“Anxiety & Depression: Treating the Root Cause Rather than Symptoms” – Five Biotypes of Depression

While Americans spend billions of dollars on prescription drugs, these medications only treat the symptoms without addressing the underlying causes of the problem. Albert Mensah, MD, analyzes the biochemical individuality and the five main biotypes of depression: submethylation, folate deficiency, copper overload, pyrrole disorder and overload of toxic metals. Learn how targeted nutritional supplements are a safe, natural, drug-free and effective method to treat anxiety and depression.

Mensah Medical is an international biomedical clinic for patients who experience health problems due to imbalances of nutrients that change the brain such as autism, anxiety, AD (H) D, depression, mood changes, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, OCD, pyrrole or methylation, schizophrenia, Alzheimer's. and / or Parkinson's disease. Our integrative approach to medical care closes the gap between traditional medicine and natural medicine based on biochemical evaluation, research and extensive clinical experience. Children, adolescents and adults meet with our doctors who are concerned about the underlying causes of health problems with Advanced Nutrient Therapy – vitamins, minerals and highly individualized amino acids.

Patients are seen at our Main Clinic in Warrenville, Illinois (approximately 25 miles west of Chicago) or at the US Extension Clinics. UU Located near San Francisco and Los Angeles, and in Scottsdale, AZ and Annapolis, MD.

For more information, visit our website at www.mensahmedical.com.

Video credits to Mensah Medical YouTube channel

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    “Anxiety & Depression: Treating the Root Cause Rather than Symptoms” – Five Biotypes of Depression

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    1. it is all caused by rejection and abuse and addiction
      etc…. we all know that this the truth . the strange thoughts and patterns(which lead to depression and other fucking illnesses start when you go through the previouse .

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    4. Great video, please connect with by subscribing to my youtube channel- I'll be posting lots more videos on mental illness and I'd love your feedback. Thank you, Zoie

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    7. This should be really interesting, Doc. If you guys ever open up a branch clinic in NYC New York State or Connecticut (where I live) I'd like to be a patient. Nice to see an orthomolecular psychiatric clinic doing actual research as well as practice. I've posted on another video already but I'm 26 and have been formally diagnosed in chronology with ADD (back when it wasn' just ADHD in terms), Nonverbal Learning Disorder, Generalized and social anxiety, Bipolar (at 21), borderline personality (kind of with myself putting forth that I probably have it and can see it in my mother's side of the family), speculated as 'schizoaffective' and also PTSD. I'm on 5 meds and God help me as Zyprexa has made me gain 40+ pounds in 10 months, making me obese and potentially diabetic (I have a lot of symptoms and am overdue for bloodwork). Keep up the good work.

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    10. Is the to say that environment  life's events, crisis, trauma, ect. have nothing to do with depression?

    11. It is not very hard to stop panic and anxiety attacks by yourself if you've got the right way of thinking

    12. You don't address electro-magnetic pollution, GWEN towers & cell phone towers & how it affects people. Well, at least Dr Bill Deagle does.

    13. what about mercury amalgan silver  filling they cause anxiety panic attack chronic fatigue ect…..

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