Andrew Cripps – (Very Emotional) Depression & Anxiety Story

Andrew Cripps explains his current story with depression and anxiety about "A Better Place" (depression and anxiety awareness). This will make you cry. Click here to see the viral video:
"A Better Place" shares the inspiring stories of people who have suffered from mental health illnesses. Share their difficulties and how they overcame their struggles. He has many prominent figures in society, sharing his support for those who suffer. NOTE: Not everyone who appears in this movie has suffered from depression or anxiety.

To get help or assistance with mental health problems, contact us to speak with "Renew Health Retreat Bali":

For urgent help or more information, visit:
NOTE: We are not associated with Beyond Blue and we have only included your information as a reference for people who are looking for more information or help.

Created by Nicolas Laube Short Film (NLSF)
Follow our awareness campaign or contact us for any reason through our pages:
Twitter: @NLSF_Media

Written, directed and edited by:
Nicolas Laube and Andrew Cripps

Produced by:
Nick Harris and Nicolas Laube

Follow the ongoing battle of Andrew Cripps (Co-Director) here:

Composed by Moss

Music by:
Chase Alantic

Thanks to all who have supported our campaign along the way. Our awareness videos will not stop. We will continue uploading people's stories and messages of support in the coming weeks.

Video credits to Nicolas Laube YouTube channel

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    Andrew Cripps – (Very Emotional) Depression & Anxiety Story

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    1. That moment when you've been binge watching inspirational videos and all about depression and anxiety and anorexia for years but it does no good…you're still numb and distant and you just feel so fucking alone…when your parents say you're a failure and that you ruined their lives…when you tried to get help but they just laugh at you so you say "what's the bloody point?nobody understands" that moment when you realise no one will help you…that you're completely on your own….that moment when you're done with everything…. people with depression don't want to kill themselves bcoz they just want to die…suicide is just a way to get all the pain to stop…no…we don't want attention… all we want is help…please tell me I'm not the only one…

    2. me too. I get depressed a lot, but im happier than i have been in the past 3 years. If anyone needs to talk hit me up on instagram: jake.38_ if you EVER need to talk, i can talk w you. I understand a lot, and i dont want anyone to feel like they have nobody. I can be your person whenever you need me because people need a person. <3

    3. Anxiety and depression is like a demon raring down everything that makes you happy and that's why it's so hard to overcome but just keep blevins in your self trust me I know it's hard I have really bad anxiety but you can do it because your never alone and I belive in anyone going through this and I belive that one day we can overcome

    4. Is it bad that i feel depressed for absolutely no reason at all like i have both my parents my home life is fine i dont get bullied at school i just am extremely shy and have only maybe 4 four true friends i feel guilty because i have no to be depressed whenever there are people out there who have no parents no home to go to after school

    5. Thank you Andew. God loves you. We are his children. He loves us. I am very depressed u r helping me to hang on. God bless you. Warm hugs.

    6. you are so young this will get better I am so glad you got help. I wish I got help in my teens and not find out about mental illness in my late forties…my marriage would have lasted and would have been a better mother.

    7. I'm 56 years old and have suffered with depression and anxiety for over forty years. Doctors refuse to treat me, the people who should be helping me get well tell me I should just go on social assistance and stop being a problem for them. I've done everything I can by myself. I'm still suffering, worse than ever now that the family that I called mine have shunned me because of my disease. I have no future, I have no hope. That is depression for me and it's winning.

    8. I've been suffering from severe anxiety since 2013 I'm totally lost I can't do anything accordingly as it has to be or I wanted I can't explain myself self to anyone because no one cares ,I can't do any job consistently struggling so badly don't know how to get rid of this , Everytime everyday. I'm so confuse overthinking caring about everything thinking like if I'll do this that will happen , idont know how I'm surviving ,but I'll lose it for how long I'll survive I'm gonna die

    9. I also fell so alone and I am bored with my life. Sometimes I think that I am so unlucky boy no one matters how I am. I want to sleep until and unless I feel ok

    10. I started to cry when he talked about seeing his mother cry, it made me remember seeing my mom break down, crying uncontrollably telling me how afraid she was and how she didn't know how to help me… The worst part about depression is how much it hurts the people around you.

