Anxiety Numbness & Tingling Symptoms EXPLAINED!

Symptoms of numbness and tingling anxiety EXPLAINED! Is anxiety causing numbness, tingling or symptoms of pins and needles? Always get the peace of mind of a doctor first! Once you know that it is anxiety, you should understand why anxiety is causing these symptoms. Numbness and tingling are usually the result of redirected blood flow during your fight or flight response. Less blood in your outer areas can cause numbness, tingling, pins and needles, and even cold hands and feet!

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So how do we overcome anxiety or overcome anxiety disorder? These are tips you should try every day to stop your anxiety! Do not skip any day and remember that there will still be bad days. It is how we handle bad days, which determines how we progress in our mental health. First, discover and work on your deep causes of anxiety. Practice gratitude every day! Everyone has something to be grateful for! Be sure to exercise every day, eat healthy, keep a diary, take a multivitamin, practice meditation in the mornings and afternoons, practice CBT, maintain orientation or therapy as an option, watch positive affirmation videos and others, join to online support groups and The most important thing is to do this every day and don't give up! Thank you very much for the comment, stay in touch and subscribe if you have not had the opportunity!


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*** Disclaimer *** I am not a doctor, therapist or mental health professional. This material is based on my life experiences and other research for educational purposes.

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    Anxiety Numbness & Tingling Symptoms EXPLAINED!

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    1. Thanks for watching! Leave me a comment! MY FREE EBOOK "Anxiety Symptoms Explained" ONLINE THERAPY FREE TO SIGN UP! Affordable, Choose from endless professionals & do it on your phone or PC!
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    2. I am having very scary symptoms right now and all day long- tingling and numbniss on my face and the right side of my face hurts so much that I can hardly speak.Does anybody else have this kind of symptoms???😯😯😯

    3. My feet are numb & cold all the time with a tingling feeling. I've notist in more or it's worse again these past few days. My anxiety is more server these past few days aswell & I think that's down to taking my medication later than I normal do while I was on holiday

    4. I've had it all, just fingers and toes, to my arms, to my face, AND EVEN what I would describe as a vibration inside my skull. It was 100% anxiety driven. #1, determine that you are indeed healthy and not at risk for major health events. #2, determine the behavior of your anxiety (why it happens, what symptoms) #3 educate yourself as the the physiological response that causes your symptom (like Trey does well in this video). That way, when you have these symptoms, you can repeat to yourself that "this is a symptom of my anxiety. It's the blood rushing to my core leaving my arms and feet cold and creating tingling. It will subside when my anxiety subsides". This helps me out sooooo much, I hope it can help others too! Calming vibes to everyone!

    5. To those who have been under chronic stress…
      "Anxiety is covert, you may have anxiety and not even know it. Notice how your mood changes throughout the day..even the slightest amount of anxiety can cause debilitating symptoms…so take it slowly and gently"

    6. Hi Trey. I have muscle twitches and spasms all over my arms and legs and sometimes hands.. paranoid of ALS/MS – but can this be anx related? Or something benign?

    7. I’ve been dealing it for a year now. Went to the doctor, got my reassurance. Still there, thinking I’m having a heart attack. Or a brain tumour or random types of cancer. I’m just 18 years old, and I leave for college in 3 days. It’s messed up. Today I got the pins and needles feeling in my chest and the tip of my finger. It was scary. Real scary.

    8. For 20 days I thought I had diabetes or liver damage. All the symptoms pointed that direction. Finally went to er after it got so bad. Blood tests?? Clean. Then symptoms disappeared just like that. Fuck anxiety disorder

    9. Defiantly have had this. Terrifying. Apparantly slowing your breathing down helps however, im not really thinking about that during a panic attack….

    10. I’m going to my primary care physician soon. Lately I’ve been dealing with strange symptoms that started in the beginning of August, but honestly I think it’s been creeping up on me the whole summer bc of anxiety/hypochondria.
      I have a weird lightheadedness/vertigo when I move my head in some angles, fatigue (I eat on time and take multivitamins to combat it), and sometimes numbness on arms and hands. It seems to disappear at times. I’m scared of neurological problems and heart problems… so like my anxiety has been on edge. I also have allergies, so I think I have an middle or inner ear problem which explains the weird β€œdizzy” sensations I get. It’s scary waking up everyday.

    11. Trey, have you ever had weeks of constant muscle soreness, weakness, and tightness? Feeling like I may have ALS, or MS. I am petrified.

    12. Trey just want to thank you for all the content you put out. What your doing is a great service and will not go unnoticed I recently started having anxiety and panick Attacks for the first time and I thought I was legit dying went to the emergency room a few times mri CT’s blood work I mean the works and everything came back fine went home and came across your videos and you have been nothing less than a blessing. Thank you and god blessπŸ™πŸ½

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