Anxiety Attack vs Panic Attack | Which One Are You Having?

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Anxiety attacks and panic attacks are two completely different things despite what people think.

If you don't know what you are having, it will be difficult to get the right treatment and learn the right coping skills to help you during an attack.

Let's take a closer look at the two and find out which one it has.

Anxiety attacks

An anxiety attack is an intense and / or prolonged period of anxiety, anxiety attacks usually have a trigger, such as an exam, relationship problems or getting on a plane.

Anxiety attacks are more severe than simply feeling anxious, but they are less severe than panic attacks.

An anxiety attack can last from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours, sometimes it can last for days and weeks.

Anxiety attacks usually have one or more of the following symptoms

• Restlessness, burning sensation or nervousness.
• Be easily fatigued
• Difficulty concentrating or having a blank mind
• Irritability
• Muscle tension
• Difficulty controlling concerns.
• Sleep problems (difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, or restless and unsatisfactory sleep)

Anxiety attacks often cause people to avoid places that make the person feel anxious or a place where someone has had an anxiety attack.

Panic attacks

A panic attack is a sudden episode of intense fear that triggers serious physical reactions when there is no real danger or apparent cause.

The panic attack usually has some of the following symptoms

• Feeling of death or imminent danger.
• Fear of loss of control.
• Fast and strong heart rate
• sweating
• tremor or tremor
• Shortness of breath or tightness in the throat
• shaking chills
• Hot flushes
• nausea
• abdominal cramp
• chest pain
• Headache
• Dizziness, lightheadedness or fainting.
• Numbness or tingling sensation.
• Feeling of unreality or detachment.

Panic attacks usually last about 10-15 minutes.

The main key difference between anxiety and panic attacks are

The symptoms of anxiety attack are mild

The symptoms of panic attack are intense

Anxiety attacks can be short or long term.

Panic attacks are short.

Anxiety attacks are gradual.

Panic attacks are sudden.

Anxiety attacks are not a disorder.

Panic attacks are a symptom of panic disorder.

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Anxiety Attack vs Panic Attack | Which One Are You Having?

Comments 29

  1. Authentic Mental Health Community, which one are you having? Panic attacks or anxiety attacks?

  2. I had a panic attack at a summer camp,

    I thought it was an athsma attack because I had athsma as a young kid…

  3. Hi Charlie …I think I have both of them .. more often of anxiety attacks n very few panic attacks. Ur video was super helpful .. thanks a lot buddy. 😊🇮🇳

  4. Charlie remember I said I got over depression I didn't I mean it was a temporary feeling of being happy but I'm tired Charlie I don't get panic attacks but I spend my time alone crying and it relly hurts idk what I should do anymore I give up my sister always is talking me stop stop being a depressed head as* and I'm a fucki* depressed bitch* and I feel pain in the inside I try to hide it but I've told my mom it's useless they don't know how it feels they think it's a joke hope someday I feel normal again.

  5. Not sure how it works in other parts of the world but where I live, there is a mental health diagnosis for chronic severe anxiety attacks. They call it Anxiety Disorder NOS here. My husband has anxiety disorder. It causes him to have terrible stomach issues. For him, it's very debilitating. He is prescribed medication to help control it. I'm diagnosed with panic disorder. I am fortunate in that, due to the nature and timing of my attacks, I am function without medication.
    What a pair we are, right lol?

  6. When ever I go in public I think everybody's judging me so I dont like to go in public and idk why I'm a cheerleader who does competitions because I have anxiety and going up in front of people under pressure doesn't work with me but I like cheer leading but when I do it I'm hecka stressed and I think everything I'm doing I'm doing wrong

  7. Thanks Charlie 👍
    I anxiety,know l understand it is not a mental health problems !!! And l won't be judged for having anxiety!!! Thank you.🙂👍

  8. I have both, and actually, I was talking to my mom about everything, and I’ve come to realize that triggers for these types of things really can be anything!

  9. Thanks for your interesting information it really has helped. For the past 3 years I've been told it's anxiety when in actual fact it's panic attacks. 🤔

  10. im going to doctor cause i cant breathe okay i cant exhale it gets stuck idk it startef 4 days ago

  11. I know it might seem silly, but i sometimes get really really energentic and anxious and my heart starts beating very fast, i am super scared, i feel like something really bad is happening but i dont know what, and i start shaking my leg and no matter how hard i try i cant make that feeling go away. I cant calm down, no matter how hard i try. It ussualy lasts like 10 minutes.
    Its not a panic attak,and it doesnt seem like an anxiety attak either….what is it then and why is it happening…?

  12. Thank u at least u understand they are two different things because my teacher says my anxiety attack is the same as a panic attack but it’s not because it’s a bit like saying to someone who doesn’t have anxiety u are having an anxiety attack but it’s the opposite

  13. Are you even a doctor r something bc im pretty sure u just said death and u cant die from an attack u can die from the symptoms of an attack and death isnt a symptom pls dont @me bc idc

  14. Mine are definitely ….panic attacks I get hot and cold flashes, Very bad nausea, trouble breathing, hopelessness, feeling suicidal, and self harm.
    Went to a counselor….she Scheduled me a appointed with a Psychiatrist.

    I won’t lie…some of my panic attacks are so severe….I end up cutting myself” blood letting” My triggers is due to….gastroparesis flare ups, the sight of hospitals, and stress….Do anyone else do self harm” due to panic attacks” or is it just me? Is there a chance someone suffers with both.

    Thanks for the video.

  15. This is a very helpful video, i’ve always been mixing up both terms. Thanks so much for clearing things up 🙂

  16. Hey Charlie!! How are you? I’m alright (I think) 🙁just having a rubbish day today, just felt off all day felt like I was gonna pass out, but I’ve been out today so I think it’s because I felt anxious being out of the house! 😩😩

  17. Jade is so funny she created a group chat and were all talking and just laughing something I like doing the good times I’m very happy right now how are you and you wife and daughter hope you guys are all well ❤️ love you guys!! Well one guys and 2 Gurleys

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