ASMR | Extremely Sleepy Triggers

Hi. Asmr's video today is ASMR | Extremely sleepy triggers to help you sleep with numerous asmr sleep triggers.

In this dream video, expect many sleepy triggers, wooden knocks, wooden sounds, light triggers, bumps, scratches and squeezes. There are also some sounds in the mouth, hahaha.

All this is to help you sleep, provide relaxation, tingling, stress relief, anxiety relief and also help with depression.

This video from ASMR will help you sleep in 30 minutes with your relaxing triggers. You can use it as a sleep treatment or as a sleep aid. And also, you can use this video as an assistant for the relaxation video.

If you are new to the ASMR community, give this ASMR suspension video a chance. As a "sleep video", you can use it to help you sleep to help you sleep deeply. But not only that, this is also a very relaxing ASMR video and an extremely tingling ASM video, if you are an ASMR experimenter.

But if asmr shoots videos, or asmr sleep videos in general, it doesn't do it for you, that's fine, I have many other ASMR videos that you can watch.

Watch my other videos of ASMR for sleep, relaxation and tingling. One of them will surely provide relief for worries, anxiety, insomnia and even your depression.

Newly found African ASMR triggers for relaxation:

My research post on ASMR and its growing influence:

For authentic ASMR mouth sounds, see here:

To eat intense apple, check here:

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Disclaimer: This video is created for relief, relaxation and calm of worries, anxiety, negative energy and depression. If you suffer from severe cases of those mentioned above, consult your doctor.

I publish new videos every:
• Saturday

Video credits to Shuga ASMR YouTube channel

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ASMR | Extremely Sleepy Triggers

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  1. Hello. Shuga here and I really hope today's video helps you fall into a deep sleep. Enjoy❤️❤️
    Ps. Don't forget to leave your requests down in the comment.

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