Are Intestinal Parasites the cause of your depression, fatigue, and Brain fog? Likely.

I have no medical education, and I do not suggest that anyone looking for a cure follow my advice without doing their own research. The things that I transmit here have helped me to recover, and I only wish to share my trip with the hope that I can help others in their search for peace; interior and exterior.
This video should not be considered as medical advice, but it is for informational purposes only. Use your own discretion and apply the information as necessary.

* Check the Kalcker Parasite Protocol here:

On my journey, I learned that parasitic worms of all kinds hide deeply in the bodies of most living human beings today, some of which have evolved with us for a long time. It is allowed to flourish due to the heavy diet of sugar and meat. The fungus in our bodies gives them a pleasant environment in our bodies and is finally externalized as Morgellons, and mites, columbolla, etc. that are taken only for the body to survive, so that all layers of infestation can be processed in and on the body. I suspect that almost everyone suffering from Morgellons has intestinal worms, and some have even spread to the brain. I suspect that the infection rate in the world in general is close to 100% due to the unwillingness of the medical system to address the problem and the general population to change habits and face their own pathology. The main culprit is the worm of the rope, but also the palms, the ascaris and the tapeworm. Therefore, at some point a rigorous cleaning protocol must be implemented to get to the root of the problem.

See the Kalcker Protocol for intestinal parasites here:

Where to buy Haritaki:

There is a lot of good information in this guys channel:

Information on enemas:

Turpentine with sugar cubes:

Turpentine with castor oil:

All MMS protocols with Jim Humble:

Where to buy high quality turp:

Peace and my God!

Video credits to Brother Zygos YouTube channel

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    Are Intestinal Parasites the cause of your depression, fatigue, and Brain fog? Likely.

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    1. Bro Zygos: this is a topic that our squeamish snowflake generation does not want to go near. Yet, I heard not too long ago, that parasitic infestation is more common that head lice!! Thanks for all the good info and links.

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