An Easy Exercise That Replaces a 1-Hour Therapy Session

It is very difficult to find a person who is not familiar with autumn and winter blues. When it is gray and dark outside, you can not help feeling the same. However, if you always feel tired and anxious, if you can not concentrate, if you are constantly craving something sweet, you may have a seasonal affective disorder. But do not be scared! Just try this exercise!

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The symptoms of seasonal affective disorder 0:23

Here is the exercise to relieve anxiety 1:24

Some other ways to combat stress.

– Reconsider your diet 2:32

– Set small goals and achieve them 3:28

– Keep a holiday keepsake on your desk 4:02

– Abstain from negative people 4:41

– Try the puppet therapy 5:22

– Spend a time with a hairy friend 6:16

– Change your thoughts 6:53

– Pick up an old hobby 7:43

– "Extend" the light of day 8:35

Music for epidemic sound

– Dr. Edmund Jacobson developed a technique called progressive muscle relaxation in the 1920s. It involves a constant tension and relaxation of certain muscle groups.
– When performing this exercise, it is important that nobody or anything distract you for at least half an hour. This is your "time for me," so use it wisely!
– The US National Institutes of Health UU They recommend including many vitamin-rich foods in your diet, such as spinach, beans, seeds and nuts, whole grains, green leaves and asparagus.
– Psychiatrist and director of the Depression Research and Clinic Program at UCLA. Dr. Ian Cook recommends setting small goals for you and organizing your agenda so that you can achieve them.
– Debbie Mandel, stress management specialist and author of Turn on Your Inner Light, explains that looking at a mini reminder about summer can improve your mood much more than you think.
– To get rid of seasonal depression, you must be very selective about who you let into your personal space.
– Drawing, sculpture, dance, theater, music and other forms of creative expression, all have healing properties when it comes to depression.
– The National Institute of Mental Health recognized animal therapy as a type of psychotherapy used to treat depression and mood disorders.
– Changing your way of thinking is one of the most powerful tools to combat seasonal depression. Do not let your brain jump to terrible conclusions about your own self-esteem, abilities or future.
– Try to remember what once helped you relax and gain strength.
– Since you get less sun in autumn and winter, you should organize your day to have the opportunity to be under your rays as often as possible.

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    An Easy Exercise That Replaces a 1-Hour Therapy Session

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