Artist Describes Her Life With Depression And Anxiety In Funny And Sad Comics

Artist describes his life with depression and anxiety in funny and sad comics

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This is what the artist said: "I was diagnosed with depression and ADHD in December 2016. My therapist suggested that I try to write a diary, I write in my diary.

Although I have been drawing since I was a child, I had lost the habit. This comic was my compromise between drawing a diary; It helped me to register how I felt at that moment and work in the dark.

At first it was frightening to openly express my deepest thoughts and fears, but the responses and messages of support from the people made me realize how much was needed to talk about mental health and show how it can really be.

My comics cover a variety of topics, such as love, depression, self-reflection and anxiety.

After about 6 months of doing comics, I decided to quit my job and work as a part-time freelancer to be able to devote more time to the creation and promotion of Just Peachy. In the future, I hope to make a book and raise awareness about mental health and my personal struggle against depression. "

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    Artist Describes Her Life With Depression And Anxiety In Funny And Sad Comics

    Comments 37

    1. I have been depressed for weeks now and these comics made me feel like i have depression idk how but i feel like i relate to all the comics 🙁


      I’m in between the shadows of the darkness and edging into the light, I see the light its not to far away, maybe a arms length away but to far to travel today. I always wonder what it feels like to reach and rap myself in its warmth. Today as like most days I fight to be me, a constant battle to stay here. I seek the light I often walk to it. I walk there most days only to be out of reach or to far to muster up the energy to look to it.

      Today’s journey is a heavy slog my feet seem to be leaded, each step getting heavier then the last. Why is this such an effort, is it always going to be like the previous day’s months and years. When will this end. Each day I walk breve and feel like I’m in a glass box, trying to talk but my voice isn’t getting anywhere, constantly rebounding about this see through wall, the void between you and the world and I is there to be seen.

      I seem to walk a million steps a day always uphill. I keep walking along this sharp pathway, knowing one day the edges will be less sharp. The more I walk I feel I can step on to a smother path and on to a lighter horizon. So I will keep trying to reach the light. I long for a brighter day.

      The light I desire isn't a one day return it's for life. The life that I leave behind will never honesty leave me. It’s ingrained into my soul. The acts of humanity has cut into my heart and my soul so profoundly that it’s difficult to come back from. I fantasize that my life is different only to get stabbed over and over in my brain by the horrors I had placed upon me. I never wanted these Horrors all I wanted was a simplistic easy existence. My light has to be forever it has to cleanse me, it has the reconcile my torment my torcher and forever bring me Joy.

      Life is passing me by, this has got to stop I'm reaching for the light more and more these days. I can see it shine brighter each day. I long to be the core of the light and place my energy in it so I can shine bright for others and show them the light is not that far away, if you allow yourself forgiveness for others that has trespassed against you then the light will be around sooner then you think.

      Love live and shine.

    3. I don't hang out with people because i don't like to. Mabye I'm just a introverted person. Mabye I'm afraid about what they will think of me. Which makes me always speak in a monotone, so they won't really have anything more to say exept I'm a bit emotionless. It's better than getting jeered at anyway.

    4. 1:48 "Sometimes quiet is violent" -Car Radio by Twenty One Pilots(anyone from the Skeleton Clique? |-/)

    5. That's exactly how I see depression-with a hole in it that just sucks you in.Winston Churchill called it "the big black dog". Whatever we call it, it's horrible thing to have to live with. Something I wouldn't wish on anyone.

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