Anxiety Chest Pain Symptoms EXPLAINED!

Symptoms of chest pain due to anxiety explained! Anxiety-related chest pain is very common and sends millions to the hopital every year! Chest pain is a frightening symptom of anxiety that can make us fear the worst of our heart! I definitely had heart anxiety or cardio phobia while suffering and health anxiety! Many of you have hypochondria that began by worrying about chest and heart aches!
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So how do we overcome anxiety or overcome anxiety disorder? These are tips you should try every day to stop your anxiety! Do not skip any day and remember that there will still be bad days. It is how we handle bad days, which determines how we progress in our mental health. First, discover and work on your deep causes of anxiety. Practice gratitude every day! Everyone has something to be grateful for! Be sure to exercise every day, eat healthy, keep a diary, take a multivitamin, practice meditation in the mornings and afternoons, practice CBT, maintain orientation or therapy as an option, watch positive affirmation videos and others, join to online support groups and The most important thing is to do this every day and don't give up! Thank you very much for the comment, stay in touch and subscribe if you have not had the opportunity!


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*** Disclaimer *** I am not a doctor, therapist or mental health professional. This material is based on my life experiences and other research for educational purposes.

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Anxiety Chest Pain Symptoms EXPLAINED!

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  1. Thanks for watching! Leave me a comment! MY FREE EBOOK "Anxiety Symptoms Explained" ONLINE THERAPY FREE TO SIGN UP! Affordable, Choose from endless professionals & do it on your phone or PC!
    For more Resources on Defeating Anxiety, Click the Description Above! Thank you all for watching! Subscribe, hit that notification bell next to it for updates, like this video, hit up my social networks above in the description & Join the facebook group for Anxiety, Stress & Panic Attack Support!

  2. Are sharp pains in your heart normal? because I got that symptom a month ago and never got it again, it was a different kind of pain so it scared me a lot, at the time.

  3. When i run or swim i always touch my heart hearing rate of heart who anyone does it, also i have chest pain left side and back pain in left side am scared to go to the doctor who have any suggestion what i will do?

  4. Trey did you ever get upper stomach spasms or thuds and thumps? Sometimes they move to the chest. I've had multiple ekgs, heart monitors and nothing seen by the docs. Anxiety?

  5. I used to have/get chest pains ALOT! & I would sometimes be took to hospital my a ambalance! Turned out anytime they couldn't find anything or they would say it could be anxiety. Now I don't have chest pain much now, I would say I get pressure still sometimes though

  6. Hello Trey, I have a question about a weird symptom I have. I have a tight tongue or feeling of a swollen tongue for months now. Is this a anxiety symptom? I went to a few ENT nothing found.

  7. I can deal with irrational and intrusive thoughts easy but the physical symptoms are sometimes really suck:(

  8. Esophagus spasms!!!!!! Your the first to mention this bro…I had this happen one time so strong i thought this is it !!!!!!!! ER dida EKG will i was having the spasm dr said ekg is good and gave me some potent pepto looking stuff it numb my esophagus and stop!!

  9. thanks for sharing your experiences with us Trey ( strangers ) 😄 I too suffer from aniexty and it’s a daily thing if I slack off it starts up again Im able to be symptom free for like a couple of months if I take care of myself and do all my steps but seriously I just got over my week and a half of chest pain and if I can help anyone by adding to “Trey the Guru of Anxiety ” try taking short breaths instead of the 4 7 8 breath to see if that helps if your not experienced in deep breathing you can starve your body of oxygen and increase your anxiety ( I just found this out and did it and the chest pain stopped for now God willing) I also tell myself like really talk to myself lol and say “ I’m not running from tigers, dinosaurs or anything I’m here with my husband and kids and we’re just having fun enjoying my life “ and I say this to myself while smiling also get up and do something wash dishes , walk your dog do something that keeps your mind off of it don’t forget your lavender essential oils ( the good stuff) while your aniexty is up it works for me , if your not sleeping try Zzzquil Pure Zzzs De stress & sleep it has ashwagandha in the ingredients ( read up on this herb) and try a heating
    pad I use mine every night on my back it’s soothing and it helps to calm me , don’t forget magnesium and your B vitamins and last but not least try doing Lemon Balm tea and Chamomile and lavender tea ( organic ) sorry so much but when I first started reading comments sometimes it would help me too anyway keep up the good working and let’s kick this anxiety in the butt.

  10. Im having an anxiety attack right now like exactly a chest pain as i watch your video thanks for the tips. Have you ever tried lexapro? Or anxiety symptoms can be cured without medication like me im only taking supplements! Thanks your e book says it all!

  11. I was doing really well woth my health anxiety until my grandma died of a heart attack.. Now i just feel the same cause i feel like its gonna happen to me

  12. I know I have heart anxiety it’s so scary and frustrating. Sometimes it feels like my heart isn’t beating it’s crazy. I’ve been having better days but sometimes it comes back but I’m determined to feel better and get past it for good.

  13. Is anyone afraid they have heart disease and are worried because they are peeing a lot? I saw that overactive bladder can be a symptom of heart failure

  14. I have had numerous ekg test and bloodwork down and everything came back good those test could they be good reassurance that I’m ok?

  15. i was doing so good on controlling my anxiety and chest pain but now it’s back and i’m literally having bad anxiety rn

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