Anxiety and Muscle Tension Symptoms & Relief (PAINFUL)

Here I discuss anxiety and muscle tension symptoms. I also cover some tips to relieve muscle tension to direct me in the right direction. If you suffer from anxiety disorder, panic disorder, health anxiety and even depression, you have probably experienced muscle tension, spasms, pain or contractions. Muscle tension is the main cause of anxiety symptoms related to pain, such as chest pain, headaches and migraines, hysterical balloon, jaw pain, joint pain, back pain and even digestive problems. Muscle tension is just another symptom of anxiety and, like many anxiety symptoms, it can wreak havoc emotionally, mentally and physically. You can get caught up in the horrible and endless cycle. After suffering many panic attacks and anxiety for my health, I became super conscious of the sensations, pain or symptoms in my body. This led to even more panic and anxiety causing additional muscle tension. Some quick relief from muscle tension include stretching, a massage, a light exercise, staying hydrated and taking long hot baths. Make sure you are working on managing anxiety and recovery to make sure you relieve muscle tension and long-term sadness!


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    Anxiety and Muscle Tension Symptoms & Relief (PAINFUL)

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    2. I learned to over come panic attacks, but still feel the everyday symptoms which suck. Muscle tension is a big one for me! Mid back, shoulders and neck, they create a path way for my head sensations to come in and it sucks. I’m still playing all my cards to see which one works to relief it in a natural way. I can cope the any other pain but I HATE head pains. Those are the worst. While being dizzy ? It’s really shitty. I re watch your videos and they’re so calming man. Thanks for all you do! Be strong as well for everyone else. I learned to overcome panic attacks because of you! “ learn to accept anxiety “ sounds familiar ? No other channel would say that. Until I found you. Thanks to You I don’t have panic attacks. Not is just everyday symptoms I’m working with!

    3. Did you deal with any joint pain? Also any stomach pains in different areas on the stomach, it feels like someone just poking me in different parts of my stomach like sometimes in the center left and right side of my stomach and also lost appetite but gaining it back gradually?

    4. Thank you so much. I’m experiencing this now. I never let anything get to me but as soon as I hit 40 it feels like it took a turn for the worse. I never thought I would be feeling this way

    5. I have a few different anxiety symptom attacks one of my least favorite is the one where my symptoms are -Tense muscles – shakiness in legs – nauseous

    6. You are spot on!!!! Your videos are surely helping me deal with my heart anxiety….. I don’t feel so alone and my symptoms are real and related to anxiety

    7. I’ve barely started going to the gym and I started taking pre workout and have this hardcore panic while I was working out,I thought I was going to die and I search up “if you can die from pre workouts supplements” and a lot of articles where saying it can affect you heart in so many way like getting a heart attack or cardiac arrest.I just panicked so much and didn’t know what to do, i was so scared i was going to die and I’m barely 19

    8. My shoulders, specially on my left arm, my back, my chest even to the point where I can’t eat certain foods that make my arms tense up… I’ve had so many EKGs, Cat scan, blood tests, Stress test… I always think there’s something wrong with my heart I want this to stop…

    9. Hello.I really need your help once again 😕 The thing is both of my arms(muscles/joints) hurt a lot for week or two, especially hands.I was giving my boyfriend a massage and thet make cracking noise as if I am developing arthritis…Did you ever experienced this? Is it normal to have such symptoms during anxiety/panic attacks?

    10. I literally thought it was the end but I don’t know why because I know why I had chest pains and pains in my arm it was because of me slouching in the chair with no back support and raking my mom’s yard plus my mattress wasn’t any good. Knowing all of that I still thought I was going to have a heart attack 🤦🏽‍♂️ The second I wrap my mind around I wasn’t having a heart attack I felt great ever since. This went on for months . Change your mind change your life.

    11. Texting in tears bro Thank you so much for your videos i hate to sound like a weak wimp but this stuff sucks all my co workers brag on what a great weekened they all had and they ask me i use to say it was awesome but im lying i dont want tell them i been in the ER for a panick attack or been in bed all day with detachment from my self feeling doom and headahces.

