ASMR | Assorted Triggers (Trigger Words, Inaudible Whispering, Invisible Scratching, Mic Brushing)

Hello! ♥ In this video (the first one!) I am making a variety of my favorite triggers, including inaudible whispers, invisible scratches, microphone brushing, activation words, ramblings and hand movements. The configuration of my microphone was a bit off because I am still getting used to the new microphone, but I am fixing it for future videos. I hope you enjoy ♥

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ASMR means autonomous meridian sensory response, which is an elegant way of saying a phenomenon from certain sounds that produce tingling and / or relaxation. Tingling usually begins in the scalp and descends down the back. ASMR is ideal for relaxation, insomnia, tingling and can be extremely useful for some people struggling with anxiety / panic attacks and / or depression (like me!)

0: 00-2: 31 introduction
2: 32-3: 30 "cupcake"
3: 45-4: 28 "peanut butter"
4: 30-5: 19 "tic tac"
5: 23-6: 05 "perfect picture"
6: 17-7: 25 "relax"
7: 26-10: 24 inaudible whispers
11: 13-13: 46 invisible scratching
14: 06-14: 52 touching the notebook
15: 50-16: 46 playing Hoola Bronzer
16: 54-17: 20 touching the lip gloss
17: 21- 17:30 lip gloss sounds
17: 34-18: 43 lip gloss application
18: 51-19: 07 touching the makeup brush
19: 07-19: 23 pushing your face with a brush
19: 26-19: 38 brushing microphone
19: 39-23: 39 room tone white noise

Credit "inspired by":
Mads ASMR:
Paz and Saraity ASMR:

This is a safe place for everyone. Also remember that you are loved. You are worthy You are valued I'm so glad you went through ♥

Video credits to Andie Kay ASMR YouTube channel

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ASMR | Assorted Triggers (Trigger Words, Inaudible Whispering, Invisible Scratching, Mic Brushing)

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  1. Timestamps for mobile users:

    0:002:31 intro

    2:323:30 "cupcake"

    3:454:28 "peanut butter"

    4:305:19 "tick tock"

    5:236:05 "picture perfect"

    6:177:25 "relax"

    7:2610:24 inaudible whispering

    11:1313:46 invisible scratching

    14:0614:52 tapping on notebook

    15:5016:46 tapping on Hoola Bronzer

    16:5417:20 tapping on lip gloss

    17:2117:30 lip gloss sounds

    17:3418:43 lip gloss application

    18:5119:07 tapping on makeup brush

    19:0719:23 poking your face with brush

    19:2619:38 mic brushing

    19:3923:39 room tone white noise

  2. This video is so tingly. You are an absolute natural for this kind of thing! Please keep making videos. ❤️❤️

  3. Oh my gosh this is an amazing first video!! When you said your name it was SO tingly!Can’t wait to follow along with you 😁💕

  4. Very nice my friend 👌 just subscribed! Hope you’ll do the same my friend stay connected 🤗❤️😉

  5. You are an ABSOLUTE NATURAL! Welcome to the ASMR community and can't wait to see more!

  6. Wow, this is such a great video! You are such a natural asmrtist!! 🥰I am in the asmr community and I would so love it if we could be friends🌞 Subscribed

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