long people that do finger fluttering have to go without lotion to make the sound

  10. How come your so caring you have the sweetest heart . I feel like your the sweetest person I've ever met.

  11. Omg she sounds so much younger in the finger flutter section, reminding me of Natalie Portman

  12. @Gibi, what colour of nail polish are you wearing? It's glorious and I would also like to wear it.

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