ASMR | ASMR Triggers | Barbershop | Shaving Sound | Foam Mixing | Oddly Satisfying Sounds

ASMR | ASMR Triggers | Hairdressing | Shaving sound | Foam Mixture | Strangely satisfying sounds

Hi, ASMR fans! Here there is an intense shot of ASMR, foam sound. This video whispers some relaxation through an ASMR trigger, while the cream mixture whispers in your ear to induce moments of peace and sleep. We hope this ASMR magic gives you sweet dreams 😴😴😴

What is an ASMR trigger?
It refers to the stimuli, a pleasant sensation of tingling or tingling towards soft and relaxing sounds that provoke an autonomous response of the sensory meridian in the brain. It helps with relaxation to induce sleep. It's like a good message for many or a sweet lullaby, a song for bedtime for babies. A comforting trigger that results in pleasant physical / emotional sensory sensations, tingling sensation, non-medical therapy that uses certain forms of sound as a medium such as soft whispers, unintelligible whispers, inaudible whispers, breathing, intense sound of the mouth, whisper of the hand, movements, fluttering of the fingers, bubble wrap, tapping on the keyboard, brushing, scratching, crankshaft, haircut of wrinkled barbershop, tinkling scalp massage, chewable eating, sticky, gummy food, white noise like the wind , storm, rain, heavy snowstorm, a crackling bonfire / crackling fire, all the sounds of nature, including the sound of water, (waterfall, fountain), binaural rhythms, frequency of genius, affirmation, dream stories, Slime challenge, strangely satisfying sounds and many more soft and soothing sounds.

People use ASMR activators to have fun and entertain themselves with 3D, fun sounds, pampering, self-challenge to get intense chills / tingles, self-motivation, meditation, yoga music, concentration, focus, help to study, study music, sleep aid , music to sleep, awaken the inner being, lucid dream, soft hypnosis, cleanliness of the aura, increase positive energy, subliminal energy, programming of the subconscious mind, positive vibration and transformation, spiritual healing, or get help for relaxation, calm , relieve stress, relieve anxiety, depression, insomnia, fall asleep in a deep sleep, health and wellbeing for energetic detoxification, cleanse thoughts, integration of body-mind-spirit, spa massage sensation, let go of fear, worries, thinking too much or as baby asmr to put the baby in sleep and so on.

The ASMR triggers work like magic techniques as DIY relaxation techniques and, of course, they never claim to be replaced by medical treatments!

Did you test your type of ASMR trigger and discovered its tingling sensitivity to sound triggers? Put the comment below and let us know if you have a special request.

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A NOTE FROM US: 😌🥰😍😘🤗😍😊

Welcome to our whispering therapy community, where you will find soothing sounds that reduce stress and trigger sleep. The main goal of our ASMR videos all helps you learn, relax, sleep and forget all the negative things! By all means, it is not intended to diagnose or cure any disease!

All the affirmations and stories of music / sounds that are whispered in your ear, aim to bring some joy and healing vibrations to your life. They will help improve brain functions, increase concentration, relieve stress and give the feeling of a good massage in the spa that will put you in a state of relaxation for a deep sleep.

You will also hear very satisfying sounds and binaural beats such as Delta, Alpha, Theta, Beta and Gamma Waves, along with whispered stories or affirmations that claim to be very beneficial to the brain and attract positive aspects of life. The ASMR is a relaxing sensation that is experienced as a pleasant sensation in the scalp, in the neck, even in the whole body, depending on its intensity. During relaxation, the brain is forced to enter the alpha state, which is ideal for meditation, healing and learning. We take advantage of this advantage and present some stories or affirmations to make the most of its positive benefits.

Keep in mind that this type of recording is hypnotic or meditative in nature and should not be used while driving a car or using machinery.

Close your eyes and use your imagination.
For a better experience, use a headset to listen to binaural sounds and 3D shooting. With the headphones turned on, you will hear the sounds in 3D and you can hear where the sounds are coming from: whether it is to the right or to the left, in front of or below you.

Enjoy all the videos Come back to us daily for new releases. Do not forget to share and whisper love to help people who need it! If you press the notification bell, you will be notified once we post a new video!

Video credits to Whisper Therapy YouTube channel

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ASMR | ASMR Triggers | Barbershop | Shaving Sound | Foam Mixing | Oddly Satisfying Sounds

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  1. Hi ASMR fans! Here's an intense ASMR trigger, foam sound. This video whispers you some relaxation through an ASMR trigger, cream mixing whispered to your ear to induce peaceful moments and sleep. We hope this ASMR magic will give you sweet dreams 😴😴😴

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