ASMR 💤 Visual Triggers 👀 Plucking, Face touching, Twisting, Reiki -TingleCon 2019

Hello sleepy kittens and visitors of Tingle Con 2019, I hope you enjoy this activation video for this amazing convention. You will enjoy many different visual triggers, such as tearing, touching, touching the face, twisting, whispering and clicking your tongue! I apologize for the quality since my camera lens broke that same week and I had to use my webcam.

All my love to my clients:
♡ Daniel, Keith, Luis, Alexa, Otter, Emerald Rose ♡

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My purpose is to help you relax and / or go to sleep. The ASMR community also helps many people who suffer from anxiety and / or depression, however, they always seek professional help for these matters. Take care ♥

Video credits to SleepyKitty ASMR YouTube channel

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ASMR 💤 Visual Triggers 👀 Plucking, Face touching, Twisting, Reiki -TingleCon 2019

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  1. Tengo que decir que estoy asombrado de no haber conocido tu canal antes.
    Llegue al mismo por las recomendaciones de YouTube y apenas vi el título del video ya me llamó la atención puesto a que los visuales me encantan y sobre todo el touching camera.
    Realmente la calidad de tus videos me pareció genial así que me suscribí sin dudarlo para estar al tanto de todo lo que vas subiendo 😊.
    Un abrazo y gracias por este contenido 🤗.

    Pd: escribí el comentario en español porque vi que tenes varios videos en ese idioma, pero como dato gracioso te cuento que mientras te escuchaba no se bien porque pero estaba pensando en Spanglish 🤣.

  2. This is like the perfect video for me 😍 I LOVE visual triggers the most especially combined with tongue clicking 🥰 this video reminds me of when I was little and my mum used to stroke my nose to make me go to sleep 😴

  3. Nice. It was like you were actually here trimming my eyebrows. They do get kind of weird as one gets older.

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