ASMR Close Whispers, Mic πŸ’‹ and Brushing // Whisper Ramble

sleeeeeeeep my little sleeeep bees

– B 🐝

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What is #ASMR?
Simply put, ASMR is often described as that satisfying and tingling feeling you get when you hear a sound you enjoy. People who experience ASMR often use it to relax before falling asleep, to relieve anxiety, to help with depression or to combat insomnia.

There are many ASMRtists that make many different types of videos. If you are looking for this feeling, I encourage you to keep an open mind and watch several ASMR channels because there are many excellent people who produce amazing content! πŸ™‚

What does ASMR mean to me?
I have been watching videos of ASMR for about two years. I ran into him in one of my favorite videos of Youtuber (Stella Rae) and separated from there. After years of fighting insomnia and anxiety, I finally found relief from watching these videos.

Last year, I decided to start making my own videos: D I felt it was time to contribute to the ASMR community and help it continue to grow because it is a wonderful and positive place that helps millions of people. I know that my channel is small now, but publishing my own content is my way of giving back to this amazing community. I'm busy B, and thanks for being part of the hive. πŸ™‚

Video credits to Busy B ASMR YouTube channel

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    ASMR Close Whispers, Mic πŸ’‹ and Brushing // Whisper Ramble

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    1. Hey B! Just to let. You know I would love to buy you the stream deck on your amazon whislist with the rest of my birthday money get in contact with me if you want me to or not keep up the work!

    2. Not gonna lie kind of interesting because you look a lot like someone I know even though I know it’s two different people, you even sound alike so it’s unique hearing someone I know personally do asmr when I close my eyes. Cannot tell the difference at all.

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