    11. Prayer For Addictions and problemsI came accross this "Prayer for Addiction and problems" and thought I would share it here. It was found by a guy named FreshClayDear Heavenly Father, I stand in faith on the authority I have as a believer in Jesus Christ, and a co-heir of His kingdom. Your Word says that satan has come down with great wrath, knowing that he has only a short time. This disease is a spiritual disease that has become a curse on an entire generation. We know Lord that You are the only answer. We know Lord that the enemy comes to steal our lives, to kill and destroy our families. He is a liar and the father of lies and there is no truth in him (John 10:10, John 8:44). In the name of Jesus Christ, I bind every evil spirit and every evil plan the enemy has planned to keep me in this addiction I cancel satan's plan and call forth Your plan for my life, Lord Jesus. God's Word says that God has plans for my life right now. (Jeremiah 29:11) for me and I claim god's plan for my life right now. Father, I ask that Your will be done in this situation, as it is done in heaven. I give thanks and praise to You dear Heavenly Father and I bind and declare it unlawful and evil based on God's Word because we have His authority through Jesus Christ to execute this judgement on the forces of satan (Psalm 149:5). Our faith in Your Word release the power from heaven that binds the evil I am facing in this addiction. Heavenly Father, I ask that you will send Your forces to drive back all the forces of the enemies of Christ that are working in this stronghold of addiction. Your Word says that the adversaries of the Lord shall be broken in pieces in Your perfect timing, and will bring salvation, restoration and healing to me (Samuel 2:10). O Lord, with each new day, help me to be strong and continue to trust you. Bring into my eyes and heart an honesty that sees my true situation and finds support in your goodness and guidance. I declare release from my addiction and receive goodness and guidance. I declare release from my addiction and receive my renewed joy in living from this day forward (Psalms 21:1). Help me to recognize your hand in all things. Please help me O'Lord, to seek peace and patience as I work through the issues that bind me (Galatians 5:21). I pray also for those that have bore the hurt of watching my life depreciate. May they forgive me for the many hurts I have hurled at this addiction (Mathew 6:14). To You O'Lord, I lift up my soul. Let me not be ashamed for I put my trust in You. I ask that I may be with Your spirit today. Cleanse my mind of all darkness and fill it with love and light. Almighty God, You sent Jesus to set the captives free (Isaiah 61). I know Your power and I know Your might. I ask that You deliver me from all addictions and bondages that has kept me from being and doing my best. This sin is repulsive and I can no longer tolerate it. I know Lord that You and only You can and will deliver me from this evil. I ask You Lord to be a place of refuge during this grueling time. Send me Your help. Let me arm myself with strength and hope and help of others that will companion with me and give me sound and Godly advice. I believe in miracles and according to Your Word in Psalms 149:5, I have the authority through Jesus Christ to execute judgement on the forces of satan and release power from heaven to bind the evil that I am facing in this addiction. Heavenly Father I ask that You send Your angelic warriors to drive back the enemy of Christ that are working in this stronghold of addiction. Your Word says in 1 Samuel 2:10 that the adversares of the Lord shall be broken in pieces and You will bring salvation, restoration and healing to me. From heaven You will thunder against them and You will give strength to Your children and exalt the horn of Your anointed. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen.

    12. I have been alone with depression for 12 years now. Nobody ever listens. So many people try to understand but none do.

    13. I tried telling it to my brother he said I was doing it for attention, then he told my mom and she told me if I killed myself im going to hell, laughed in my face and told family members.

    14. went through that and luckily I made it through.. now I overcome my comfort zone and decided to share how I did it… 🙂

    15. I am 25 and I cant complete my piano pieces lost motivation 🙁 bad people like to bring me down. They call me ugly,fat, stupid,lazy:( I feel ugly:( I believe them words.
      I'm getting help at the moment.
      I signed up to acting to help with my anxiety/depression I'm starting soon. Acting helps because I can be someone else for once I hate being me:( it's Hard to move on from a bad toxic relationship people always leave:( I'm ugly and not good enough not attractive I believe it. I want to move forward but I keep thinking of the past. I'm sick of crying. I don't want to take medication 🙁 doctor advised me to take it.

    16. Andrew, have you heard of The Secret.  Look it up if you haven't.  It really works.  It can help you transform your depression.

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