    12. First off thank you for all you do for us! Second I'm suffering badly from cramping and muscle twitching all over the place mainly in my arms and legs sometimes in my stomach area it seems to get worse at night and keeps me awake I'm now suffering badly from insomnia due to the twitching and jerking I feel trying to sleep anixety has a grip on my life right now. I've been to the doctor and emergency room so far everything is good on paper and no one knows what is going on?

    13. Thanks for this. I'm aware of all these symptoms but sometimes all it takes is having someone say "yes it does happen and it can last for days or weeks" to really make me finally relax

    14. Thank you alot Trey Jones for these videos your helping alot of us that feel lost…huggs. . .

    15. hey bro you ever had anxiety about stds? eveytime I sleep with a girl it starts. I need to learnt to control this.

    16. Hey did u ever get muscle strains from this tension. I keep getting them and it really throws me off as it makes the anxiety worse

    17. I am getting this muscle tension in my lower back. Iv been in bed for a week. I can’t walk. I can’t get my mind to focus out. I’m lost

    18. Trey, I have a lot of muscle spasms, twitching, numbness and tingling in my hands. I also have neck pain, and muscle aches while exercising. Been battling anxiety for 2 years now.

    19. Thank you so much. You have no idea how much I needed to hear this. God bless you and keep you safe, healthy and protected, In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

    20. Hey man, i really appreciate your videos…its taking a lil bit of the edge pff these crazy real/imagined anxiety symptoms. Its been a hell of a month for me…my anxiety has been heightened more so than ever before. I keep wishing i could go back to how i was even a month earlier!!! So frustrating… The front of my neck feels so tight. Like constant dull pressure. I freak out about it and think these sinister scenerios. But at same time i know that for a month this health anxiety has been kicking my ass and my muscles dont have much recovery time.

    21. So true I have so much experience with this unfortunately😭I have chest pain like 90% of the time for the past 3 years! It's been so difficult to get it under control. It's such a vicious cycle because the pain just causes more anxiety.

    22. I'm dealing with panic attacks that are starting to scare me😔 before I kinda knew when it was about to happen, now it just happens and I feel like I'm dying when it does. It makes me shake, cry, my chest pounds my muscles tighten up, my legs feel like they're gonna buckle, I can't breathe, can't swallow, the room spins… And when it's all over my entire body hurts, especially my head.
      Wish this would just go away, it's scary and debilitating. The fear alone of it happening again makes it worse: (

    23. Do u have muscles aches, sparsm and twiching musules as well burning sensation, forgetfulness ever felt ??

    24. Great video, thank you so much Trey! I've been dealing with a dull pressure on my neck and top crown of my head for like 5 years now. I've had an MRI, tons of massages and doctor visits without any relief. Doctor didn't find anything weird. I've tried lot of medication (Lyrica and Paroxetine etc.) I can't stop focussing on this weird pressure and the first thing on my mind when I wake up in the morning is if this pressure is still there. Of course it is, it is persistent. I have this horrible feeling every day and it is so difficult to explain this feeling to people. I always tought it is something fysical (it is in a way) but slowly i'm trying to understand it could be anxiety as well. Because i almost think about it every minute of the day. I can't stop focussing. Any suggestions Trey how i can stop focussing about this head/neck pressure? Greetz Roy from Holland (ps excuse me for my horrible english grammar)

    25. Anxiety starts as soon as you grow up to be an adult and have to get a job and have a lot of bills and responsibilities

    26. Thanks for this video. I appreciate you sharing your personal experience with anxiety. I have a twitch in my left hand that is causing me concern. I am seeing a neuro to get a diagnosis(there are a litany of other symptoms as well). Watching your vids is helpful.

    27. Thank you from all of us for taking the time out to help us. You're doing good things my friend, and it's truely appreciated.

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